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I’m really excited about Beliefnet Community, which launched two weeks ago, because it gives the community of Beyond Blue all kinds of possibilities to grow and deepen. When I wrote in my last post that many of my supportive friendships have been born online, I was referring to lots of Beyond Blue readers that I correspond with regularly. The Beliefnet Community allows us to take our circle of support a few steps further by hosting book groups (ones with CliffsNotes would be appreciated by me), journaling exercises, podcasts (tape yourself and let us hear you), video posts (not just me anymore!). Basically the community will allow Beyond Blue to be more reader-directed instead of me-directed. I hope to be there to host discussions, and direct a journaling session and things like that. But it’s a wonderful way for us to provide even more support to one another, just as we would if we were sitting down together at a DRADA (Depression and Related Affective Disorders) meeting drinking really bad coffee.
So, by clicking here, you’ll be directed to the Beliefnet Community homepage. Then set up a profile. Provide as much or little of your personal information as you want. For example, you can find my page at You’ll find that I now have 23 friends! I belong to two groups: How to Stress Less, and Christian Book Club (please don’t make me read “Left Behind”).

This is a big step from last week, when I had 0 friends. It felt like fifth grade all over again. Then I thought of a plan. I respect my editor, Holly Rossi, very much. In my opinion, she exercises very good judgment (whenever I go off … way off … she has the nicest way of saying … “hmmm, let’s hold this one for awhile”). So I decided to go through her list of friends, and ask them to become mine—the same thing I did with my sister-in-law to get local friends. It worked! Poof! I instantly became prom-queen material!
Once you set up your profile, request me to be a friend and I will accept. I already have two Beyond Blue friends. Go ahead guess. I bet you can figure out who they are. Just think for a moment. Yep! Larry and Wisdum!
If you experience technical problems, I probably won’t be able to help you, but leave a comment on this message board, and I’ll forward it to someone who can help you.
See you there!

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