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Beyond Blue

Owen Wilson: On Understanding Suicide (and Attempts)

“The human heart is exquisitely fragile,” Catholic author and columnist Ron Rolheiser writes in his annual column on suicide. “Our judgments need to be gentle, our understanding deep, and our forgiveness wide.”
I am grateful to reader Babs for leading me to Rolheiser’s column, and am grateful for Rolheiser for prodding his readers to open their minds to try to understand the desperation of a person who seeks refuge in suicide.
How timely as I read all the tabloid reports on Owen Wilson’s attempt to end his life.
“What triggered it?” is everyone’s first question, a query that has always annoyed me. As if his break-up with Kate Hudson was the rationale behind his slashed left wrist and stomach full of pills. Such justification is our way of staying out of it, of segregating ourselves from those who can’t handle messy breakups. By assigning pain to a specific event or circumstance, we can hypothetically remain immune to that hopelessness inherit to a suicide attempt. Because we’re not dating Kate Hudson. And if we were, surely a breakup wouldn’t take us to that pathetic place …


Rolheiser quotes the same verses of William Styron that I have in previous posts. But the words are wroth repeating because, in my opinion, the author of “Sophie’s Choice” best articulates the agony and torment of suicidal depression. I often play the theme song of “Rocky” as I read it (not really), but his description has that affect:

The pain of severe depression is quite unimaginable to those who have not suffered it, and it kills in many instances because its anguish can no longer be borne. The prevention of many suicides will continue to be hindered until there is a general awareness of the nature of this pain. … and for the tragic legion who are compelled to destroy themselves there should be no more reproof attached than to the victims of terminal cancer. … ??What I had begun to discover is that, mysteriously and in ways that are totally remote from normal experience, the gray drizzle of horror induced by depression takes on the quality of physical pain. But it is not an immediately identifiable pain, like that of a broken limb. It may be more accurate to say that despair, owing to some evil trick played upon the sick brain by the inhabiting psyche, comes to resemble the diabolical discomfort of being imprisoned in a fiercely overheated room. And because no breeze stirs this caldron, because there is no escape from the smothering confinement, it is entirely natural that the victim begins to think ceaselessly of oblivion.


The rest of Rolheiser’s column is enlightening, as well:

Styron then describes graphically how the depressed person becomes obsessed with thoughts of oblivion:

Any of the artifacts of my house had become potential devices for my own destruction: the attic rafters (and an outside maple or two) a means to hang myself, the garage a place to inhale carbon monoxide, the bathtub a vessel to receive the flow of my opened arteries. The kitchen knives in their drawers had but one purpose for me. Death by heart attack seemed particularly inviting, absolving me as it would of active responsibility, and I had toyed with the idea of self-induced pneumonia-a long, frigid, shirt-sleeved hike though the rainy woods.?


After reading virtually all the literature, medical and psychological, on the issue, Styron suggests the suicidal depression is, in the end, caused by chemical imbalance, despite the fact that other factors (lifestyle, childhood, moral values, memory) contribute. Modern sensitivities, he contends, make us reluctant to use old-fashioned words like madhouse, asylum, insanity, melancholia, lunatic, or madness, but “ever let it be doubted that depression, in its extreme form, is madness. The madness results from an aberrant biochemical process. It has been established with reasonable certainty (after strong resistance from many psychiatrists, and not all that long ago) that such madness is chemically induced amid the neurotransmitters of the brain, probably as a result of systemic stress, which for unknown reasons causes a depletion of the chemicals norespinephrine and serotonin, and the increase of a hormone, cortisal.”
Styron was one of the lucky ones. With his suicide already planned, he drew on some last gleam of sanity and, in that, realized that he could not commit this desecration on himself and his loved ones. He woke his sleeping wife and she drove him to a hospital. In its “safety” and given “seclusion and time” he healed. He lived on to tell this insider’s story.
That insider’s story has a double value: Not only should it help us to understand suicide more deeply and exorcise more of its shameful stigma, but, in helping to expose the anatomy of suicide, Styron gives us better tools to help others (and ourselves) in its prevention.?
Beyond that, a proper understanding of suicide should help us all walk more humbly and compassionately in grace and community, resisting the bias of the strong and unreflective who make the unfair judgment that people who are sick want to be that way.

And I absolutely love this:

The human heart is exquisitely fragile. Our judgments need to be gentle, our understanding deep, and our forgiveness wide.

  • Larry Parker

    Can I get an “Amen”?!

  • Sharon

    I enjoyed your article regarding Owen Wilson’s suicide attempt. It just goes to prove no matter what we have in lfe– so much or too little of; what we need to understand and have compassion for– is the human spirits fragility, no matter where our position in life stands.
    I applaude your truth and getting the message out to all who scatch their heads on this subject! I, too, suffer depression and find comfort in knowing I can read and talk to those who have strength and understanding.
    And,last, but not lest– AMEN!

  • Mitche Leigh Hunt

    This work and all other work on this website is remarkable in how it is presented and communicated, thus enhancing its value even more. I learn so much from it. Although — at this particular time — I do not suffer from psychological extremes, everything I read gives me greater balance in understanding the ups and downs in my daily life. By being introduced to the suffering that other persons go through in the gentle and unjudgmental way that you do, I am more watchful in how I treat all people — which includes myself.

  • Mona Villarrubia

    I am not sure how I received this article/link but it has been useful. My 24 yesr old, wonderful son took his life five months ago. I myself suffer from depression so I know part of his was inherited. I take medicine and am in therapy; he refused both recourses. He said he wanted and needed to be in control of himself. But he had no true understanding of the effect of one’s body chemistry on one’s mood. He chose to believe it was a matter of self-discipline; mind over mood. But he also used illegal drugs (marijuana) to alter his mood. Somwhow this was acceptable but prescription drugs were not. And he covered up his moods more and more, becoming adept at hiding his true feelings even from his closest friends and now they feel so betrayed. If onlys haunt us all. But as you have written, this is an illness and people need to want to be helped. One ways survivors can help is by trying to remove some of the shame that mem, especially it seems, feel about being depressed and about being suicidal.I thank you for your story.

  • mary

    i love owen wilson and i do understand what he is going through.we all have personal things we are not strong enough to deal with and our minds are not strong enough to handle so we punish our selfs.i have attempted to take my life a few times because of things that has happened to me am not perfect and nither is owen wilson and the media doesn’t help either.god bless this wonderfull man and actor in his life.i for one will be praying for him that he finds what he needs in life so he can live and do all thise wonderfull things he does so well.god bless owen lord and keep him safe in his life, help him find his way,lead ,guide,and teach him that he will know you and make his life better. amen sister mary

  • rodney

    Owen Wilson sent out clear messages for help and SOMEONE understood, although almost too late. I wonder how many people of lesser fame have sent out those messages and no one listened? i have been alone for more than 10 years due to divorce. Have I thought of suicide? Yeah, a few times but I have put it off since i believe there are a few things I have not finished that I would like to and there is SOMEONE, SOMEWHERE out there who wants to be my mate and partner and would like to be a part of my life. I guess I still think I have something to offer at least some part of the world.
    It is sad when Owen Wilson or anyone else feels so isolated that tney believe they have nothing to offer the world that is of any value and there is no one who would love to receive what they have to offer. I do hope this will be a wake up call for all of us to really see and listen. Had someone done that for Owen maybe he would have behaved differently.

