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In honor of National Breast Cancer Month, Beliefnet (actually, I think my editor, Holly, did it, but I’m probably not supposed to say who) compiled a beautiful gallery of prayers, mantras, and simple words of comfort for those who are […]

Dear God, In Luke’s gospel Jesus tells his disciples this parable: A widow begs a crooked judge for a just sentence against her adversary. After lots of badgering and nagging, the judge says, “Dang, Lady, I’m tired of you. I’ll […]

Check out the message board of my post “Depression and Prayer” (by clicking here) to read some interesting insights from Beyond Blue readers about this topic. I wanted to post them all here, but I don’t have room! Besides, it’s […]

Jane Chin’s website was one of the first in the mental health field I discovered, and I’ve been so impressed with the prolific work she does with–which includes 18 (that’s right!) of her own blogs, and, more specifically, with […]

One of my favorite posts of Jane Chin’s is her essay, “I’m Here to Remind You that You Aren’t Your Illness,” about breaking free of her “pot,” or her past and all the negativity associated with her struggle with depression, […]

There is an interesting discussion going down on the message boards of my posts “Complaint-Free? NOT!” and “A Complaint-Free World (an excerpt).” Like Larry Parker, Margaret, and Babs–the “regulars” whose comments I’ve featured on Beyond Blue–reader Nancy has a persuasive […]

A few Beyond Blue readers have asked me to post the 12 Depression Busters gallery that Beliefnet featured back in July into a blog so that they can print them out. (By the way, it got 43 diggs! Not that […]

I should have thought about this before procreating: every plant left to my care has died, and our dogs took over six months to house train. I figured that since the dogs didn’t die, Eric and I were ready for […]

I often wonder what it is, exactly, about psychotherapy that is so crucial to my recovery. I wish I only had to go to the self-help section of a bookstore or sit down for coffee at a friend’s house to […]

If I weren’t a clutter magnet in an information-hoarding crisis at the moment, I’d be able to find my print-out of a Beyond Blue reader’s comment who wanted to know how to go about finding a spiritual therapist. More on […]