Beyond Blue

Here is one of my favorite posts of Sandy’s blog, about her struggle of whether or not to return to a law practice.

Sherrie Sisk’s guest post at Susan Carter Liebel’s blog, Build a Solo Practice, LLC, spoke to me.

Sherrie’s conflicted feelings about starting a solo law practice were met by the sound of her own voice beckoning. “Yes, but…I really, really want this.” And Sherrie responded with the courage it takes to say, “Yes, I can do this. Yes, I trust myself.”

I’m on the same journey, but hell, I’m bringing up the rear. We’re talking the dust at the end of the rear. We’re talking layers, nay years of layers, of dust in the neurotransmitters.

Yet in the corners lives Crotchety Old Lady with a bony finger. And she’s poking me in all manner of bodily places, but usually at about rib number seven. “Come on, honey, do it! Whaddya waiting for? Whaddya want, a formal invitation?”

Well, a lot less debt and The Teenagers’ college paid for would be nice. A fully-equipped office with a “serenity” decor would be peachy. As would a full appointment book, intact client list and six months’ worth of overhead in the bank.

The Crotchety One and her bony finger have a good snort and guffaw. And the pokes continue. This is making it increasingly difficult to sleep or have a decent cup of morning java.

The more I resist the risk, the harder the bony finger pokes. If I’m looking for divine guidance, I think it’s been here awhile. Damn, that rib is getting sore.

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