  • Don F Fitch

    I, too, have experienced the “dark night of the soul.” In fact, it is a daily battle I struggle with mightily. In the past year, I lost both my father and my late wife within a period of three days. On top of that, I was betrayed by my step-son who told me he wanted to stay with me, even after his mother’s death. I have tried dealing with the grieving process, and when that is compounded by clinical depression, it’s no wonder why people become suicical! I haven’t been able to find true solace from friends, because they don’t know what I’ve been through, and still go through! And I’ve found to my horror, that internet dating is NOT the place to find someone to love, because there are so many predators out there, waiting for emotionally vulnerable people. It is so hard to find true love in this world, where people’s hearts have become so cold. So I can relate to Owen Wilson’s despair, and at least know in part what he has gone through, especially when you invest so many emotional stakes into someone you think loves you back. It’s so hard to know who to trust when the person you love turns their back on you! I pray for Owen’s recovery, as well as for all the broken hearts and spirits of those who are grieving.

  • Julie

    Whether you are famous or not you are not exempt from depression. Depression can touch everyone. Ironically, I saw Zoolander on television this week a few days after I had heard about Owen Wilson. I think he is incredible and full of talent. I hope he can align himself with loving and caring people who can be there for him. He should not feel bad for what has happened. He is human.

  • Terri

    I am heartsick over Owen Wilson’s attempted suicide as I enjoy him immensely. It’s always hard to believe when someone seems to have it all that they’d try to take such a path, but it only goes to show that you can be beautiful, talented, loved and loving and still be in pain. He and his family have my prayers for strength and healing of body, mind and soul.

  • CLeo

    I’ve known people who’ve treated their suicidal relatives as lepers. Suicide or attempted suicide is viewed by many as a character flaw. Not long ago some would view Cancer sufferers as contagious or as afflicted by a disease brought on by their moral flaws. This has changed now that Cancer has become one of the primary killers.
    Would we need to have more people committing suicide or attempting suicide for the minds of so many to change?
    What elicits compassion? Depression, loss, humiliation, poor health, they are all elements that contribute to making a fatal decision.
    It’s a serious mistake to focus on this when a celebrity or movie star’s depression pushes him/her to attempt or to commit suicide.
    Many are still under the delusion that money, notoriety, power, beauty and a life full of pleasure and perks makes one happy. Happiness is from the inside out, not the other way around.
    Everything is illuminated from the inside out.

  • Tara

    I adore Owen Wilson, my heart breaks for the desperation he felt.
    Unless you have experienced, the nothingness that preceeds an attempt, you can’t possibly have any idea what it’s like.
    This is not something that comes on suddenly (as in a breakup).
    It’s there always. Sometimes, it is so physically painful, and inexplicable. It is not done to hurt anyone else. It is an act of pure
    desperation, to stop hurting.
    Sitting, just beside that, is all the negative stigma, that only a
    weak person or coward, would commit such an act.
    The mind goes through endless scenario’s, what is the best way.
    Ho w can I do this, and cause, the least amount, of pain to others.
    His breakup, was barely a bubble, in the toxic stew.
    I suffer from genetic depression. I have attempted suicide at
    least 7 times. Thankfully, I am on meds, which take care of the problem.
    From time to time, I think, I’m OK. So, I stopped taking my meds,
    right there waiting fro me, hunkered in the corner was Dementia,
    paranoia, and way down at the bottom of that deep well, with no
    light to be seen. It seems like the only possible solution.
    Because THAT PLACE, is to unbearable, to be endured.
    It is not about Kate Hudson, It’s about Owen Wilson.
    She may have been a small straw, but the camel, was already overloaded.
    Blessings on you Owen, I’m happy you didn’t make it.
    You Belong here

  • sue

    Leave him alone…….you people have no idea about depression! Let him live his own life! He is going though a hard time and will realize what is important. Just forget it…….He will come to terms with it on his own time and don’t publise it! BACK OFF ! From someone who has gone though it!

  • frank

    if you growing up was unstable and if you know
    you have beeng depress and havent used your doctor the rigth way
    and if you dont used drugs or alcohol wich you know is every where in hollywood the only way to going to go in a crisis is you need meds
    or you haved beeng using too many drugs or alcohol i try to committe suiced before and wenever i got depper with drugs or alcohol the feeling of pitty was there picking in my brain with the information
    in the enthernet and specially beeng famous you need to have a spycologis around you he is in the spot becaused of failing to accept he has a problem and not doing anytghing about that call 911 or see a doctor or go to aa, na, or ca meeting and get help. thats the lesson to learn from him i think he doesnt love him self any way so dont have any pitty for him he has the money and the doctors to help him is if he wants the help that counts

  • mds

    A previous post motivated my entry. Adolescent suicide is one of the highest causes of death among our teens today. A pity only the rich and famous are publicly mourned and cause for notice. You probably know someone or a friend of a friend who lost a child, a middle or high school student. But we didn’t read about it, nor did we pray for that soul.

  • Loreta Hom

    I like Owen Wilson, Whatever is his problem deep in his life, I cannot
    judge him, all I can do is pray for him that He may overcome his depression without pills. May he learn to know Jesus Christ. Because
    God is the great Physician and nothing is impossible for Him. I will
    include Owen Williams in my daily prayers so he will feel better. I like to see him smile. Owen, you need to know more about Jesus Christ, who taught us to be humble in life. I know you are on the top, it hurts more when you fall. Jesus Christ will catch you if you only kneel to HIM. Jesus loves you.

  • sheryn henderson Sept 2 2007

    Proverbs 4:23 Keep thy heart with all diligence;for
    out of it are the issues of life.Life with out GOD is a very
    scarey issue MONEY FAME mean nothing There is a place in your
    heart only GOD can fill I pray he finds the LORD.ALL the glamour
    and glitz/ the flip side you never see; these things (money fame)
    were never meant to bring you complete fulfilment ever.Im not
    preaching just stating a fact. So OWEN get on those knees and
    cry out to GOD . He will make it better TRUST me Family and freinds
    also play a significant part MAY GOD give him the peace and
    contentment he needs

  • Tiffany

    Suicide is a black whole where there seems no hope and no way out. I have been there but I am also a survivor of suicide and belong to a group where the devistation of it never ends. My Mother still does not celebrate Christmas because my brother committed suicide on Dec 26, 1991. Suicide is a place where you become so self obsorbed you cannot think about anyone but yourself. The guilt and anger never goes away for survivors just gets easier to deal with. I am glad he survived and hope he gets help and thinks about others and looking inside to become a happy spiritual person instead of the alternative.

