Beyond Blue

When Mike Leach and I compiled our book “I Like Being Catholic,” he listed ten reasons why a person should raise her kids Catholic. One was so that, as teenagers, the kids would have something to reject.When Katherine and David head off to college, they may become atheists. Especially if they go back and read the archives of Beyond Blue because they will see how dysfunctional my relationship with God is.Granted, I’m not the most reverent chick on the Internet. I get mad at God. A lot. But my faith is so critical to to my recovery from depression and addiction, because it gives me a sense of purpose, meaning, and safety in a very confusing, hurtful, messy, and dangerous world. And that’s times three if you’re bipolar.So in this video I wanted to show you St. Mary’s Church in Annapolis, Maryland, where I attend Mass (semi-regularly) and where I light votive candles occasionally. It’s another one of my “God places,” like the Naval Academy in my first video.

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