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I Need Your Input

I have a few more people in mind to interview for Beyond Blue’s “How Do You Move Beyond Blue?” series. That should take me through the year. In January, though, I’m wondering if I should shake it up a bit–maybe do the interviews every other week or once a month. I was thinking of throwing you guys another video on Friday or another package of blogs on various themes, like I do on Tuesdays and Thursdays (because Monday is Dear God day, and Wednesday is video day).
So, what do you think?
A. Keep the interviews every Friday?
B. Have them every other week?
C. Do them once a month?
D. Offer them here and there, with no special order?
And secondly, I’d like to know what you think of the videos and if you’d like them more often. The New Year seems like a good time to mix it up a bit, if you have any opinions.
Remember, this isn’t just my personal blog. This is also a supportive community for those living with mental illness. And as it’s moderator, I want it to meet your needs as much as possible.

  • Wisdum

    You are an incredibly brave, funny and smart woman (this site needs to be here and you need to do it !) Of course the old “freewill” thing is a very deciding factor and that is pre-disposed to your set of priorities and perspective (yeah right !) I love that you dare to go over the line when you need to. All this organized religious guilt/goody two shoes crap, just doesn’t really cut it (does it ?) But I do have to admit that there needs also to be some rules of conduct here, so it doesn’t get completely out of hand (yours and bellynet … I call it that, because they haven’t got a stomach full of my yet … but they will!)Other than that, I really don’t care at all, just be who you are, and true to yourself !
    LUV 2 U /LUV 2 ALL

  • Larry Parker

    I know sometimes the interviewees are tough for you to track down, so if you have to go down to once every two weeks, we all would understand.
    But the interviews give wonderful feedback and value, so I’d try to keep them at least twice a month if you can. Much as we love your videos … :-)

  • Cully

    I agree with Larry… and I really like how you do the interviews. Rather that just tell us about someone else’s site you let them tell us about themselves. It’s the gift of giving – you give us more info and avenues to find peace and you give them an opportunity to help us.
    love ya!

  • Lynn

    You do an incedible job. I had this thought, because I am naturally nosey, I thought that maybe you could interview your readers. We all seem to have lots of experience and Wisdum!!!!!!! I am so curious about all of you and would love to know more, and who doesn’t like talking about themselves. We could all help each other alot and you are a great interviewer. Just a thought. :)

  • Margaret Balyeat

    BIG SURPRISE! I’m with Larry, Cully AND Wisdum on this one! (I’m really NOT a whatever-everyone-els–thinks kind of individual under normal(God I’ve come to HATE that word) circumstances; am actually known n other circles as OUTSPOKEN),but for some reason here on BB I seem to have found a community of “like-minded (Now, THAT’s scary!)group of compatriots. Whenever you start talking about changing BB I start experiencing anxiety, which isONE condition i’ve never been diagnosed as actually happening. Since my life has become so “shut in”, my compute…especially BB…has become a lifeline and the thought of it not being here for my daily dose of humor and dialouge makes me want to run for cover, In B.B’s case, I would quote Billy Joel’s hit! (…”Don’t go changing to try to please me; you’ve never let me down so far, yadadaa yada yada; i love you just the way you are!” (Forgive the “yada yadas, please! Remember I’m a memory-compromised stroke survivor!