  • Francesca Cang

    As a someone who has worked in the suicide prevention area of mental health for almost ten years, I can tell you what drove Owen to this: Depression. Depression kills and he is lucky not to have died from it. I urge him to seek professional counseling, and medication if its necessary.
    Depression is painful to the spirit, mind, and body. You feel no hope, and all you want is the pain to stop. You see it as the only way out but its not.
    Have faith…have hope, and see a therapist.

  • Lynn

    I know that terrible feeling of depression. After my seperation of thirteen years of marriage, I too contemplated suicide. I prayed, i know God was listening because I did not go through with it. Only those people who have experienced severe depression can undertand the darkness that fills their minds. Just because you go to get help in a facility that deals with psychiatry does not mean that we should be labled as crazy. Their is no shame in getting help. My heart goes out to Owen Wilson. I think he is a great actor. My prayers go out to him.

  • Jen

    I like Owen Wilson…I really like him. Even though I don’t know him personally….I think he’s a wonderful actor and suspect that he’s equally as cool to know off screen. I feel saddened by the news that he attempted to end his life. I’m not religious, but I prayed for him to work out his troubles and realize that nothing is worth taking your own life over. I hope he can get some help and use this experience as a huge life changing lesson. I hope he can find all of the support he needs to get through this dark cloud he’s stuck in. I wish there was a magic wand to wave to give him happiness and good times in his head…….. :'(
    On a side note….we like Owen Wilson so much…my hubby and I decided to name our second child “Owen”. Once we found out we were having a girl, we jokingly nicknamed her “Oweena” but ultimately got serious and picked a feminine name. :) However….we might be expecting baby #3 real soon…and then that one will be “Owen” for sure!!! The Celtic meaning of “Owen” is Young Warrior…..and I hope Owen Wilson will be a stronger fighter against his depression……….
    You’re in our thought and prayers Mr. Wilson!
    And – as odd as it sounds….We Love You Man!!!
    The “R” Family

  • SteveR

    I don’t really know where to start exactly… I guess I’ll begin by acknowledging that I am airing now that which I try not to burden my wife, my children, my Pastor, or anyone else in my “community” with because all that does is make it worse.
    I am a Believer and a liturgical Christian, and there are still times that I can’t stand to be “home” or “at work.” Then I read Soloman’s words that “all is vanity ” and I have to wonder why I am still here.
    Please understand that by most (if not all) standards, I live in the supposed lap of luxury. I live in a nice house (that keeps me captive with repairs), a wife (who shares every nuance of everything that has gone wrong in her day every day), and two children (who show up just long enough to tell me what their expectations are for the next 20 minutes to 4 years). I try to hide in the garage/shop or run away to grab some “sanity,” but it still doesn’t work. Playing music helps (I am a bassist), but not for long. What is the point … really?

  • meg


  • Linda

    My husband of 17 years completed suicide while we were separated. I was making the divorce extremely easy on him. He had a wonderful job and many friends and was a fun guy. I have to agree depression got the best of him. He just could not see the light at the end of the tunnel. He shot himself in the heart. Covered himself to as to not make a mess and wrote a note saying “I love you all”
    I cannot feel guilty because it would eat me up in side. Suicide does take a piece of everyone you know I will say and is very very tragic.
    I too pray for Owen and hope he will dust himself off and get back up again and most importantly seek help and also I say hit your knees brother.
    In Christian Love,

  • meg


  • Linda

    Rest in Peace Louis!

  • Linda

    SteveR why dont you join a group man? Their are many Christian groups now dealing with things like this. I am a recovering addict 12 years and there are Christian based 12 step groups —Christianity is starting to acknowledge and reach out to us.
    Faith and hope my friend Keep the faith

  • candace

    my heart and prayers go out to OWEN,I wish him luck and that he gets better real soon………….. i love his movies,,, they r all great,,,,I’m really SORRY to hear about his break-up…but OWEN hang in there……….. my thoughts and prayers r w u….

  • Shelley

    It’s amazing that we might think that success, wealth, good looks…should insure happiness. Owen Wilson has all of these, yet he is depressed to the point of suicide. Depression knows no boundries, not age, race, creed, size or financial means. My husband died unexpectedly 3 years ago and since then my youngest son ended up in juvinile for 18 months, I lost the job I thought I would retire from, and my step-daughter who I raised ran off with my husband’s ashes and splintered our family. I have not been able to find employment, we barely make our basic bills, have very little to eat and it never seems to get better. I would be lying if I didn’t admit that every day I think how much better it would be if I were not here. I pray every day, all day, for God to please help me. And somehow, I make another day. I pray for Owen Wilson, myself, and for everyone who lives a daily battle with darkness and despair.

  • K

    Owen, Keep your chin up. You are a great actor & I wish you blessings as you overcome your pain. You have many people in the world (family & friends) that will be there for you. LET THEM HELP YOU!!! :) There are MANY FISH IN THE SEA… God will put you with whom HE wants you to be with. Until then, keep the faith. Everything will work out as planned. Count your blessings & be grateful.

  • sandra weisz

    i know of several people who commited suicide, several that had several attempts, and one that might have done it last night. the stress and alienation of our crowded, unspiritual culture, drives one to drink and anything else to get rid of extreme pain. no matter how bad the pain, things always change, and there are always other options, no matter what. i realize when in extreme pain people don’t see that, but the study of suicidology is different than depression, it is way beyond being depressed. depressed people live long miserable lives, people with suicidal ideation are feeling something different entirely. they are really 2 different catagories. i think people need to know that at least one other person cares. a suicidal person believes no one will miss them. and sometimes it’s survivors guilt.

  • machaela

    well i think that is really sad and i hope things work out ok. good luck to all of you and for the one that thinks that should no longer need to live. i pray fro him and yes amen!

  • Catherine McNally

    I want to wish God’s comfort, love and for Owen to know that God is with him. I have been there so many times wanting to end it all and yes, I had the last rites administered to me, but I am still here by the grace of God. I have been praying for Owen Wilson and I know he will heal. I am so glad he has a wonderful and supportive family that is around him. That is what he needs now along with prayers. Alot of people, especially teenagers always crack jokes when they are depressed, you have got to listen closely for the cries of help sometimes. Take the time to be there. Let God be your intuition even in the people you pass on the streets because your presence may be the things that stops them for doing this horrible act. I am so thankful and I respect Owen so much. I wish him the best. I even tried to call Cedars-Sinai Hospital to let him know I was thinking og him. My prayers are with you and your family. Maybe Owen will have his purpose in his heart now and know we are all here and he is not alone.

