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The Feast of St. Therese

Because it is the Feast of St. Therese today, I wanted to share some quotes of hers with you. Interestingly enough, I met Eric on the feast of St. Therese, which consoles me on those days he says things like: “Can you fill me in on who this Yahweh dude is?”

Thoughts of St. Therese:

Without love, deeds, even the most brilliant, count as nothing.
In order that Love may be fully satisfied it must stoop to very nothingness and transform that nothing into fire.
The good God does not need years to accomplish His work of love in a soul; one ray from His Heart can, in an instant, make His flower bloom for eternity.
Love attracts love, mine rushes forth unto Thee, it would fain fill up the abyss which attracts it; but alas! It is not even as one drop of dew lost in the Ocean. To love Tee as Thou lovest me I must borrow They very Love—then only, can I find rest.
Time is but a shadow, a dream; already God sees us in glory and takes joy in our eternal beatitude. How this thought helps my soul! I understand then why He lets us suffer …
Jesus made me understand that the true, the only glory is that which will last forever; that to attain to it we need not perform wonderful deeds, but rather, those hidden from the eyes of others and from self.
Because I was little and weak, Jesus stooped down to me and tenderly instructed me in the secrets of His Love.


True courage does not consist in those momentary ardours which impel us to go out and win the world to Christ–at the cost of every imaginable danger, which only adds another touch of romance to our beautiful dreams. No, the courage that counts with God is that type of courage which our Lord showed in the Garden of Olives: on the one hand, a natural desire to turn away from suffering; on the other, in anguish of soul the willing acceptance of the chalice which his Father had sent him.
I have noticed that the experience of suffering makes us kind and indulgent toward others because it is suffering that draws us near to God.
Trials help us detach ourselves from the earth; they make us look higher than this world. Here below nothing can satisfy us. One cannot enjoy a moment’s rest save in constant readiness to do the will of God.

  • Wisdum

    Hi Therese, I think your husband was a lot like me, in my youth, and it has been a long hard road, to develop my personal relationship with God. (it’s funny, how in my entire Life only two people asked me if I had a personal relationship with God, and none of them Catholic …hmmmmm) The first time I was very young and didn’t get it, the second time I was seriously searching for answers as to what the hell this Life was all about, and why was I here ? It finally dawned on me, if there is a God, then why aren’t we ALL having a personal relationship with God and not all this organized religious BS that is pounded into our heads all our lives (the biggest religious BS is “Fear of God”. Tell me one person that you fear…that you Love … I’ll settle for just one!).
    Here’s another funny thing (not !) All my Life, they taught me ” Love God, worship God, pray to God, take all your troubles to god, let God be your best friend, talk with God”… But the moment that God talks back to you, you are crazy / bi-polar and they will lock you up, or drug you into depression (or is that op-pression, re-pression, suppression)… How funny is that ? … And finding out your name means “Gift from God” does not make it any easier, especially when it’s your son that tells you that!… I said “Dam ! Why’d you have to tell me that, you just took all the fun out of my Life ! Now I gotta second guess every thing do for the rest of my Life !”
    LUV 2 ALL

