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Owen Wilson: Media Has Gone Too Far

I like what Beliefnet’s Ellen Leventry has to say about the media coverage regarding Owen Wilson’s attempted suicide.
To read her blog post “Owen Wilson: Media has Gone Too Far,” click here. It begins:

I am not easily offended or disgusted by the media. I peruse US Weekly, regularly log on to, and love reality television. Admittedly, I feel an impish glee when I see on the cover of Star or The Enquirer that celebrities have cellulite, too. But the suicide attempt of comedic actor Owen Wilson is not cellulite or celebutantes gone wild–and the press has officially crossed the taste line.
My colleague Esther Kustanowitz wrote yesterday that what she is taking away from this macabre blitzkrieg is that “this is yet another illustration of a simple fact of celebrity culture: A person is not always who they are on-screen–that even if someone seems relatable on screen, or seems raucously hilarious and fun loving, there is likely another side you can’t see, and might not want to see.”
But, I would argue that statement applies to everyone, not just celebrities. The funny guy in the cubicle next to you, the peppy aerobics instructor, the “put-together” executive you admire, they all could be harboring the illness dubbed the Noonday Demon.

  • Larry Parker

    The media ALWAYS goes too far when it comes to celebrity troubles. (And I can say that as an ex-journalist who took a leave of absence and eventually quit after being asked, and refusing, to stake out Linda Tripp’s house during Lewinskygate in 1998.)
    Why else would you have singled out Craig Ferguson for such praise for the simple kindness (not so simple in Hollywood, mind you) of not savaging Britney Spears for her recent nervous breakdown?

  • Gerry Ammons

    Hey, Larry Parker, I agree about Craig Ferguson !! I saw him that night and it struck me how kind he is…We should all pray for Britney, Lindsay, Paris,and Miss Ritchie ( Her first name escapes me right now ) but there for the grace of God we all go…St. Paul tells us pray without ceasing . Let’s pray for everyone and everything…Our Heavenly Father loves to hear from us ! Let’s turn it all over to Him…I offer this prayer for Owen : Heavenly Father, I humbly intercede for the actor, Owen Wilson, I’ve recently enjoyed very much in the movies as I like to go at least once a month to enjoy and relax at the movies. Getting back to Owen, I ‘ve heard Richard Roberts say, ” He did not create us for failure . ” Please let us remember the golden rule and to love each other as you love us !! I love Owen ! Please give him your special protection and help all of us to be bridges for Owen to your son, Jesus Christ, who was NOT murdered or killed by anyone but rather CHOSE to die on the cross for us so that we could have life and live it abundantly…Let Owen feel our prayers and our full love as brothers and sisters in Christ ! Heal Him Lord !

  • Larry Parker

    More true today than it was 25 years ago (I’m especially sad to say, having once been a member of the world’s second-oldest profession):



  • Karen

    Whomever the other person is, they are not worth your own life. I too just experienced a breakup I didn’t see coming. I lost my house, my cats, the wonderful stable where I kept my horse and my life in the city I loved. I hurt everyday. But not enough to leave this earth.
    I am now trying to rebuild my life and letting God lead me in the directions I head. That was then and this is now and I have to learn from the experience. I did my share that led to my demise. But I be-
    leived too much in what the other person said. All the crap about in-
    tegrity and honesty (while he has another girlfriend all along). So I have taken something away from that situation. I won’t let it happen again. But I sure won’t let him get my “life” too.
    Hang in there, get away from the demons (drugs) and be thankful for the gifts god gave you. Talent to make people laugh. Wish I had atleast one gift to help me on my road, if I do, I gotta find it fast.

  • Betsy

    To Karen! I feel your pain. I too lost everything I owned from a bad marriage but my strength in God and faith that He will not let me fall has kept me going. I slept in my car with my German Shepherd for 3 weeks and then God put a person in my life who helped me get my feet stable again. I now have a good job in another state and can see the future more clearly now. NEVER give up your faith and turn to God more now that you are in pain. We ignore Him when things are going great in our lives and that’s not good. We should thank Him every day for the little things He provides us even if it is meal. I went hungry for 3 days during that time too. But it allowed me to lose the weight I wanted to lose and I am a stronger person who appreciates a small meal now and can help others who don’t know how to handle bad times. I am sorry you lost your horse and cats. I pray that God gives them back to you. I would have been lost without my canine companion. I had to give my cat to friends where he was stuck in one room the entire time I was homeless. But we are reunited now and he is romping around our back yard playing king lion of the jungle again… Today he is calmer and more appreciative of the time we spend together. God bless you in the name of Jesus Christ…. :)