  • Tammy J. Wampler

    Owen, Owen, Owen, you are an amazingly talented, funny, gifted man, so please always remember, and never forget; Suicide is a Permanent solution to a Temporary problem.

  • Connie Lavere

    Hi Owen,
    My prayers are with you……and your family. I do not know you personally, but I bet you are a terriffic person. I do enjoy your movies very much and you are very talented….Dont let that old devil steal this a way from you. Cry out to the Lord. Jesus just help me and hold me and he will.He helps me and holds meeach and everyday. Take one day at a time and lean on Jesus and of course friends and family.I am trying to think of something to make you laugh and I be …cant think of a thing!!!
    Love I Christ,
    Connie Lavere

  • James

    I appreciate the candor and imagery used to explain the plight of those contemplating suicide. It is similar to the thought pattersn of addicts who are desiring to use. I hope not to souund common, but the explanation to loved ones about addictive plights become difficult and exhausting at times to explain. I find hope and light in the article and thank you for the story. To Mr. Wilson my prayers and hope is that you get your appropriate attention and treatment so that you can continue to live life to the fullest.

  • eli

    My family and I adore you. Laughter is so very important and your movies have pulled me out of many a funk. Zoolander, Shanghi Sup,Meet the Parents are just a few I have seen over and over again. You and Ben Stiller and also JaCkie Chan are brillant together.I hope that you are healing and getting better eaCh and every day Now please get baCk to work soon.
    We love you,
    Eli Lott

  • Kay

    I really hope the best for Owen. I was so sorry to see this happen. He is very talented and funny. I hope for many many better days for him. I think trials are too make us stronger. They can be hard to get through, but with God, angels, friends, and family love we can. Blessings and abundance of Joy to Owen.

  • Linda

    I think with the love and understanding of all of us he will be okay.I love his movies. And one day day he will know what it like to have kids and grandkids. from that time on he will know about love. I only know what is on T.V. but he looks sweet to me.Keep up the good work. And have alot of fun you can. My family all love what you do.
    If you need to talk e-mail me.
    love ya Linda Whiteman

  • ED- Boston, MA

    I lost a niece to suicide over thirteen years ago, she was nearly 23.
    She was such a beautiful soul and so lovely, I used to just look at her and think what a pretty and unpretentious young woman, we were extremely close. She was my namesake and when I lost her, I lost a part of myself.
    Unfortunately, she was diagnosed with schizophrenia, something she could not accept. She used to ask me: ‘what happened to the girl I used to be?’
    It was so heartbreaking but she knew there was nothing that would make her whole again, no medications for such a disease.
    I have never stopped missing my niece and I still cry, however, I know that she found the “peace” that her tortured mind could not give her.
    The chemical inbalances in the brain cannot be repaired, one day they will have medications for bi-polar and schizophrenia, and, one day, many years from now, all mental illness will be eradicated.
    Meanwhile, to live in such a “tortured” state is truly a hell beyond description. I keep all her pictures in my room and talk with her everyday and nite, it’s my way of always staying connected to this precious soul.
    As for Owen Wilson, my heart breaks for his deep and abiding depression, and for all who commit or attempt to commit suicide. It isn’t just a “whim” for there is no doubt that it is contributed to a “chemical imbalance”, a brain dysfunction.
    I pray that he will find strength, faith and spirituality, for these, along with loved ones who truly need to understand and be there always, are the road back to life. Life is meant to be lived, no matter how much sadness and grief we will encounter in this journey, we must endure and feel as much joy as possible along with the pain.
    It takes hard work, much anguish, but it is possible to feel hope and it is only through deep, abiding hope that despair will vanish.
    God bless you Owen Wilson, it’s so much harder for you when you’re in the limelight, everyone knowing and conjecturing, all the more for you to overcome but I truly believe you are a strong man and will prevail.

  • Veronika

    Yes, the nice tidy little explanation box (he did it because….) is nauseating sometimes. The point is, it’s none of anyone’s business why he did it. It wouldn’t be anyone else’s business if you made the same decision.
    A few years ago my life when into a blender. I lost 3 people who were very dear to me (died), I moved to a place I didn’t like at all, got incredibly sick, and on top of all that depression hit me hard. All the positive affirmations and stuff like that was useless.
    I prayed and prayed, and I told God I wasn’t going to stop until he gave me an answer. Hours later with my eyes swoolen shut from crying.. I got my answer. “Leap” the voice said.
    “I don’t understand….”
    “Leap…I’ll catch you…”
    “I mean it…I’ll catch you”
    ” I’m afraid”
    “I know…that’s the biggest part of the problem”
    “You want me to leap?”
    I thought about it. I had nothing to loose. I lept.
    Thank you God. I’ve been enjoying our flights ever since :)

  • Alicia Sessums

    I will pray for you Owen. I have a 17 year old son who slit his wrists’ about one month ago because his girlfriend broke up with him, they met each other at 12 year’s old and dated for 2 year’s. they have known each other for almost 8 year’s, so it really crushed him. I worry about him alway’s. Be happy, not sad. You have alot of living to do, Alicia



  • Sheri

    Upon hearing of Owen’s attempt, I was shocked and sad. It always seemed as if he were the happy-go-lucky type without a melancholy bone in his body. He has such a wonderful presence about him, that simply hearing him talk, watching him smile, and seeing him laugh always made me feel good. I wish him the best, as well as the best to anyone else who has had even a glimmer of thought of ending their life.
    Please know your life is the most precious gift you have ever been given. Be thankful every second and view your pain as a lesson to learn from. As you seek and fight for happiness, you are a warrior of the heart with strength beyond the common man for you know how precious happiness is and that it is worth fighting for. Those of us who have been to the bottom of the pit don’t take happiness for granted. It IS yours! Reach out and grab it, hold onto it, and don’t let ANYTHING steal it from you!

  • Monique

    I don’t know Owen Wilson, the person. But I’m glad he failed at his suicide attempt. The combination of drug use and depression is never good. It makes even the smallest problem seem gigantic. I’ve never abused drugs, but in the darkest days of my depression, I mixed Vicodin and Vodka just to keep from feeling pain and anguish. I did this because my prayers for death weren’t being answered and I wasn’t strong (or weak enough) to take my own life. I really hope that Owen gets the help that he need to combat his drug use and his depression. To me, he’s more than a fine actor, he’s someone God put on this earth to make people smile.

  • Amanda

    depression is such a hard thing to go through alone! I can relate to many of Styron’s descriptions of looking at everything in your household as a means of device to kill/harm youself. I thought i was insane, and i honestly had no clue what to do. I was so confused, and i didn’t know who to tell so i went through it all alone. Well, almost. Jesus was rite there w/ me the whole time…He kept me from suicide so many times, I honestly don’t know where i would be rite now w/ out Him. At the time i was 14, and it lasted for over 3 years. Then one time at church with much pain in my heart, for i could find no more room for tears, I heard a voice say to me ” Don’t cry anymore, my child, for I am here.” And tho i have cried since then, I was much comforted. God does listen to our prayers and He does see each tear that falls.