  • Nancy

    Therese – You are doing a terrific job as is. However, whatever you want to do and chose to do I know will be as it should. Although it is so thoughtful and kind of you to ask our opinions, ultimately, please do what is best for you in regard to time management and other commitments that are thread througout the mainstream of your life.
    Not for nothing too, I think that whatever “schedule” you made, or if you didn’t have a “schedule” of what we would expect to see each day, should be based on a flexible approach so that this does not turn into a source of difficult and contribute to any of your illnesses.
    We are all aware (sorry for speaking for the others in our group – I hope I’m not taking too many liberties here) that you are along with this on the journey of dealing with the ups and downs and vulnerabilities to our physical and mental wellbeings. Which to me means, that I want you to take care of yourself and not put so much pressure on yourself regarding our expectations (oh gosh – there goes the Mommy in me – too much caretaking!!).
    I for one love, love, love the videos. Call me crazy (only you guys can), but I so enjoy them. Having said that, I enjoy it all, but I have to say, I get psyched on Wednesdays. Now I sound like a wanna be stalker. Not. It’s a great connection to you and there has not been one time, where the result of listening to and watching you (and now your family members), has not left me in better spirits and uplifted.
    Especially, now in these days where much of my life and interaction has been limited due to all of my illnesses, the gift of your willingness to do the video (or “imovie” as Eric calls it), has been priceless.
    As the others has pointed out, please do not stress out over outside interviews. Although they are truly insightful and your interviews are so well done, should it be a less arduous task to reduce them in quantity; so be it. I’m not going anywhere if you do that. You are so much more and bring so much more than the interviews you do. You are enough; more than enough. You fill my heart and spirit many days in recent times, since I was blessed to have God lead me to your blog.
    I know it’s easier said than done, but relax on your concern as to whether your readers are happy with your choice of format, regardless as to what you ultimately chose. For me that’s like the “pot calling the kettle black”, as I have had to practice accepting that what I am doing is good enough (in any area that I consider important in my life). That’s an entirely different post for me!!
    Again, not exactly short on words here by replying with a succinct one or two line response. The upshot is that I enjoy it all and hope that you do also.

  • Frank

    I, for one, am fond of the videos. They have a way of bringing the subject matter into my home. I wouldn’t have asked my friends for affirmations if I hadn’t seen your ‘file’ and visualized the sense of worth that was actually measurable! It was like, “Yeah, I can see myself enjoying that.” So it works for me in that way. And I liked knowing you a bit better.
    We’re all in this together. Whatever you can do that fits your time constraints and the demands on your attention – well, just do that. We’ll be here. I am aware of that today. My prison ministry has a scheduled event at the prison tomorrow morning. But my choir is having its second cantata rehearsal. I missed the first one because I was ‘in prison’ and I don’t think I can do just to the music without some solid practice. But I want to be there with the men too. They will enjoy themselves whether I’m there or not – but I will miss them. They are my brothers in Christ – and I hate to miss a family reunion. I feel that you have those same dilemmas – balance is a tough deal. So, dear Holy Whacko, do what works for you. It’s done for the right reasons and we will benefit – and I pray you do as well.

  • cathy

    What Nancy said, Therese. Shake things up all you want, or use a new schedule that works for *you.* But don’t let a schedule like that limit you. It’s hard to write regularly in a blog, and too much structure might make things feel like a chore to you. I love the videos, and I love the interviews. I love coming here and tuning in, no matter what you all are talking about.

  • Margaret Balyeat

    Consensus see,s to be to do whatever suits you best; we all are committed to remaining her regardless and are just appreciative of the awareness that you too are hanging around!

  • Deb M

    Do what stresses you less.

  • 712Kearney

    I would say the answer D. relax the last one was so funny– it’s great to see them pop every now and then..when you feel it in you..then do-you. Erci was so funny. I am so glad there are other Goofy yet adorable people out there, just being themselves.

  • Kay

    Dear Therese……Whatever you decide to do is fine by me. Do whatever relaxes you. We all know that having to keep to a strict schedule is tiresome….and might make you nervous or know having to do one thing by force on a particular day. Keep yourself free to do whatever you feel like doing on that particular day so it will not be a chore for you to come here and speak to us regularly.

  • Babs

    If being on a schedule is helpful, go for it. If a schedule becomes constrictive, forgettaboutit. This is the only blog I visit regularly, so you can guess that whichever way you take it, Therese, I’ll be reading.

  • Lynne

    I would like to say I soooo appreciate your blog and I have every confidence that whatever decision you make will be good! Having said that… friday interviews would be nice. I look forward to your next one. Thankyou!!!

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