Beyond Blue

Liz Spikol over at The Trouble with Spikol wrote a great blog post a few days ago that she actually LIKES office meetings. Because they are a reminder to her of how far she’s come. Birthday parties accomplish the same thing for me. This year is the first year I’ve paged through the “Oriental Trading” magazines to order pirate plates and cups for David’s sixth birthday last July and a Little Mermaid pinata, princess lollipops, and diamond tiaras for Katherine’s party. I even got both of them cakes to go along with the pirate/princess theme. In other words, I told the domesticated idiot to take a hike for a day because I was going to try to be like all the other moms that have been doing this sort of thing ever since they were discharged from the maternity (not psych) ward. I wanted to share a piece of my happy day with you because I need to balance out all the whining and griping I do about the brutal mix of motherhood and depression. I have left over tiaras … if anyone wants one!

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