  • denise Pusey

    Last week my kids and I watched you on the big screen. When my kids found out about you at school they came home really worried and felt bad for you. I told them that you were under the weather in a bad way and were nursing yourself back to health with the help of a lot of wonderful and amazing people.Every so often I quote you and say I work to live…….. not live to work.
    Many get irritated when I say that.
    I see you now and pass on a great big hug and kiss.
    Take out your book and go to page one my dear.

  • Lynne

    Well I can tell you from experience that Owen must be right handed. He took the pills to give himself the courage( maybe it wouldn’t hurt so much) He cut his left wrist then something stopped him. Let us hope it helped him realize that he didn’t want to die…he just wanted the agony to cease. My sister-in-law took pills, then went into the closet,took a pillow to muffle the sound, then shot herself in the head. I will never forget the phone call from my brother. Why did she do it? It almost doesn’t matter at that point…there is no good reason! Her husband and four children have to grow up without her! The survivor guilt is tremendous. The children, my niece in particular, has to assume the role of mother as she is the only female in the household. Who can ever give her ,her childhood back? The three remaining sons have lost their innocense irretreivably. My brother is still haunted by her loss 15 years later. I really hope Owen can find peace and the media is mainly made up of social vampires and they need a lesson in sensitivity. I can’t wait to see what comes of the Melinda Duckett case!

  • Lorraine

    I wish Owen Wilson all the best and am truly glad he has a loving family to drop everything and run to his aid. I know first hand how it feels and sometimes telling people just makes you sound like a drama queen. Sometimes taking that action is the only way to make people listen and realize that you really do need help, not just attention. God Bless him through his pain and I hope he makes it out O.K. I thank God I did.

  • barbara argoe

    I too have been so depressed by events and trauma around me that I had tried to take my life on more than one ocassion. I have found that when I feel that down, that overwhelm with the pain, I need to find someone to hear me. This help me a lot. I also tried to remember that I was given this life by God and I am love by my family and friends. When I am down and thinking about sucide I listen to good music, watch a good comedy, and try to cheer up others which eventually cheer me.
    Owens, you need to remember people love you and you need to learn to love yourself as well. Many people that you probably will never meet, need you in their lives, if only to give them a smile, a laugh, or a momemt of happiness.

  • Edith L. Carr

    E. L. C.

  • Mary Utrup

    I pray that Owen Wilson will find what he is truly looking for in life.
    Many things contribute to any suicide attempt. But he is also just one more reminder that a “successful career” is not all that it takes to have a successful life. While I wouldn’t doubt that the “breakup” with Kate Hudson had some thing to do with his situation, I think Owen is just looking for someone who will make him feel like a complete human being.
    No career only will make that happen. Mary Utrup

  • Renee Calvin

    I know this feeling to well. I have had so many surgerys at a young age of 35. I was type A to the fullest to having a two and half pound tumor taken out of my lower back that change my life in ways I could not even say in words. God is what keeps me alive and positive people. The sad thing is our society is so into status, cars, houses over there means and still they feel empty inside. Why can’t we scream and cry when we lose someone? why are we told to get over it or time will heal. I hope that anyone reading this stops the old tired words that do not help the ones in need but tell them scream, cry and tell the world how you feel. This is what heals the soul not silence fear and everything else crame down our throats. We are all hurt we all fear and are losing love ones in a war for what? People get up and talk. We can make big changes we have the voice let’s use it. No more silence, silence kills and I want to live. Bless all of you and the one’s in pain call someone anyone, suicide hot lines, talk and live. I thought my life was over after 10 major surgerys and tried to give up but now no matter what I will stand up and not stay silent. I want to live and I want peace in my heart so I must fight for myself and I will always fight for the underdog no matter how many people who tell me to stay out of it. I am staying in it!!

  • Mary Lynn McDavid Yohn

    Dear Owen:
    I understand depression because I had it. You are never alone Owen.
    Jesus loves you very much because He died on the cross for you and He
    wants you to live not die. Die for Him is the only cause but this is not suicide. Suicide will separate you eternally from Him and you do not want to do this. He is a loving and forgiving Lord and you would gain many Christian brothers and sisters when you open up your heart to accept Him. Ask Him into your heart and to forgive your sins. I know this to be true because I did this in 1971 watching a Billy
    Graham crusade on TV. You have a lot to live for Owen. I truly enjoy watching your movies because you are hilarious especially with Jackie
    Chan. My heart hurts when I hear someone has committed suicide or even attempts suicide. I feel people’s pain and I know you are in a lot of pain but eternity is worth much more than committing suicide.
    May the Lord give you peace of mind right now in Jesus name. Amen.
    Love in Christ,
    Mary Lynn McDavid Yohn

  • Teresa Adkins

    This subject really touched me. I tried to many times to end my life I had a hard time growing up. I guess you could say I’d make a good posterchild for child abuse.I suffered from depression at a very early age.It took me giving my life to Jesus to figure out my life was worth living. My prayers are with all people who suffer from depresion. Owen a lot of people love you and Jesus most of all. TERESA Adkins.

  • joe

    brilliant !

  • Jean

    I had a terrible life as a child and teenager that no human being should endure. I lost my husband who committed sucide, 2 brothers, boyfriend. Yes, I tried numerous times to kill myself and have no idea how I’m alive. Once I took enough pills to kill a horse the doctors told my mother to go home that I was going to be brain dead 3 days later I woke up. At one point my therapist said Jean give up on killing yourself it’s quite obvious you should have been dead ten time s over, however, she said God has a plan for you on this earth and until you complete it your not going anywhere. I’m so grateful he didn’t take me because I would have left a son who I love dearly and a beautiful granddaught. Today I have a job as a Case Manager many of my clients are mentally ill when I read their profiles I’m amazed and can understand why they are where they are. Owen’s who has everything one may say, money fame, etc. But the bottom line is money can’t buy love or happiness. We are so spoiled we want what we want and when we don’t get it lets kill ourselves. Where if you can be patient God hasn’t forgotten you maybe your going through what you need to for a reason and until we learn it we keep getting it back. God will give us what we need not what we want and sometimes we can get both if we have faith. When I get down I look at movies or documentaries where peoples lives are horrific. this gives me graitude. By all means my life is not easy but I except it. When your caught in that dark hole its hard to get out it takes all the strenght u have and sometimes u may need medication until ur stablized. I have faith Owens will bounce back and I hope he appreciates the family and all who love him for the real person they know he is. And God will put the right person in his life when the time is right. Being a celebritiy is hard they get follow whereever they go, stories are written about them…they paid a high price for stardom. At least i can walk down the street without people following me or writing rumors about my life. Life is not easy it’s very hard. I look at families who had everything and because of bad luck lost it all and became homeless yet, the love for one another keeps them together to get through another day. I do hope Owen appreciates his life now, I know he is getting the proper care…now he needs to HEAL in peace. This man has to face the world after he recovers so he must be strong and be that great comedian he is and love himself enough to know he is worhty and one day he will have the love he seeks. God Bless Jean Houser

