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Saving Grace: Angels All Around

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I became a Holly Hunter fan back in 1993 when she starred in “The Piano” as a mute woman who leaves her native Scotland with her daughter and her piano. Music was the way to her soul, and Holly Hunter played the part with such emotion that I couldn’t help see parts of my intensity in her.
Fourteen years later, watching episodes of “Saving Grace,” I still see glimpses of my passion, stubbornness, skepticism, and sarcasm in the character of Grace (Holly Hunter), a chain-smoking Oklahoma City police officer with a very dysfunctional past. For example, in one of the first scenes of the series, Grace is shown jumping rope in her home. The producers are introducing you to this intense and neurotic character, who happens to burn off calories and blow off steam the same way I did in high school.
Each episode of “Saving Grace” that I’ve watched so far presented spirituality and morality so subtly that viewers have no idea that they have just spent an hour in catechesis. Such complicated subjects as addiction, sex, marriage, family strains, friendship, and divine intervention are creatively threaded into the series that you don’t want to go to the bathroom during any scene. Because the angel, Earl, might appear at any time. Or someone may get shot. And you don’t want to miss that either. None of the characters in “Saving Grace” are simple; they are all extremely complex, struggling with how to be good and make a difference, and how to believe in God and heaven, when our world is so messed up.
I like that.
Since one of the core themes of “Saving Grace” is the presence of an angel, Earl, in the life of a neurotic chick (Holly Hunter), I have decided to blog about the first four episodes of the new series starting December 3, during a season in which we are reminded of the role of angels not only in the nativity story, but in our story as well.
I’d be posting blogs on the Tuesday morning after each show.
If you can stay up on Monday nights, watch it with me. That way we’ll have a lot to talk about.

  • jestrfyl

    Like the series – but I really want to hang out with Earl. Now he is an AWESOME angel.

  • Margaret Balyeat

    I’m unfamiliar as yet with the series (I THINK?), BUT THERE’S ENOUGH OF A HOOK IN YOUR DESCRIPTION TO REEL ME IN EVEN IF IT IS PAST MY OLD LADY BEDTIME! Anything with an angel character hontrigues me (Yep, I watched “Highway to Heaven and :Touched by an Angel almost…ahem…religiously; laughing and crying at nearly every episode. (though usually not concurrently!)

  • peg

    Therese, wish we had cable as I would definitely watch it. Some day I will buy the DVD series after its popularity has waned. I always liked Holly Hunter in the movie, “Broadcast News” (Bill Hurt, too LOL).

  • jestrfyl

    I feel it is necessary to warn people that Earl ain’t no Michael Landon. Grace is not the kind of character you would have seen in “Highway” or “Touched”, unless they were combined into some sort of “Touched by the Highway”. This is an “adult” kind of series, with brutal language (by TV basic cable standards) and sexual images, as well as a pretty good does of violence from time to time. The sins are neither subtle nor suggested. So brace yourselves, poor a shot of Jacky D., and sit back and enjoy a guilty pleasure. If you are shocked – GOOD! If you are amused and enthralled, even better.

  • Blanche

    While I can understand what you’re saying, pouring “a shot of Jacky D. is not going to help the people who post to There’s blog.
    I wish good thoughts, and sobriety for you.
    Sincerely, Blanche

  • Blanche

    While I understand what you’re saying, but pouring a “shot of Jacky D.” is not going to help the people who post on Therese’s blog.
    I wish good thoughts for you, and sobriety.
    Sincerely, Blanche

  • Larry Parker

    I will almost certainly be either closing up my shop most nights at my local mall for the holidays or … should I be home … my parents will be watching CSI: Miami :-( There’s only one TV in the house …
    Does TNT have a regular schedule of repeats? (Particularly during the daytime.)

  • Margaret Balyeat

    Thankk you for your concern, but I’m not as much of a “goody two shoes” as my viewing history might make me seem I’ve also been a “Days of Our Lives” fanatic since I was in college and have seen many movies which don’t put a happy face on real life–in fact, I usually enjoy those more than the G ones I used to make it a point to watch so that I could keep up with my grade school students’ current conversations. I may be a “sucker for the sappy”, but I’m not out of touch with real life (what depressed or bip[olar person can person CAN be?) Like Blanche, I wish you sobriety and good mental health this holiday season.

  • jestrfyl

    Thanks for the good wishes. I am in actuallity quite the sober guy (I don’t really care for Jack D. at all – but I enjoy an ocassional beer from time to time). I simply want people to know this is very different than all the other “angelic” programs – even more so than “Joan of Arcadia”. I look forward to seeing people’s reactions to the shows. I think I need to find a way to add and Earl-ish angel to my nativity scene.

  • Nancy

    Oh Larry – God bless you with living with your parents and 1 TV. Now I know I’m reacting as though you were stationed in Iraq, and I don’t mean to “awfulize” the situation, but really – gosh – you’re much better off “closing shop”.
    I guess when you’re not working, you’ll be providing Therese with a plethora of “material”, since the other option would be hanging out with Mom & Dad. I’m sure there’s got to be limitations on tolerance and patience in that arena. Even though they are being gracious, supportive, etc. (whatever the words are that fit the situation), it’s still a big challenge; particularly when they’re they people who have installed our buttons and know just how to push them.
    I am wishing you a time of peace, serenity and well-being, regardless of your current surrounding circumstances. Man, we do have our stuff to deal with in life. It’s not an easy road!

  • Margaret Balyeat

    Larry: any chane santa might bring you your own television for your bedroom for Christmas–even a smallish or second-hand one? i’m sure all the support you’ve offered to others here at B.B. quaifies you for the “good little boys” list Having returned to my own parents’ home for a period of time after I had been a professional with my own place for awhile, i can certainly empathize with your situation; it ain’t easy, that’s for sure! Although now that they’re both gone, I’d give anything to be able to return home to them for awhile again–one of those “you don’t know what you’ve got until you lose it” kind of things.

  • Larry Parker

    Much as I love both Holly Hunter and Therese, I’m just glad my stepdad strung up a second modem for my computer. I’m not going to push things with my favorite, well, button-pushers!!

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