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David’s Kindergarten Care Package

This was pretty cool, too: David’s care package the first day of school, with this note:
Did you wonder, did you ponder,
What these things had to do
With being in school, just like you?
A rubber band …. to remind you of those times when you want to give a hug or receive one.
A tissue ….to remind you to dry someone’s tears.
A gold thread ….to remind you that the ties of friendship are golden.
An angel sticker ….to remind you that your guardian angel watches over you in school.
A pencil ….with an eraser to remind you that everyone makes mistakes and that’s all right.
A button ….to remind you to keep from saying mean things about others or talking when it isn’t your turn.
A band-aid ….to remind you of healing hurt feelings—yours or someone else’s.
A candy kiss ….to remind you that everyone needs a loving treat occasionally.
A globe ….to remind you that you mean the world to us.

  • John A Busch

    That is really awsome. Great ideas. We sent our son to Kindergarten, and we left a note for him telling him that we are always thinking about him, so he is never alone, and we sent some pictures of his favorite times with us, and it really made a difference.
    I love the rubber band hug. Very creative.
    Anyways, I just wanted to say that was wonderful. Good job.
    I send you a smile and happiness for the day.
    Take care,

  • Nancy

    What a wonderful concept in welcoming the kindergarteners to their new environment, and the elementary tools in connecting the meaning behind each thought. It actually reminds me of something that is way off in your future, but is already a part of my journey. It was the day we brought our younger son to his first day of school; however, now we’re talking college. He’s attending Fairfield University in Fairfield, CT, which eliminates that feeling of distance in miles, but that drop off and set up of his dorm was no less than having him move 1,000 miles away. I was a “veteran” at this point; fall of 2006, having gone through the emotional, unexpected breakdown (mine, not my son’s) of adjusting to a first child going off to the next milestone. I still have their pre-school cardboard graduation hats, which just came to my mind as I’m writing this all down. I still had one child at home, yet it was amazing how different the household was and the dynamics of day-to-day life at that frentic pace of attending all of their sports events, etc. All of this brings me to my actual point, which is that upon bringing our “baby” to Fairfield, it was the parents who received the little “care package”. Funny how the tide turns. This one included a package of Kleenex, along with the following writing:
    I See Children as Kites
    You spend a lifetime trying to get them off the ground. You run with them until you’re breathless. They crash. You patch, comfort and assure them that some day they will fly. Finally they are airborne. They need more string, and you keep letting it out. But with each twist of the ball of twine, there is a sadness that goes with joy. The kite becomes more distant, and you know it won’t be long before that beautiful treasure will begin to separate from the lifeline that binds you together. And your child will soar as a kite soars…. free and alone. Then you will know that you have done your job.
    – Anonymous
    It’s obvious why the tissues were included in the package, and the girl distributing them handed it right to me, bypassing my husband. Again it’s all in the journey, a wild and crazy ride. So as you and the teacher are caring for your son, remember to take care of yourself, as parenting is one of the most challenging, humbling, rewarding, frustrating, confusing, exhilerating rides you’ll ever take in life. Even on those days when you’ll want to stop the ride and get off, because you feel like your head is spinning and you want to puke and don’t know which direction to go in. It’s ok. It’s more than okay. It’s all that comes with it. So, we as parents hold our breath at times and pray. I don’t care what someone calls “it” – to me it is God – and he, she, it – has carried me through what I thought could never be accomplished. Yes, and I am the one who uses the tissues more frequently than they do, but that’s a good thing. I want them to soar. It’s been my “mission” from their early days. For them to be people with love, integrity and a sense of self within themselves. The detours come at times, and that’s when it’s MOM – are you there? And for them, that reassurance that I’me here, regardless as to the situation, and again sometimes holding my breath and attempting not to freak out impulsively,(depending on what’s on the other end of the line or envelope I have opened)but to comfort, to advise, to correct; in a manner that allows them to know that here at home is a soft place to land. It is sometimes a bumpy landing, but we all somehow manage to arrive safely. It’s a gift to them, but a much bigger gift in what I have received along the way. I’m sure there’s more to come. As long as life is, there are those bumps, detours, tears and lessons. We never stop learning, and I think I will print out David’s “care package” as a reminder to be a little kinder and gentler with myself. There are times where I’m the one that needs the tissues and band-aids these days.

  • kat

    That was the most inspiring school page i’ve ever seen. I really think that would have helped me when my daughter started kindergarten. that gives you a sense of realism in your own like world of growth to come in life. thank you kat

  • shirley hurley

    this is nice thanks i got a grandbaby in kiderdren and i love this and your site it is great everyone needs this it is a pick me up when you are drown

  • LovesOpenHouse

    Little Joshua cried for his mom his first day in Pre-kindergarten. when his mom came to get him and found out how bad his day was she asked, “Don’t you remember what Caroline told you about the light and Love’s Magical Conection?”
    “Oh I forgot,” was his reply.
    The next day, he bounced out of school into the car and cheerfully told his mom, “I remembered today who I am and how to stay connected to you. It worked mom, I had fun all day and made lots of new friends because I told them what to remember too.”
    If you want to empower your child in the same way contact me via email at lovesopenhouse at
    A new prinicipal thought he was a drug pusher because all ages, all groups gravitated to him.
    Joshua is now a healthy, happy, awesome leader at 19 reminding his university peers of the same.
    Love *n Lightning
    Using the Power of Love with the Speed of Lightning
    to Transform the Cause into the Cure
    Bullies into Heroes
    Creating IMAGINEERS(TM) in the process.
    Caroline McIntosh, C.S.E.
    Chief Spiritual Electrician of Love’s Open House
    A School Sanctuary Theatre and Playground for All Ages

  • michele

    I was so touched by your story, that I am going to keep it and read it to my daughter. You see, I am that mother, an older mother and starting out 40 something as a parent has/is all that and some more. I thank you for your sweet words of wisdom and I will cherish them always. Thank you

  • Sue Maddox BSN RN Grad Student

    What a beautiful idea we all need this care package to remind us what life, work and true caring about ourselves and others is really all about!! As a nursing grad student we are in the mist of theory of course mine is Jean Watson’s Theory of Caring and I will share this article and site with my fellow classmates. Thanks, Sue

  • jane

    I really liked “David’s Care Package.” As a former kindergarten teacher, and along that same idea, I read “The Kissing Hand” to the children. In a nutshell, it is about a little raccoon who is apprehensive about starting school. His mother alleviates his fears by kissing his hand and telling him he can keep her kiss and love in his heart all the time he is at school. As he excitedly leaves for school, he quickly takes his mother’s hand and gives her his kiss to keep in her heart while he is at school. In order for first time parents to have help missing their little one at school, the children made a care package for their parents to have at home while they were in school. It consisted of a baggie containing…
    -their child’s handprint
    -some candy kisses and a candy hug
    -the following poem
    Here is my hand to hold while I’m away
    Then I’ll be back at the end of the day.
    Here is a hug and some kisses, too
    It’s my way of saying “I LOVE YOU!”
    The children were also taught the universal sign language sign for “I love you.”

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