  • Karen

    I feel for Owen Wilson. I know from personal experiece the pain entailed in even thinking of attempting suicide. I know the embarrassment of having my stomach pumped with my mother standing by. (The abulance took me to the hospital my mom worked at.) I hope he gets the help he needs. I send my love and prayers to him that he finds healing and peace.
    Owen, know that you are loved by many people around the world, as well as, by those closest to you. Also, no girlfriend should ever be more important to you than yourself. (Of course, you were probably feeling low before the breakup, so, it was probably just the last straw so to speak.) Remember always: You are a special creation of the divine and you are perfect.

  • L Dufour

    Many many of us suffer with depression and its symptoms, self hatred, isolation and attempted or plans for suicide. It is a most horrible illness that your friends and family don’t want to acknowledge and pyschiatrists and counsellors have failed to completely cure or sometimes even alleviate. Owen Wilson has done those of us who have depression a huge favor by calling attention to a dreadful disease that requires public education. Personnally I have found a formula for spiritual wholeness by researching and studying the law of attraction. The theory is not enough, one needs to understand the priciples that lets you make your life whole and happy. The best book I have read is “Remembering Wholeness,” by Carol Tuttle. Anyone who wants to relieve the symptoms of depression should look into these concepts. Emotional Freedom Technques are not mainstream religon but a belief system built on the foundation of a loving god and a whole spirit. Search Lightworkers and accept those concepts which suit your needs, God Bless and Light.

  • Anthony Blackwood

    Thank you for the empathetic & compassionate message, description, & explanation of the stigma. I can relate to it. God help us all.

  • Deidre Mimbs

    This is a great story and I was able to send it to two family members to try to give them a peek into what I FEEL in my depression. I have sent them countless emails with the medical aspect of it all. My first attempt was at 15 and I was saved by my first boyfriend,later first husband with what I believe was divine intervention. 22 years later,2 years ago this past June,the man that saved me,the one that I always loved,shared a daughter with a deep friendship in spite of an extremely jealous wife,took his life. Left his wife,three children,mother and siblings,neices nephews and many others who loved him ,including me. Most of them with the exception of the children seem to be handling this in a healthy manner. I on the other hand after 15 months went into total meltdown. The grief feels like it is killing me most days. I think of him constantly. People say he was selfish. I say that they did not know how to handlt the excruciating pain they were in. I know that pain. I know wanting to die. Since I have had children,I have been strong enough for them to hold on,I know when to check in to the hospital. I cannot leave,especially since my oldest daughter already lost one parent to suicide. She and I go to grief counseling now through hospice,they have wonderful services for that even if you did’nt lose a loved one to natural causes under hospice care. We both have individual counseling and then we go to group together. Today we start seven weeks of grief 101. Thank you for this article,I wish all of you who are not well be granted with knowledge and understanding and all of you who are,healing. P.S. The grief counseling is FREE if any of you need to look into it.
    Oh yeah,and AMEN!

  • Kay

    Too real and close to personal experience to write about. It has boggled my mind and i need to retire into myself to think deeply. There must be a way out. There must be the promise of better days to come otherwise how can we live anymore? People seem to understand physical pain more and they sympathise more. Mental pain can be so sharp too but not so well understood by those around us. when i was physically ill i had much sympathy now that i am depressed, anxious and panicky i am expected to pull my socks up and get on with it. no one seems to realize the effort put into getting up and getting dressed each morning. The effort of keeping oneslf clean and tidy! the actual effort to live each day……and every small thing i do is an achievement.

  • Amanda L

    I appreciate your approach to depression and suicide. I have suffered from depression and thnak God that I did not die from it. I really appreciate your subtle use of links within the article…

  • nikki

    I know how owen is feeling right now. After my father died in 2004, I was feeling depress of losing him from cancer. For many years, I was taking medicine for both depression and aniexty. Some days, I was feeling much relaxed with the medicine. However, I had stopped of taking the medicine due my relative took an advantage of everything. Now I am feeling much more better and living a postive life with great people than fake people. I have to thank god that for being by my side during the bad times in my life. As for owen, I will pray for him and hang in there. Pray for god to by his side of coming out from his depression.

  • Quantumlibran

    I struggled with suicide attempts as a young girl after my mother died of a brain tumor. I remember the pain coursing through me like a river of hot searing physical pain , one could use no other words to describe it but angony , the worst kind of suffering as all the wounds were internal and hidden from view of others. The crushed and wounded spirit cryed out for a relief of this torment but only an echo of emptyness seemed there. I have great compassion for those that have been driven by suffering to end or attempt to end their lives.I want to tell them it will not always be this way , as things never stay the same. I want to tell those that say it is a selfish affront to all those who love this person that those in depression of this magnitude absolutely cannot see past there suffering , this is part of the whole reason why suicide seems the only answer at the time.Deep down no one wants to die if they feel there is any way out of what they are going through, but the crushed spirit cannot see a way out.Emotional pain has overcome all.Defeat and hopeless ,they choose the only relief they know of. Compassion, and understanding of these feelings is what we need to develope where this tragedy is concerned.Fear of losing someone we love in this mannerca make some show contempt for suicidal feelings , but it is fear.

  • Ken Pruitt

    Have you noticed how the internet has degraded the English language? I’m not talking about misspellings of which I am guilty myself. I’m talking about the nonuse of capital letters. It is for this reason that I refuse to have an e-mail address or password that requires me to use lowercase letters. I also will not open an e-mail that does not capitalize my name. It doesn’t bother me much if someone thinks so little of themselves that they use a lowercase “i” to refer to themselves or if they think so little of themselves that they write their names without capitalizing the first letter. However, when they fail to capitalize my name or someone else’s name it is an insult. It is like saying, “You are the same as dirt.” Proper names need to be capitalized. Owen Wilson is a person not an inanimate object. And the worst insult of all is not capitalizing the name of the Almighty God. I realize the people that do this have no knowledge of their insult and that is the exact purpose of this comment, to inform them.

  • karen

    Ken, lighten up. Don’t take yourself so seriously.

  • Na’Dia Roberson

    I have depression and I have suffered from it for years. I do understand Owen Wilson’s grief. I am an addict as well. My thoughts and prayers are with him and his family. No one truly knows what caused him to try to commit suicide. when I did; I just could not deal with the pain that stemmed from a variety of things. God Bless.

