Beyond Blue

I like what Beliefnet’s Ellen Leventry has to say about the media coverage regarding Owen Wilson’s attempted suicide.
To read her blog post “Owen Wilson: Media has Gone Too Far,” click here. It begins:

I am not easily offended or disgusted by the media. I peruse US Weekly, regularly log on to, and love reality television. Admittedly, I feel an impish glee when I see on the cover of Star or The Enquirer that celebrities have cellulite, too. But the suicide attempt of comedic actor Owen Wilson is not cellulite or celebutantes gone wild–and the press has officially crossed the taste line.
My colleague Esther Kustanowitz wrote yesterday that what she is taking away from this macabre blitzkrieg is that “this is yet another illustration of a simple fact of celebrity culture: A person is not always who they are on-screen–that even if someone seems relatable on screen, or seems raucously hilarious and fun loving, there is likely another side you can’t see, and might not want to see.”
But, I would argue that statement applies to everyone, not just celebrities. The funny guy in the cubicle next to you, the peppy aerobics instructor, the “put-together” executive you admire, they all could be harboring the illness dubbed the Noonday Demon.

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