  • laurielee

    I haven’t read any of the news stories associated with Owen Wilson…on purpose. He is a man, another brother in this family of man. Unfortunately, due to his talents and gifts, (we ALL possess a gift or two), everything, happiness, tragedy, etc, is fodder for sensationalistic ‘news reporters’. I refuse to pay the money to expose peoples’ personal pain in that manner. I pray for Mr. Wilson, and every one of you that have come forward with similar circumstances…I truly feel that NO one who hasn’t been to those murky depths themselves can completely understand, even though they sincerely WANT to, the very real hell that can come forth in the human mind. One thing, if a person really wants to help, NEVER tell someone in that situation to just ‘get over it’! As far as I’ve found, for myself, the only thing that can keep me going at times, is my faith in God. We will never be called upon to suffer as much as Jesus did. I know I have to keep hanging on until a change comes, and pray, and wait upon God. I DO know that what I’ve been through gives me the capacity to love my fellow man more. We HAVE to love one another…that means supporting each other and loving one another…and not buying into the gossipy media that appears to not follow a very commpassionate code of ethics. God bless you, Mr. Wilson…and all of YOU, too.

  • Connie D

    Dearest Owen, Many times I have tried to take my life and was never successful. One day GOd will reveal to you WHY He refused to let you go. My reason is now being revealed to me, as to why HE refused to let me go. I have suffered from depressed since 1981 and it is a horrible disease but there is always hope. SUICIDE is a permanent solution to a TEMPORARY problem. Whatever the problem is hang on……….GOd loves you …………and so do I! :) GOd bless you Owen and may you find everlasting happiness. Remember GOd does NOT MAKE JUNK and he is not going to let you disguard yourself as such.
    Many blessing,

  • David J Schaller

    I completly agree. The media can report on such gastly issues, but they are opening up a gastly can of worms, because no one is perfect, and we all have problems. I think it important for people to stop idolizing other people for one.

  • Michael

    I am not a fan of celebrity gosip in general; news about them, yes, but thier private lives are thier own.
    That definitely includes this item: this one opens a Pandora’s Box that No One But Owen has the right
    to keep or open. Stop it, guys (at Beliefnet and everywhere); you have other, better things to do. (And for
    whatever spiritual dignity you have, don t blame public demand or economic necessity!‚

  • Ron Bernstein

    I would like to simply state we are all human….and thus in
    being human we are plaqued with imperfection and to add insult
    to injury we are living in a world that truly is sellfish and
    materialistic…WITH that said I have never tried to take my
    life nor would I ever entertain the thought.I am not special in
    any way more then the next guy but I do believe that GOD is out
    there and to what extent he wants us to live our lives is not
    known to me. I do know this to end ones life is against his law
    yet I guess like in Owens case the pain had only one way to go
    away..and thats to end his life so his mind cannot torment his
    soul anymore but as he will soon realize life is pain….I pray
    that he can work things out in his mind to bring calmness to his
    heart and find his way to Jesus Christ for if we trust in him we
    can have hope and faith that one day not only one mans pain…..
    but all mans pains…..will be no more and we will all live on
    earth forever in paradise!

  • Michelle Evans

    Everyone, at some point in their lives, feels the need to take their own life. It is a natural emotion. If you haven’t thought about death or what happens in the after world, then you are lying to yourself and to others. In most cases, a person doesn’t really want to die. They are reaching out for help and understanding in their time of need. What drives them to attempt suicide is the embarrassment of having these types of feelings about themselves and not knowing how to talk to someone about it. Everyday people are depressed. Everyday people think there has got to be a better way. Guess what, God is not going to save you from yourself. Only you can save yourself. You can pray to God, the trees, or even your dog and in the end the only being or belief that will drag you out of the bounds of depression is you. It is a way of thinking. People have to learn how to train their minds to think positively, to grasp what makes them feel like their life is worth living. This can take a lifetime and there are no guarantees that they will be successful. Owen, if you are even remotely close to seeing any of these posts, I feel your pain. Whatever that pain might be stemming from, there are people out there that can relate to what you are going through. You have to find your place of pleasure and happiness in yourself. No one else can do that for you. I too have attempted to take my own life because of feeling failure in myself, disappointment in the world around me and struggling with the wonder of life and death. The paths we choose send us in directions of the unknown. Society expects so much from us. We don’t always have the opportunity to be ourselves for fear of rejection. The bottom line is it’s a screwed up world out there, yet at the same time, the world and universe for that matter are a wondrous gift. You are a part of that gift. We need you here whether you believe in the gift or not.