  • ARLO

    I have experienced 4 suicides with people close to me over the years. I got driving experience on my learners permit, driving my mom to the hospital to see her sister who made 4 attempts at suicide before the 5th attempt took her life. (Back in the 70’s people were automatically committed to a mental hospital for 30 days after an attempt.) They gave her shock treatments for her depression and prescribed anti-depressants which later turned out to be banned by the government/FDA. It was the prescription that took her into the depths.
    One thing I have learned is that any mood altering substance (alcohol/drugs) will exhacerbate depression and any thoughts of suicide.
    Another thing is that people need coping skills and they need love-not the mushy/sexual love but real, unconditional love. Death (not suicide) is part of life but it seems to me that people don’t have coping skills anymore.
    Death of a relationship can also be part of life too. People seem to find a doctor who will medicate their every pain without realizing that pain is not all bad. It too is part of life.
    People move too fast and don’t count their blessings of the things they do have. Counting one’s blessings will keep ones joy. People need to see that there are life options. In the beginning of a breakup or whatever causes the attempt – the pain is intense as in any surgery (loss/removal).
    Remember… Time does not heal wounds-Love heals wounds. Time will only put a scab on a wound. People need hope of something to look forward to. When someone experiences a death of a spouse people send them cards and call them and express concern but I have never seen break up sympathy cards.
    Only love and empathy heals. Love never fails.
    Keep giving the love.

  • Linda

    Note to Arlo: Thanks for the uplifting post!
    You are so right on!

  • Debbie

    This blog has been so helpful to me. To the normal person, one who wishes and even goes as far as to create a plan to terminate their life early, is a freak to most people. I have been in that deep dark pit where NO light existed; no hope, no reason to go on. It is like living hell in your brain. On numerous occasions I have been so close to commiting the act of self distruction. Actually, one time I tried and was so angry that I awoke in a hospital. I felt as if I couldn’t even do that right. I didn’t really even think about dying, I just wanted the pain to stop and I was so very tired. I had no one to talk to, I felt that would understand. Even God seemed so very far away. I was so sick. I have been treated for a mental illness since 1989. So I do understand also. Addiction is common for people who have a mental illness as we try to medicate ourselves not to feel. I have great compassion for one who becomes so sad and tired that they feel there is no way out but end it to get some relief. When I get down and the fleeting thought crosses my mind, I try to do something positive and think, nothing lasts forever. My sister also told me something that has been very beneficial. “In three days everything will look different”. It does! For anyone who comes across this, just remember, you are not alone. There are other people who have the same feelings at times. Just hang on. Nothing lasts forever.

  • Charles

    In 1974 I was in the mindset of Mr. Wilson. My wife of 7 yrs. wanted out of the marriage. She went as far as to have sexual relations with 4 men. Maybe I didn’t show her enough affection or attention. We had 4 children and we got divorced. I went through many emotions such as: anger, hate, dispair, doubtfulness, anxieties. I met with a psychologist and I diagnosed myself with having mild depression. Suicide was not an option because I love myself ( not in an narcissistic way ) and I grew up an only child. Thus enabling me to have a strong constitution.
    Mr. Wilson was not able to control his emotions and I have read actors generally have insecure personalities.

  • Tricia

    May God Bless Owen and his family and friends in this time of great need.

  • Chris H

    you know, a person suffering from this and other forms of depression, et doesn’t even really have to have one particular thing to trigger feelings of despair and hopelessness. I know because I fit this bill well. It’s hard just getting on with day to day activities sometimes. It’s feeling trapped in your body, a slave to the ongoing cycle of thoughts in your mind. Sometimes I might have as many as 3 days that are good. But turn around and I’m back in that place again. I wish it on no one. I have a wonderful husband, and we have big dreams and lots of love. Yet, I haven’t been of much use and it feels pretty crappy. I wonder what he must think of me at times. It’s hard to do even the simplest things because it feels pointless with everything I battle with inside. Some days you do wish that you would die, just to be released from the torture of the mind. Yet, I have so much I want to do- have a career, babies, celebrate a 50th anniversary together someday. I’ve been like this since my mid-teens and I’m in my mid-twenties now. It comes and goes. I may be fine for months at a time, and then I hit rock bottom until I can pull out of it somehow again. It makes you feel crazy, trapped, useless.
    I’m glad that some people are reading this article to become better aware and understanding. Maybe one day we will find a way to cope better with or eliminate this tortorous state of depression. It can’t come too soon.

  • chris rodgers

    I am praying for ownen wilson in his time of need. He needs to be viewed as a person and not a celebrity. He needs everyones prayers and support and the media needs to leave him alone. Get away wolves!!!!

  • Sherry

    Oh, trust me I know exactly what Owen is going through. Only a person who is going through the same thing as depression will undrestand and not be so judgmental. We need to empower each other to keep on fighting the good fight of faith and stand in the gap for each other. I don’t expect the media to understand nor care about a person who is going through this turmoil and I say to anyone, until you have walked a mile in my shoes, how dare you judge me or any one else who is in the valley of dispair and depression. I say to Owen, just look to the hills from whence cometh your help, your help comes from the Lord God almighty.

  • Anonymous

    i get angry at people who try to commit suicide because there are people who desperately try every thing to prolong life. i see kids through adults with cancer and other diseases fighting to have one more breath and just to watch a healthy person attempt or succeed at taking their life is as if they are laughing in the faces of the misfortunate.
    there are people in third world countries who fight to stay alive, while we as Americans and other blessed countries take our lives for granted.
    what is so sad is to watch people who attempt superficial suicide. Pills and slicing of the wrist. pills will give you a good sleep and slicing the wrist horizontally will cause a lot of blood, not sever major arteries or veins.
    i would be more afraid of not knowing where my soul will go after doing something like that. at least in life we know that for every action there is a consequence. what do we really know about the afterlife? after all, we received a gift of life. do we really want to make the maker angry for taking our life without permission?

  • Kelly

    You are angry because you don’t understand. People with suicidal depression are not “healthy” at all. Just because their illness doesn’t show up on a cat scan or mri like cancer doesn’t make them healthy. Do you have sympathy for people with chronic pain conditions who want nothing more than to be released from the never ending agony? It’s the same hopelessness that drives people to attempt suicide. I hope that you never will experience this terrible disease, but please try to be gentle and understand as best you can that we suffer the same degree of pain as the cancer patients you encounter. I believe in God and I believe that he made us in His image, so I hope that in His mercy he will understand and forgive our weakness and inability to endure living with such agony and despair.

