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Along the same lines of the Buddhist tale, reader Cindy wrote the following on the message board of my “What Makes People Relapse?” post: Hello Dear Friends: I pray that each of us has better days ahead. I’d like to […]

I was moved by the post “Com+passio” by fellow Beliefnet blogger Rod Dreher, in which he writes: I’ve been reminded in the past couple of days how much intense suffering and grief we have around us. They’re going to have […]

Have you been labeled “treatment resistent”? Maybe you just haven’t found the right psychiatrist. My blogging buddy, James, wrote a great post yesterday on his process of finding the right treatment for him. He links to my post on “My […]

Beliefnet has a cool new feature where you can sign up to receive a daily e-mail update from Beyond Blue. I have signed up for it: to remind myself what I wrote about, and to whom I owe apologies. The […]

Since so many Beyond Blue readers expressed the importance of exercise in their war against depression on the message board of my “Depression and Coupes” post, I thought I’d share exercise tips by Karen Swartz, M.D., one of the doctors […]

I don’t think workout queen Kathy Smith would have stuffed herself like I did at my sister’s farm all week. Her exercise regime is a tad different from mine, but we’re alike in this regard: exercise saved our lives! Here […]

Did you ever consider designing your workout to match your personality? You think the author of this concept has too much time on his hands? I agree with you. But interesting, nontheless. “Fine-tuning your workout based on your personal tendencies […]

Not that I want the year to be over, but Beliefnet has this cool end-of-the-year feature on the Most Inspiring Person of the Year 2007. The editors here want to know your thoughts. So be sure to check out the […]

Here’s my attempt to rationalize my addiction to Beyond Blue (and maybe to the Internet): it’s my support group. Today it got the okay from my therapist. “Do you think my behavior during my week in the country when I […]

In order to be true to oneself—or (more accurately?) to avoid disaster—sometimes a person has to separate herself from those she loves in order to be able to love them (and herself) even more. I just read about that yesterday […]