  • Eliz

    All of the suffering is a step to get closer to your spiritual side.
    Until you “give it up” you cannot asend to the next step of spiritual developement..
    No person is worth it. It is about you and the conflicts inside.
    When in doubt “don’t” .
    Your issues are not about anyone except, possibly the dark side trying to take your light away. Nothing more…..
    Feel the pain until it bores you…then take the next step…
    Enlightenment is a process and letting go of the beast inside all of us .Detaching from things that lower our vibrations or hurt us is the first step.
    Always remember who your are…Don’t loose yourself..
    Peace and Good Luck

  • sandra weisz

    what is depression? inverted anger, unexpressed anger. what is anger? hurt, wounds. it is better to express the anger, it is better to be aware of being wounded. like animals in the wild, they are more in tune with nature and it’s laws. to kill oneself is an abberation it is better to do something about who or whatever caused the hurt. and yes, there is always something to be done.

  • oretha Robinson

    I have alway been a big fan of owen, and when i saw it in the news i was surprised. But sweetie this happen in life, and make us feel like it’s the end of the world ,but life still gones on. So please don’t take your own life, for anything or anyone.Owen remember you have fans who love you and who will alway love you.
    Love and PEACE

  • Veronika

    Well we had a clue about the “disgusting media” when OJ wanted to write a book about “how he would do it”. The reason the media keeps going with this crap (oops that’s entertainment) is supply and demand.
    Stop the demand and the supply will dry up. Enuf said.
    As far as Owen goes I cannot be so presumptuous to say I know his pain. Obviously I don’t. I refuse to judge his choice. I haven’t the faintest notion what pain he was feeling. I have, on more than one occasion felt that bad myself. Yet now, I consider myself a very happy person. While I am glad I did’t do the deed like he did I can’t say that I will never feel that depressed again. Life is such a mystery at times, I can’t make that assumption.
    Owen, wherever you are…listen to your heart/soul and you’ll be ok. I have confidence in that.
    Some people say that being positive will help you out of harm’s way. But that is overly simplistic. What if your positive expectations don’t come true? Then what? Depression? Yep. It’s actually our expectations that cause us the most suffering. If things don’t turn out exactly as we want…God must be punishing us…right? Wrong.
    God isn’t there to deliver all your wants. But he will give you what you need. And sometimes it’s wrapped up in a pretty wierd package by “our standards”. Can we let go of a God that’s “supposed to” fulfill our ego needs… and embrace a God that gives us what our soul needs? Because that’s what your gonna get instead of feeling nice and cozy and safe. That’s really what we’re all getting realize it or not.

  • Benjamin Johnson

    I’m a recovering addict and have had countless thoughts of ending my own life, i now exactly how it feels to want to just not be here. The truth of the matter is there’s nothing i can’t handle, because life just aint that damn important. The serenity prayer is the answer to all problems, if we trusly understand the concept. We believe, we have faith, we ask and we do. acceptance, courage, and wisdom, a win, win situation. I hope it doesn’t seem like I’m making light of the situation, but life is pretty simple and we tend to complicate the heel out of it. Owen your gonna need more love from you then you need from the world. It’s alway’s going to be your responsibility to feel joy and safe in your own skin. God gave you the tools to do so if you learn to have faith. Develop a loving relationship with God, and allow your spirituality to grow. Not a fan just another human being
    LOVE Talib /Ben

  • Michelle

    Nobody can really say they completely understand what you are going through because everyone’s situation is different to some degree or other. What I really want to say is i’m going to pray for you. Please know that Jesus knows what you are going thru and is there for you. He alone feels your pain that you feel. A verse that is really special to me is Matthew 11:28-30 “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdoned, and I will give you rest. (29)Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. (30)For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.”
    Accept help and support from your loved ones and or medical help. We are all human and fallible. Hang in there and know there is light at the end of your tunnel.
    John 3:16 Please know you truly are loved and special. Jesus died on the cross for you so you can have eternal life, he paid for all our sins with his blood. We can do nothing on our own to get into heaven. Ephesians 2:8-9 says; For by grace we are saved thru faith and that not of ourselves, it is the gift of God not of works so that no man can boast. Simply put your faith and trust in what He has done for you on the cross. It’s actually freeing to know the price has been paid for me to go to heaven, all we have to do is accept this gift for yourself personally. I really didn’t intend to preach, just want you to know that someone cares and most importantly Jesus cares.
    You will be in my prayers,

