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Here are some classic symptoms of depression: • Persistent sadness or anxiety • Difficulty concentrating and remembering things • Fatigue and diminished energy • Changes in sleep and appetite • Feelings of hopelessness, guilt, and/or worthlessness • Thoughts of death […]

I’m really excited about Beliefnet Community, which launched two weeks ago, because it gives the community of Beyond Blue all kinds of possibilities to grow and deepen. When I wrote in my last post that many of my supportive friendships […]

So after I stole, I mean shared, all of Holly’s friends, I decided to model my page off of hers. Except that I really couldn’t because there is a ton of stuff that she does that isn’t even related to […]

Liz Spikol over at The Trouble with Spikol wrote a great blog post a few days ago that she actually LIKES office meetings. Because they are a reminder to her of how far she’s come. Birthday parties accomplish the same […]

On the message board of my interview with Katherine Stone, author of the blog, Postpartum Progress, reader Cindy (I can’t believe I found it!) wrote this: Is it possible that the postpartum depression can turn into something that can last […]

Today, Wednesday October 24th, BlogHer, Postpartum Support International and Postpartum Progress are joining together to host Blog Day for the MOTHERS Act. They’ve asked bloggers from around the country to write about the MOTHERS Act for postpartum depression today and […]

A few weeks back, a Beyond Blue reader asked (I can’t find the comment, sorry!), “What do you do when you are afflicted by BOTH cancer and depression? Your twelve steps work great for healthy people. But what do you […]

Michelle writes in “Any Day with Hair Is a Good Hair Day“: Whatever your beliefs are—or aren’t—it’s just as important to nourish your soul as it is to feed your body. For whatever reason, it’s often when we’re in crisis […]

In “Any Day with Hair Is a Good Hair Day,” I loved the story about “The House of a Thousand Mirrors” that Michelle tells at the beginning of her section on “Maintaining a Positive Attitude without Feeling Like a Human […]

In a previous post called “Six Things Cancer Patients Have Taught Me,” I outline a few techniques I have borrowed from my friends battling cancer. I realize the two are different in many ways, but many of the same recovery […]