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Several Beyond Blue readers–like Lisa, Jackie, and Becky below–wanted even more suggestions. Anyone have further advice?

I hear you loud and clear…I am having so much “stress” in my life right now, mainly because of a grown daughter with lots of issues, etc. My problem is this–I KNOW what is good and helpful for me, but I do not apply it in my life! I do know that I deserve anything that will help me back to sanity, like taking a short walk, or reading a book, some of these are so simple… I just cannot focus, or concentrate. I am seeing a therapist, and, yes, I do take meds to help my nerves, but I have lost all of the JOY out of my life! Anything anyone can help me with? I am tired of feeling like this. –Lisa
I knew I was highly sensitive, just at the way my body trembles when something is not right. My big problem is that my children and others think I make myself cry when talking and trying to have a conversation. The tears just flow out uncontrollably. My children do not discuss anything with me due to this. Any answers, or help? I answered all but 2 on the test. –Jackie
Hypersensitive does not even begin to describe me. If I’m stuck with all this sensitivity I might as well try to help control some of it. Any ideas, suggestions or help offered is appreciated. Is anyone else out there this HSP driven? It continues to be very hard for me to stay focused and remember things. Yes I write them down but then I search the house trying to find my note with the info on it. This is a real challenge for me. Please tell me I’m not alone and going crazy. –Becky in Houston

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