  • Olivia Herman

    It really frustrates me when people don’t understand depression. Just because we live in America a very prosperous country, doesn’t mean everyone in America has to be happy and healthy, mentally and pysically. Depression is something not understood by people who have never suffered from it. Key word is suffer. Would anyone have unkind words for someone who is terminal or in chronic pain. As bad as you feel for someone like that, there is sympathy so why not with Mental Depression. And it doesn’t matter who you are. You can be a king of a country, President of the U.S. Senators,politians,police, a CEO of a company,or just be a regular person who is just trying to get by in this world. Our God is a loving God and it is not our place to judge anyone who has these problems. And in response to who said a healthy person’s attempt or succeeds in taking their own life is as if they are laughing in the faces of the misfortunate. Who do you think these people are the misfornuate people with so much pain they can’t take it.

  • nicole m.

    HI owen just keep your head up and put god first love yah.

  • Jean

    My sister committed suicide 10 years ago. She was ill and depressed.
    My brother committed suicide Oct. 2006, he was 68, an intelligent, talented, and accomplished aerospace engineer, but he was also depressed. Their depression was not ignored. We feel they decided on the spur of the moment to do this and just did it. During their confusion, they forgot to remember, it was not their entire life they needed to be rid of, but only the problem, or whatever it was that caused the depression. They needed to look beyond themselves and to other people, especially those in need. There is so much to be done in the world and so many people and communities that need help. Individuals who are depressed and contemplating suicide really need to try to look and think outwardly, rather than allowing what they perceive as problems to “cave in on themselves”. They could never have imagined the very great loss, confusion and pain their family members feel after their death from suicide. So my thoughts about Owen’s suicide attempt is that he has so much for which to live and the world needs him. We need to laugh, and we need to know that he is ok and will be there to continue his career and make the world a little better and happier place in which to live.

  • sarah coulter

    This is a very heartfelt situation. When someone even mention’s suicide or that type of behavior indicating, then step in and help.
    I learn’t a long time ago if they feel that way chance’s are they will eventually do it. So the key here is to love your brother or sister who is being displaced by such feeling’s, it is our responsibility to get help aiming at resourses that will heal him. In the long run it usually is a chemical,physical imbalance that can be treated immediately.We all know how the media exploit’s the star’s, ready to pounce on them at a blink of an eye,shamefull pack of wolve’s these day’s. The media should concentrate on all the happiness and joy that this man has brought to us on the big screen , and we love him. Owen Wilson will heal and recover with more knowledge that will inspire him to help other’s .aloha from hawaii

  • SuzanneWA

    As we all know, it WASN’T about Kate Hudson. It was about the dark, deep hole of depression that engulfed Owen Wilson, and he couldn’t crawl out. I feel sooo sorry that he had to experience the ultimate solution – the attempted taking of his own life.
    He is one of my favorite actors. “Zoolander” has me in stitches. But it is the “crying clown” that gives and gives, so that others may laugh. Too bad no one read the signals that he must have been giving out. He was just fortunate his brother was so close that he could get him help IMMEDIATELY.
    Perhaps this is the time to talk about the stigma of mental illness. There is still the perception that someone who is mentally ill brings it upon themselves, and is weak. I would like to see Mr. Wilson heal and become stronger because of this situation, and maybe be a spokesman for clinical depression, bring it “out of the closet” and discuss the realities of this illness. Like – it can happen to ANYBODY. If nothing is gained from this experience, then nothing is learned from it, either. Once he begins to see the “light at the end of the tunnel,” and he is on his feet, then maybe he can speak out and educate the public that help IS available. One doesn’t HAVE to go through depression ALONE…
    I wish nothing but the best for Owen Wilson. I have prayed every night since I heard of his attempt, that he will turn to the good Lord for strength and wisdom, and give his life to Jesus Christ, from whom all life springs. Good luck – and – I LOVE YOU :)

  • valerie williams

    Dear Owen,
    I,m so glad that you are still alive, I really enjoyed your movies,my favorite is the ‘Royal Tinnenbaums’,you must work very hard and stay up long hours because of your work,there are times when we have to be very careful ,when working so hard and long hours ,the mind and body must relax, so that mental and physhical is recharged and not strecthed like an overused rubberband with no elasticity to go back in shape. I am also praying that you are healed mentally and physically and that you would feed your spirit as well. Two books of many that I have found to be food for the spirit and Soul are the Psalms and ‘As A Man Thinketh’ by James Allen. My favorite Psalms are 23,46,91,103,and 136, and 137,and the book of Isaiah.

  • Ondina

    Owen Wilson,
    I have been there… I know the feeling you felt at that moment..
    the emptiness, despair, knowing others could not understand the pain.
    I wrote two very dark poems on suicide. Going from rough drafts to
    the finished poem took a lot of polishing, so, reading and re-reading them revealed to me that I had other reasons to live for.
    I hope this advise helps.

  • Nene

    Dear Owen (IF you see this),
    I feel you need blogs and notes like this – to remind you (bcos it’s easy to forget!) that you bless us, even with comedy. I have enjoyed all the Shanghai movies – Shanghai Noon, Shanghai night…
    Pls, dont be in a hurry to go anywhere! You cant imagine the pain you leave behind when you commit suicide. Frankly, at the time you consider it, you have a very limited view of life – you need to see beyond you and what depresses you. Look beyond and see your family – even if we fans are too far away to be considered.
    It’s easy for fans, Directors and Producers to treat actors like dolls with no feelings, that can just be picked up, wound up, and they chatter and act thru their lines! It’s not delibrate – they are just being human, a.k.a. selfish.
    Real people. That’s what we are. So take breaks, long walks, holidays, and quiet times to meditate and connect with heaven. People are praying for you, not because you are the only actor, but because God walks in mysterious ways. Some of your films take others out of their own depression!
    Dont go anywhere – your best days are still ahead of you. God says so.
    Lagos, Nigeria

  • Anonymous

    Dear Owen,
    I can so much relate to you. Going through (depression) in a time of menopause in my life. I think men go through it too. I never thought I would ever experience depression and thought I understood it but until I went through it, I did not. Please adopt a pet, a dog or a cat. They can help us heal and give us a reason to live. They have no voice but ours. They give unconditional love. See I am praying for you. You are a wonderful actor and have so much to live for. We need not fear death. We go from life to life with faith in Jesus.
    Benson, IL

  • Donnie

    Hey,…man I would never the word’s “i know how you feel”..i learned at a young age that everybody is wired differently.I could share a story about my own personal experience..but I believe You already know everything about You.If you have truly been alone for a long period of time,you definitely know yourself.I have been divorced twice..both 9 year relationship’s with kid’s from both.It hurts like HELL to not be able to live with your children.Maybe i was meant to be a great father,and not a great husband.Man, life is just a series of unpredictable events,which sometimes is the best part of being a human.I wish u the all best(and sometimes worse)..after all we are only human.D

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment mary cain

    thank you so very deeply for these thoughts, since my 22 year old son’s suicide in april of 2011 whose body has yet to be found i am yearning for whatever will happen after i draw my last breath and i only can hope that my family can understand this most ardent desire.

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