  • Wisdum

    Re -“Can you fill me in on who this Yahweh dude is?”
    It just came to me, after I posted last night(2AM), a message from A. Frenda Meine (who I like to think is the Wholey Spirit) . . . (He/She alWays does that to me, just to make sure I can’t take credit for anything. Fair is fair!) My friend, (the one that asked if I had a personal relationship with God) told me once of a message she got from the Holy Spirit. She said, “You have to connect the dots, and then you shall see the big picture” I realized then, that my Life was all just a game…a kid’s game, probably, that we ALL played sometime in our Lives. At this point in my Life it has come down to, “What’s wrong with this picture,” and “Follow the money trail” (You would be amazed how fast a picture appears, when you color it in that fashion)
    All my young Life, in regards to religion, I asked questions about God …and the answer I got, especially from Catholicism was, “It is a mystery.” After hearing it thousands of times, I finally got tired of it and responded, “You know what, it ain’t no mystery! Either you don’t know the answer, or you are lying to me… I’m going to find out the Truth, and when I do (and I will), I’m coming back here and confront you with it, to see which one it is!” (They didn’t like that very much!)
    The whole “Yahweh Dude” thing came into focus in the late 50’s, with Pope John the 23rd. (you also might want to check out “Pacem en Terris”), and the First Ecumenical Council, ushered in Yahweh, ”The God of Love”, as opposed to Jehovah, “The God of Wrath and Vengeance” … I wanted to leap up and cheer and say “Alleluia ! It’s about time!” (but Catholics don’t do such things). The changes included adding Folk music, the Kiss of Peace and re-attaching to the Lord’s Prayer, “For the Kingdom, the Power, and the Glory are Yours, now and forever” (I had a laugh about that, thinking, “Do they really think all the Protestants will come back, because they did that?” Hah !) …They also came up with whole wheat communion hosts (how cool was that? Receiving Communion, will supply your minimum daily requirements for niacin, riboflavin, vitamin D, and B complex , as well as the Holy Spirit… just like Wonder Bread, helps build streong bodies 12 Ways!) This also ushered in (little did I know) the Dawning of Aquarius or New Age, which all the organized religions slam basted all the Way up to today . . . Guess what, they are losing ground rapidly (and money) this is the New Age/New Era. There is no “End of the World” only an era ! We are finally moving into the age of Love/Yahweh … “and there …there will be Peace !”
    “When the Power of Love, overcomes the Love of Power, the world shall know Peace” (Jimi Hendrix)
    Just a final point” When the Messiah comes, and He is a Ju(dah), and He will be, will the Christians accept Him? And if He is “black” will the Ju’s accept Him … And if He is a woman, will anybody accept…Her !” (Don’t forget that the new Messiah, may very well be abused, tortured, and crucified also, just like the last One). . “I will come again …and again …and again … and again !”(Yeshuah) . . . ”When will we ever learn … When will we ever learn ?”(Bob Dillon).
    By the Way, the New Age religion will be the WWW/Internet. The government and organized religion, is desperately rushing to take control of it …Don’t let that happen ! It will be interactive blogs like Beyond Blue and Conversations With God (N.D.Walsh has his hand out already !) … “I’m free . . I’m free …I’m free at last!” (M.L. King)
    LUV 2 ALL

  • Lynn

    Wisdum, you write well and make sense, and you have a sense of humor . How great is that. I like what you said, keep it up. :) That Jimi Hendrix quote sum it all up perfectly.

  • Margaret Balyeat

    How true Wisdum’s musings are! I too, especially responded to the jimi Hendrix quote. How “right on” is THAT one? Thank you, wisdum, it appears that you’re well-named!

  • Martha

    Your lovely story reminds me of the story of Saint Teresa of Avila, a woman who suffered immense physical and emotional pain, yet found “a peace which surpasses all understanding” by rising above herself, her body and her senses. The lives of the Saints and their trials through pain and depression are part of a new book by Tom Wootton called, ‘The Depression Advantage,’ that I read recently. I find the lives of the saints very inspirational as I travel my own path through depression. The book puts their suffering within an easy to understand context. I recommend it.

  • Wisdum

    I no nothing (or it that know nothing ?) All I am is “A witnesss to the Truth, the Light and the Way” The sad thing (or glad thing) when you surrender your Life to the Lord, is you no longer have a freewill (which ain’t necessarilly a bad thing…all the evil in the world exists because of freewill… think God doesn’t have a sense of humor ? hah!) I don’t reccommend that for anybody, if you value your own personal Life and ego. Don’t get me wrong, I can take it all back anytime I want to, but then I got nobody to blame all this crap on but myself !(more of God’s sense of humor !) The other thing is, I have to accept whatever this Life leads me to and into and embrace it (I don’t have to like it, just embrace it…exactly like Yeshuah had to do … Wait a minute, He must have surrendered too! Dam !)
    “Love is not what you get, it is what you give”
    “It is in the giving that we recieve”
    “Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you”
    “A stich in Time, saves nine ”
    (I haven’t got a clue, why the Hell I threw that in, probably just to throw you off )… Wait a minute, didn’t they use 9″ nails for crucifixion ? Isn’t there a Christian rock group named “Nine Inch Nails”…hmmmmm … Gotta go, more stuff to witness !
    LUV 2 ALL

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