  • wanda

    I totally agree with the message beliefnet has said about media and Owen Wilson. We all should realize we are the same in a lot of ways.
    He had money to supply him with the things to help him try to omit himself. some of us don’t. We need to remember the one thing that keeps us going in the first place. My son keeps me alive. He’s not perfect, but he’s my son. I love him. We both Idol O
    owen Wilson. Which I think is so cool.
    If I ever meet a famous person. I would want it to be Owen Wilson. Him doing that did not change my mind on him. he is human. We all have feelings.
    sincerely yours,
    Wanda Sallinen

  • Lorraine Johnson

    Dearest Owen: You probably will never read this comment, but I am sending it anyway. I know that all of us telling you how much we love you may be good to hear or perhaps read, but it is not the same as touching you and we probably seem so far away. True. But, one who is NOT far away is the Lord. If you cannot feel His presence, just know that He says I am with you, I will never leave you, I am with you always. If you cannot think of any reason why you are here on thisearth – simply – it is to glorify God. There is so much more. I do believe in the Rosary. I believe in the Miraculous Medal. Just say the Rosary. Overlook what others may say about that. Take the time to go on the internet and look up your own Church. The word says: “Seek and ye shall find, knock and it shall be opened to you.” YOu were put on this earth for a purpose. Jesus says: I come so that you can have life and life more abundantly.” satan has come to kill, steal and destroy. That’s how important you are to God – that satan wants to keep You from HIM. You must really be doing something RIGHT.

  • Nick McNamara

    My heart goes out to Owen. The media can do some good by keeping public figures accountable to the public, keeping them honest. But it can also go the other way and exploit people for no other reason than to make a buck. Perhaps if we see the media doing this, we change the channel or refuse to buy the newspaper, denying them the money for taking advantage of people.

  • sue

    i understand that all people around the world have alot of problems in there life…this includes actors and actresses…alot of people can tolerate so much pressure before it gets to them….its a natural thing in everyones life…ive always taught my kids a good prayer never hurt anyone…so owen! keep praying!…it will work….and take my word for it the media are not saints, not by a long shot….i believe in you owen, and alot of other people believe that you can fight this…i wish you a speedy recovery….

  • char

    i would like to say i am so sorry for your depression
    we all probaly have this in our lives at one time or another
    but so happy you are coming out of this please dont ever try
    this again
    you won please carry own with your life as you see fit
    but know you have many people who care about you.
    not only as a actor but as a person we are pulling for you
    things do not always remain the same hoping you the best
    your friend char

  • Anthony Blackwood

    Going too far is what the tabloid media does. They only seem too be interested in making money off of what the public is interested in & will buy, without any regard for how it affects people. I think that there should be laws that monitor, limit, & even ban certain media intrusion. (especially tabloid)

  • Victoria

    Dear Owen,
    I have learned that the most desired sin against the Almighty God, the creator, the Author of life, is death. Anyone seeking to find death, death will flee. Remember that when you were to be born, you were expected and your parents waited, waited, not knowing at what time or what day, you would appear, sounds like the wait for the appearance of our Lord, doesnt it? Thats how precious you are. God loves you and waits on you to Love yourself. To understand, that you were imagined, then made in his likeness, with all the attributes. You are MAN. Take your place among the living and be content with yourself. Be you. I know it is hard, but once you decide to be content with your portion and to wait on God for that special love, it will happen. Great things happen to us that wait on God. Best of all, and get well. Thats an order. Love, Love, Love.

  • ladybird

    Hang in there, Owen. Been there, done that. Pray your way thru this (if you believe). I’ll be praying for you. God Bless!!!

  • Susan Jimenez

    I think the media goes overboard. The fact that Owen Wilson is suffering should be enough to let you know that the stress of hollywood, life and the media got to him. I don’t know about anyone else or for that matter what went through his head. I pray for him to recover and go on at his own pace whatever that may be.
    Anyone out there who knows what depression is can understand. This is something sometimes that a person cannot control. It overtakes you and overwhelmes you. It affects everyone around you. Family, friends but especially yourself. I know exactly how he feels and can understand his condition.
    Everyone is so quick with judgement. Judge only if you have walked in their shoes otherwise keep it to yourself.
    Owen, if you ever read this…I pray for you everyday and for your recovery….I support you 100%

  • AustinCares

    I agree the media makes a mayhem out of celebrity actions.
    It is sad to think that people actually get to the point of thinking there is no better way to handle things than to give up. I have have had one close friend attempt suicide and another get to the point of understanding why the other friend tried.
    Owen bring so much joy to the world with his movies. I would hate to think of the world without him. We have lost so many actors in my life time that also entertained us and made us laugh.
    I hope Owen gets the help and support he needs.
    Know that you are loved.
    Hang in there and remember your fans are eagerly awaiting your return to the screen. You would be perfesct in Marley and Me. It was a fabulous book.
    Love from
    Austin, Texas

