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Beyond Blue

BlogHer ’07: Estrogen City

If you want to visit a place so packed with estrogen that women pass out maxipads with business cards (not really) and your free tote bag is loaded with lotions, makeup, and body gels (really), plan to attend next year’s BlogHer conference.
Beliefnet sent me this year to Chicago’s Navy Pier to listen in on some sessions about how we might grow our Beyond Blue community, and this is what I learned:
It needs to be as much about you as it is about me. Most blogs start out as online journals–erasing all possibilities of future employment at a government agency. But as the blog evolves, the writer because a kind of host of a party. Sure, I make the introduction, but you do a lot of the talking.


I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I’ve been trying to use more of your feedback in the body of my posts. I started doing this because I didn’t have tons of hopeful and inspiring words–given that I’m presently toasting marshmellows in the waiting place. So I began to feature your e-mails to me and your comments because many of you are wiser than me, or at least have more experience at taming the black mutt of depression.
As I’ve done this, I’ve seen even more readers join into the conversation, talking to each other, which, as a host, makes me want to pop the champaigne open, if I wasn’t a recovering alcoholic, and celebrate.
It should go without saying that as I continue to learn from and be inspired by your stories, I will continue to invite you every day into my world, from my latest meltdown at Toys-R-Us or Chuck E Cheeseto keeping you informed on all the stupid things people say to me about depression, to divulging the most recent charity project that went awry, and of course those regular updates on my sanity status.

  • ?

    Toasting marshmellow in the waiting place….I actually smiled and had a little chuckle at that analogy…Being in that place just outside of darkness is so, so much better…I still get swells of anxiety even at the mention of the darkness…I am again hanging heels on the backside of the hole and working judicially to make sure that my toes are not hanging over the downside of another dark pit. I get up only to drive (and drive is important, even though it is only a mile away…because I pull on my sweats and get away without too much effort and still do not have to pull myself totally together and I sometimes notice the sound of birds and the sprinklers and the sun shining or the rain drizzling)…and I get my coffee…then I sit.
    My new lifestyle change….from someone so often desperately drowning in the depths..I am frightened that I can not sustain this effort (but wow I have a spark that sputters)…I get on the treadmill UGH! UGH! and alk.
    For me the trick is this…I take my phone and I have 2 different children I can call that actually encourage me. (My oldest daughter has a beautiful family and 2 children…she has only experienced a touch of the darkness when she was on a medication for something else…she said it was horrific…and the other daughter just graduated from college…she has unfortunately seen the dark pit and struggles..she is in an OK place and understands the desperate need to increase the endorphines through exercise) So I leave messages on their phone..many messages…I just keep talking about everything and surprisingly it distracts me enough to not notice the time…I only do a half hour…but it seems to be helping…I hope! My children all seem to need to exercise daily in some way…we are prone to this darkness…My oldest daughter that does so well actually trades time with her husband and also uses some of her children’s quiet time to exercise. Well…Time for me to talk and walk. :) Thank you so much for the time spent here roasting marshmellows…it is so much a better place!

  • Jenny from Chicago

    I really like the blog you have here. It makes me think every time I read it. Of course, it helps that you have such a great sense of humor. I’m wondering about my laundry situation. I just posted about it (with an attempt at humor) but I wonder if it’s a symptom of something darker.

  • Lynne

    Thanks for the good laugh about the champaigne. After all my brother is now going through the twelve steps as we speak and it sounds like something he would say. He already teased me when I told him they look at me funny when I go to the recycling place with the empty wine bottles.(well I’m also a procrastinator, so I only go once or twice a month) He said denial is the first sign! Great! I’m into modification management.Besides I’ve had a much stronger addiction for a much longer time, and I’ve already long since accepted the higher power. I’ve been a horse fanatic since I could say “Pony!!!” There’s a lot of things you don’t have time for or can even afford if you own horses. Drugs and excessive alcohol don’t mix with equines and if you want an excellent therapist try a horse. They’re beautiful,intelligent,powerfu ll, and nonjudgemental. Next time you’re having a bad day look into the eyes of a horse and it gets better!

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