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Thanks to Philip Dawdy of “Furious Minds” who picked Beyond Blue as one of his picks of “thinking blogs.” And thanks to James of “Finding Optimism” for telling me to go look. It was fun to wake up to a pleasant surprise!
Go visit Philip’s post to check out the other blogs he mentions. Here is what he says:


Psych Central kindly gave me a thinking blogger award the other day and now I am supposed to mention five blogs in return. When this went on six months ago or so, we ended up with a rotating list of the usual suspects. So I am going to avoid adding to the fame and glory of Psych Central, CL Psych, Mind Hacks and the like, and focus on some lesser known blogs that generally don’t get enough attention (yes, there are more than five of those!)

  • Larry Parker

    And do publish your own list of five blogs when it is ready :-)

  • Aimee

    Congratulations! I really enjoy your blog. Not just what you post but the layout is very nice as well. I love love LOVE your post on Perfectionism and Ringing the Bells. It really hit home for me as I struggle with analyzing everything I do to such a high standard. I too cringe at some of my posts, the wording or even topics and wonder if that was the right thing to do. Thank you for the inspiring words. I love the phrase- the cracks are where the light comes in. :) I will be back soon!

  • steve durham

    Congratulations from me too!! … and I hasten to say I’m not surprised. I am not able to “stop by” and read nearly as often, nor as much, as I had hoped … but I have told no end of friends (and congregants too) about this blog, in hopes they will find it as refreshing, insightful and hope-giving as I have. So to learn it has received this honor is, well, to be expected from something as rich as this!

  • monah

    I just wanted to say thank you for this amazing site! I can’t wait to get home to see what the latest issue is about. I am as we speak, in bed, sick with pain in what seems to feel like every part of my body. I work a job twelve hours lifting over 500 windshields a day; some weighing as much as 48lbs each. I come home and I almost have to crawl to get to where I need to go. Now I have tennis elbow, which I renamed “windshield” elbow because we have to trim vinyl in so many seconds to meet productivity. I had a lady tell me that in the old days people just didn’t complain and they did what they had to do and so beyond the Dr’s restrictions, I trimmed with my brace on my elbow. She isn’t feeling any pain today but I am. I hope she has a wonderful day off, I need to write a song called they are ignorant, “bless their hearts!” !!Yeah, I need to write a book about how I would love ministry if it wasn’t for people!!But, instead I will forgive and lay in the bed on my day off until I can gain the strength to get up. Since the day I gave my heart to the Lord, I have been experiencing so many bizarre things and I sure have learned a lot. I know that satan is the accuser of the brethren or sister.. he is always up to strife and confusion every second of the day. While I don’t always know what to do about my pain, I refuse to keep it to myself by being there for someone else! What the devil means for bad, God will always use for good. I would really love to record and sing songs for people because lyrics and melody seem to always lift ones spirit but unfortunately, I have not been a success at that either. I really have become hopeless these days as I get songs and the melody in my sleep but can’t ever get an “open door!” I want to help others so badly and I feel like Herrod is always searching for me trying to kill me before I can ever accomplish what God has called me to do. I have faced many demonic forces and had many supernatural divine escapes. I could really write a book if I could find my happy ending and an audience who cares, that always helps along with money and publishers and all!!! I can so relate to Mother Theresa. Faith is easy when you are on the mountain. But what is faith? The substance of things HOPED for and the evidence of things not seen. I do know that Jesus Christ is real and he does come through even when we can’t see the third man in the fire. Cause’ I’m still here and as long as I am, I will proclaim that there is hope and PLEASE hold on, he is speaking to someone right now and they are working on something to help you! He has answers and he holds the keys. I am thankful once again because I feel my faith rising up just writing this blog. Despite what people may say or do to try and hurt me with their words, I have HIS word that I the ole’ flesh is indeed weak, but the spirit man is superman strong! Thank you Lord for this day and being able to feel your presence while I write. To all who may need to be encouraged, please know that I am a talking dead woman and if you only “knew” what I have come through, you would know that you are so loved and HE is not finished with you yet. I pray that he will turn your pain into purpose and your mess into a message! If you need a new “friend” or just an ear, I am available!!!!God bless your day and thank you Therese for being an awesome inspiration!!! You make my day-every day! Monah or

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