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More Highly Sensitive Advice?

Several Beyond Blue readers–like Lisa, Jackie, and Becky below–wanted even more suggestions. Anyone have further advice?

I hear you loud and clear…I am having so much “stress” in my life right now, mainly because of a grown daughter with lots of issues, etc. My problem is this–I KNOW what is good and helpful for me, but I do not apply it in my life! I do know that I deserve anything that will help me back to sanity, like taking a short walk, or reading a book, some of these are so simple… I just cannot focus, or concentrate. I am seeing a therapist, and, yes, I do take meds to help my nerves, but I have lost all of the JOY out of my life! Anything anyone can help me with? I am tired of feeling like this. –Lisa
I knew I was highly sensitive, just at the way my body trembles when something is not right. My big problem is that my children and others think I make myself cry when talking and trying to have a conversation. The tears just flow out uncontrollably. My children do not discuss anything with me due to this. Any answers, or help? I answered all but 2 on the test. –Jackie
Hypersensitive does not even begin to describe me. If I’m stuck with all this sensitivity I might as well try to help control some of it. Any ideas, suggestions or help offered is appreciated. Is anyone else out there this HSP driven? It continues to be very hard for me to stay focused and remember things. Yes I write them down but then I search the house trying to find my note with the info on it. This is a real challenge for me. Please tell me I’m not alone and going crazy. –Becky in Houston

  • bhattathiri

    In this modern world the art of Management has become a part and parcel
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    Government. In
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    priorities, policies and practice. Management is a systematic way of
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    It also assert that leadership must be more facilitative, participative
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    people assert that this really isn’t a change in the management
    rather it’s re-emphasizing certain aspects of management.
    Its task is to make people capable of joint performance, to make their
    weaknesses irrelevant, says the Management Guru Peter Drucker. It
    harmony in working together – equilibrium in thoughts and actions,
    goals and
    achievements, plans and performance, products and markets. It resolves
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    through maximum utilization with the minimum available processes to
    the goal. Lack of management causes disorder, confusion, wastage,
    destruction and even depression. Managing men, money and materials in
    best possible way, according to circumstances and environment, is the
    important and essential factor for a successful management.
    Management guidelines from the Bhagavad Gita
    There is an important distinction between effectiveness and efficiency

  • Gisela

    Hi there, Therese.
    These posts on HSP are so magnific, they do help so much. Thank yo immensely.
    I was thinking what more could be advised, having read the last post where you put together many of the advises from the readers, it´s difficult to find something to add.
    Muchly, too, because everything related to this varies from person to person, so you find that, say, water is a relaxing therapy for one person and highly irritating to another… or even to the same person, depending in their mood at the moment it can be the best or the worse for them to take a bath… it happens to me (this last, that many things agitates my mind, or not, depending on the moment, so I learned to be not “fixed” to one therapy as if it was a recipe. In my, the only constant is change. I just try to ride the wave.
    Beyond that, I can say that some things tend to be recursive, like agigtating me *always*, yet in different intensity at each given situation. This is the case with LIGHT, and I think I didn´t read any other people here mentioning this, so this is why I comment on it. LIGHT (or the lack of it) affects me BIG time. Low, dimmed lights, even candle lights are best for me to function correctly. Midday is for me terrible at times, lights blinds my neurons, I cannot think, it´s like a stunning horn or worse. This is why, I believe, I am inclined to work at night, I always did since I was a kid, this of staying up till late (even till the morning comes, like a vampire). It´s depressing, tho, to sleep during the day, to wake up at 2 pm, perhaps, yet I prefer it.
    Most people work in day shifts, normal office hours (I did for years), and this about light is something they don´t know well about, and perhaps one of the things that worns them out is the pressure of being exposed to loads of light for long periods.
    However, I must clarify that the sun is not something which affects me, this is: I love the sun, I like and find healing to get a good sunbath, and I love sunny days. This is not contradictory, because the point is that wen I expose myself to the sun, it´s okey to switch off my brain, and I am surely not doing any mental workout. Light for physical workout is okey for me, it looks like, eventhough my sight gets sharper at night, just like my brain.
    I´d like to mention that this sensitivity to light, which in me appears as a sort of “negative phototorpism” is exactly the opposite for other people… they need a lot of light ot work properly, and are highly sensitive to mild or total darkness. Again, this as everything else varies from person to person.
    OK, hope this input helps! Love to you all and hugs from Argentina,
    ps: Last I wanted to share with you a quote I love, that portraits what I think in general about people like us struggling to live a more or less decent life in this screwed up world…
    “It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.” -Krishnamurti

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