  • Brenda Weeden

    Owen, God has a plan for you and this is not it. My Mom passed away at home in April, 2007, 2 days after being home from a month in the hospital. She had no insurance and I scambled to send Mom home to the Lord, the way she wanted. After all Mom lived with me 28 years. I was so sad that I wantd to die but then in reading my Bible (especially Psalms) I realized that I don’t work for the Devil, I work for the Lord, God Almighty! Whom my strength comes from! I miss her something aweful, as your parents would miss you. Believe in God he hears everything, joys and sorrows and he hears your crys now. Please be prayful and I will pray for you also.

  • Kim Riddle

    As i am reading the comments of the bloggers about the media and what they do to the celebrities in our society, I am no longer surprized at what pops up on the airwaves/newspapers. However, there is one component that I want to add to what the others (blogger)may not have mentioned. Before you can begin to pray, to the Lord God Almighty, you must first accept his son Jesus Christ as your personal Savior. I’m sorry friend, just any old religion will just not do. Jesus Christ says in John 14.6 “That I am the way, the truth, and the Life, no one comes to the Father but by me”. Believe you me Owen, accepting Jesus Christ may or may not make you instantaneously happy, but know that He will help you to see your way through the darkness of you depression, because He is the Light. God loves you, accept His gift of Eternal Life in Christ TODAY! “For God so loved (Owen) the world that he gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him will not perish but will have everlasting life”John 3:16.

  • Karen

    Owen,I tell you this,you have saved me out of my depression so many times. Either me or my hubby puts on one of your funny movies and we just feel so much good laughter. We need you! Luke needs you! Please Owen,we want more movies from you. You have God’s hand,just take it we all will be supporting you. Please keep the faith! God bless you and Luke! We need you!

  • Doris

    I am a 65 year old mother, wife, widow, retired R.N. etc. I am looking at this present society and trying to understand what do people want in life? Did this happen to Owen per use of drugs,alcohol etc.? The use of drugs changes alot of our concepts in life it is not reality and how do you explain that after awhile they control you? A few think he had alot of stress trying being an ICU nurse for stress? I recently dropped OK magazine I am tired of reading about Paris, Lindsay and I am sorry Britney is losing it, she needs to go back to La. to her roots and her family and raise two beautiful boys she brought into this world? Not very good examples for our young people. I pray for Owen and hope he gets the right kind of help how lucky to have a family who loves him so much.

  • Marilyn Virginia Lee

    There is so much caose in this world at this time,peer presure, family ties -or not, the media chasing and are Loved call on the name Jesus, and tell him all about it-I’ll call on him too for you. Be Strong.

  • Loretta B.

    Dearest Owen:
    I would like you to know that you are in my prayers. I too tried suicide many years ago and then I found the Lord and realized that its not worth it., That No matter life has in store for us either it be good or bad., God will give us only what we can handle. I admire your courage in this . I think you are a wonderful actor, comedian and person. It has to be difficult for you to be in the spot light all the time., as I have to agree that the media goes way to far at times in meddling in stars lives. I recently lost my sister to breast cancer. She became ill about 6 yrs ago. The cancer returned with a vengence about 2 yrs ago and it spread to her body. I saw the pain that woman endured. SHe suffered so much., but showed such courage and strength and it made me see how precious life really is. She could have given up at anytime and I wouldnt have blamed her. I think of her as my hero. She was my very best friend. Now shes with Jesus. YOu have so much to give to this world. You give so much laughter to so many people, including my sister and I. SHe loved your movies and we would watch them together.We must have watched The Wedding Crashers a hundred times cuz it was her favorite movie.You are in my prayers always. May God be with you and may he give you love, strength, and courage to overcome anything. Hang in there, So many people care!!
    God Bless
    Loretta B.
    PS: The advice from another friend in you accepting Jesus is totally a new beginning.

  • sheheals

    Amen! Cellulite is humiliating but, publicizing that mistake and pain is just outright wrong! I refuse to read any of that. As a matter of fact, this is the first I heard about Owen. I hope everyone will pray or chant for hime as that is the only good that can come of thay kind of publicty. LUV U OWEN!!!!

  • Rina Marie

    Thank you for this space.It reminded me I’m not hopeless… I want to live.
    Owen, because of you I found this site trying to find something to make me laugh… I found something better… Faith ! I will laugh and love again and again.
    You survived ! lets celebrate and live !

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