Beyond Blue

Beyond Blue

My Inner Child Contestants

Here’s some background you might need for choosing my inner child:
The Freaky Therese: I haven’t been able to dig up an official background check on this babe, but she does resemble those dolls that come alive in the middle of the night to reenact a scene or two from “Fatal Attraction.”
Ariel (aka “The Little Mermaid“): King Triton’s headstrong daughter who wants to be something other than what she is … a human. Like all of Disney’s motherless princesses, daddy dotes on her … in an unnatural, Freudian way, if you ask me.
Nori (the chick from the Barbie “Mermadia” movie): With the aquamarine-dyed hair, she’s obviously rebelling against a controlling and overly protective father, and her jealousy issues towards Elina (Barbie), who is only trying to help rescue Nalu (who, in my opinion, isn’t worth getting worked up over) as a good friend, suggest she might be a narcissist at heart.
Belle (from “The Beauty and the Beast“): Can you imagine this broad’s baggage after being locked up in a castle and kept captive by a heinous monster? She probably kisses the Beast in the end not because she’s fallen in love, but because she’s truly psychotic.
Naked Barbie: I supsect this gal suffers from sensory-integration issues because she walks around on her tippy-toes. And then there’s the anorexia with breast implants. You didn’t think they were real, did you?

  • Larry Parker

    The attraction of dolls — and particular, of dolls with impossible proportions even for women with considerable plastic surgery (Barbie in real life would be an anorexic, silicone-enhanced 5’9″, 110, 39-18-33 whose high heels and slender legs couldn’t even support her own top-heavy figure) — to females, from my “Disney Princess”-obsessed 6-year-old niece to you, is simply inexplicable to this male mind.
    Of course, I got bored with my G.I. Joe after a few months as a kid (despite having a dad in the Air Force, no less!) so I may not be a good example. Here’s one thought, though:
    Is it possible that evolutionary biology is putting some sort of brake on “You’ve come a long way, baby!” by saying, in effect, “No, I don’t want to have come a long way!” — at least in terms of the stresses of double-income households on raising families, to which the (stay-at-the-castle) princess seeking the (out-slaying-the-dragon) prince fantasy certainly speaks?

  • Bea

    As much as you are being told to have your readers tell you which doll you should use as an inner child, I can’t. You must choose your own inner child.
    I can only share with you about the inner child that I had chosen and they why. Perhaps, it may help you decide. My inner child needed to been seen as the wounded child that is inside of me, the one who survived and the dmages done to her, the child who was verbally abused, saw and received physical abuse and is so frightened that she can never do anything. She lived in fear everyday of her life being told what goes on in this house, stays in this house and what happened to her she tried to get help on the ourside and it was found out. My inner child was the most patheic, beatup child, but she repesented the pain that was held deep inside of me that for once I could express to someone on the outside. People understand feelings. However, unless they have been where we have been, never the intensity level that we feel. It is how I started. I also learned that with every tragic event besides the constant abuse, another inner child exists. So for me I learned that I had many inner children that need to be healed. I will pray that God and/or your Guardian Angel will give you the direction in finding the inner child that will express the wounds that need to be healed. People need to understand and you need to see that as the adult, you can take care of your inner child that is so longing to be heard and helped. The choice is yours, not ours. Bea :)

  • Nan Kay

    I have had dolls my whole life. I am now 52. Your selection is poor. Get a doll that is cuddly, cute, one you want to hug and love like a child. Get one that appeals to you, not some scary, freaky thing some manufacturer dreamed up. Wal-Mart carries dolls. So do a lot of other places that are not toy stores. Also whats with your hair? The style changed several times during the video blog. Leave it alone, thats very distracting! And you have a gorgeous face! So find a cute dolly to comfort and love. NanKay

  • Veronika

    Some links to help you with the doll search (some are not meant as serious):|486165082
    Why not make your own doll? It might be an interesting therapeutic exercize.
    My advice…lose the barbie types. They have bulletproof boobs. :)

  • Cully

    Just a suggestion…
    Homecoming: Reclaiming and Championing Your Inner Child
    by John Bradshaw

  • Kap

    Choose a doll that you can hold close to you, a ‘dolly’ that you find lovable, that you want to cuddle and sing or hum to.

  • Sharon

    Well, well, my dear sister in the spirit, one of my therapists told me to get me a doll (because I had to give one away to my step-sister when she showed up unannounced on Christmas Day when I was 10 grrrrr) to help me overcome resentment, and the pain of childhood sexual abuse. I laughed and told him there was no way unless I could find one named Sharon with curly, long blone hair, and green eyes. I looked for a very long time and finally gave up.
    Then, in December of 1993, following a hospitalization from a serious suicide attempt, a friend asked me to lunch. Afterward, she insisted that I go shopping with her (I’m not a shopper). While she shopped, I browsed through the store, and when I entered the linens department my eye caught a doll standing on a mantel across the room…yep! You guessed it. There was a name tag on her little arm announcing, “Hi, my name is Sharon!”
    So, try to find a doll that, in your heart, says, “this is me.”

  • Sharon

    Let’s see, could I possibly have just a touch of Mania? It’s the middle of the night…I’m raising two grandchildren…I’m on disability…you figure it out.

  • spice99

    First, let me say I have found so much enlightenment from your column.
    It has helped me work through so many of my own issues.
    I think making a doll work be a good idea. Many craft stores have kits even that you can do, and since it is your creation, you may find more of an emotional attachment to it. As with anything we create, we take to heart anything that may happen to it.
    Or, you could go the “expensive ” way and get a high end doll made. Like the American Girl Dolls. You can choose hair color, eye color, etc.
    here’s the website:
    Whatever you choose I think you will just have to “shop around”, and when you find the right one, you’ll know :)

  • Judy

    I have a feeling you’re leaning toward the Freaky Therese doll. I know that the “inner child” sounds like a comforting concept, but I’m sure my inner child is unruly like this doll. She has wild hair, whines a lot and wants to do only what she wants to do. Children are not civilized, but they are basic. We spend the rest of our lives trying to do the right things and to be mature, but we are constantly fighting that little terror inside of us who just wants to push her way to the front of the line. The hard part is learning to love that part of ourselves that isn’t very attractive. Some days I love my incorrigible self and other days I am horried by the behavior that oozes out onto the surface. For your husband’s sake, throw a hankie over her at night so he can get a good night’s rest.

  • Cindy

    First, let me say that you are NOT FREAKY! We all have the inner child that rules and controls us (go figure!). WE are NEVER in charge, SHE is! OK, so THATS a little freaky, but oh well!
    SO, as yoou look for a doll, try and find one that you can feel good with, safe with, want to snuggle with and comfort. When “Freaky Therese” shows up, listen to her, identify with her and try to talk her through the pain. Snuggle with her, let her know she matters and that you love and value her. She acts this way because of some kind of pain. Make her your new best friend, talk to her all the time, ask her opinion on everything, ask her where the pain stems from and show her the adult Theres viewpoint. I think you will find your no more freaky or crazy than the rest of us!

  • Ellenwe20

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