Beyond Blue

I absolutely love “The Mr. and Mrs. Happy Handbook” by co-host of “Fox and Friends” Steve Doocy and his wife.
Here are a few universal truths he says about in-laws:

1. You were not their first choice to be their child’s spouse.
2. They would like you to listen to their advice once in awhile.
3. Odds are, they will die before you, and if you keep in mind there is a large estate waiting for some of you one day, you’ll realize it doesn’t pay to fight with them, so shut up and smile.

He goes on to give this advice:

You must find a way to get along. Otherwise you are doomed to a lifetime of popping Tums.
The in-law conundrum is one you will struggle with your entire married life. When you got hitched, you knew you’d be adopting your spouse’s family, you just didn’t realize they were the Addams Family.

And here is Mrs. Happy’s advice:

In-laws are great. At a distance. Mine have always been approximately three thousand miles away. If they ever try to sneak across the country to visit, thanks to friends at NORAD, as soon as they cross the Mississippi a red light flashes on my desk and we quickly pack up and head to the Poconos.

You, however, may live within shouting distance of your in-laws. I know people who live in the same town, some on the same street, some in the same house. There is a special place in heaven waiting for all of them.

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