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Speaking of health-care issues and our medical system, a great book to check out is “What You Don’t Know Can Kill You” by physician-author Laura Nathanson.
The book is dedicated to the memory of her husband, Chuck, who died in 2003, less than three years after half a dozen doctors missed or misdiagnosed his rare and initially quite treatable cancer.
From a review in the “Washington Post” (to read the full article, click here):

By the time [Chuck’s] peach-size tumor was accurately diagnosed, a process that took about two years, it was very advanced and extremely difficult to treat. As Nathanson notes, accurate and timely diagnosis is the key to survival or even cure.
“You cannot rely on today’s medical system to keep you healthy, safe, and alive,” writes Nathanson, a pediatrician, although this claim is unlikely to suprise anyone who has recently experienced the unraveling patchwork that constitutes the health-care system. No one, she notes, is n charge, and the system is absurdly complicated, even for a physician.
But, she writes, “if I had taken the precautions set forth in this book, my husband of thirty years might be with me today.”

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