Beyond Blue

Beyond Blue

Defining Major Depression

For readers like “Citizen,” I think it’s important to list the symptoms of major depression covered by the DSM-IV (the current edition of the Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders) published by the American Psychiatric Association.

According to the DSM-IV, a person is suffering from a major depressive episode if he or she experiences items number 1 or 2 from the list of symptoms below, along with any 4 others, continuously for more than 2 weeks:

1. Depressed mood with overwhelming feelings of sadness and grief
2. Apathy–loss of interest and pleasure in activities formerly enjoyed
3. Sleep problems–insomnia, early-morning waking, or oversleeping nearly every day
4. Decreased energy or fatigue
5. Noticeable changes in appetite and weight (significant weight loss or gain)
6. Inability to concentrate or think, or indecisiveness
7. Physical symptoms or restlessness or being physically slowed down
8. Feelings of guilt, worthlessness, and helplessness
9. Recurrent thoughts of death and suicide, or a suicide attempt.


And the following description of major depression comes from the 2007 Johns Hopkins White Papers on Depression and Anxiety written by Karen Swartz, one of the physicians who evaluated me in March of last year:

The diagnosis is more certain when a person also has a family history of depression; a previous episode of depression or bipolar disorder; a general medical problem likely to trigger depression, such as a recent stroke or heart attack; or is taking a medication known to cause mood disorders.

Other symptoms of depression include disorganized thinking and delusions. In addition to these disturbances in mood and cognition (thinking), people with major depression may experience physical changes such as constipation or decreased sexual drive.


Episodes of major depression range from mild to severe. In mild episodes, symptoms barely meet the requirements for a diagnosis and the person is able to get through the day without too much trouble. Severe episodes are characterized by several debilitating symptoms, including worsening mood that markedly interferes with daily life. People who are struggling with severe depression have difficulty with almost every activity–going to work, socializing, and even getting up in the morning. They may be unable to feed and dress themselves or to maintain personal hygiene. Major depression is twice as common in women as in men.

  • http://HASH(0xcea8948) SUZANNE HUGUELEY


  • http://windowsXP Bobby

    I have struggled with depression all my life. Altho it didn’t appear to be a problem until later in life, I have had a hard time trying to cope with so much in everyday life. I do not have major depression, but nonetheless my symptoms are bad enough that I sometimes wish I didn’t even have to get out of bed. I can feel it coming on, even at work. I want to cry, and I ask myself what I am wanting to cry about. There is just times that I feel less that perfect and wish I didn’t have to leave home, so nobody will see how sad I am. I put on a smiley face so no one will se how I really am. Depression is not a matter of just mood episodes, it is an awful feeling that stays with you for a prolonged period of time. How would I know what I have. I have a degree in Mental Health.

  • http://HASH(0xceaad94) SuzanneWA

    Oh, Suzanne! My heart goes out to you; how tragic to lose BOTH sons, and then have the creep you’re married to, ask for a divorce! As if grief were too debilitating as it is, to add to it the dissolution of your marriage seems to be just too much to handle. I suggest you see a therapist NOW, not later, before you sink into a place you shouldn’t go. Do you have other children who can help you by absorbing your grief, or are you all alone? Do you have other family you can turn to, or good friends who will lend a shoulder to cry on? You definitely do NOT need to be alone NOW. I have lost all my beloved adoptive family, both husbands, and my biological father. I have walked in the mocassins, but never have I experienced such losses as yours all at once. If you want to talk to me, my email is: PLEASE write to me, and I will do my best to comfort you. We share a name, above all, and we share a good Lord God who can absorb everything, if we just lean on Him. God Bless You Real Good, Suzanne. I hope to hear from you.

  • http://HASH(0xceabf68) Erin

    I have been dealing with depression for 12 years now, I am only 28. It was so bad, that I was almost was fired from a very good job. I went to see my doctor and she prescribed Lexapro. I would be lying if I said that I am cured, but it has taken a lot of the edge off. Right now, I am studying Buddhism, it really has helped me cope and see the world from a whole new perspective. “Start where you are” from Pema Chodron, introduced Lojong training. It has really helped me turn my sadness, grief, anger, and all other emotions that I have felt over the years into emotions of hapiness and love. It is a great book, and hopefully it will help you like it did me.I want to wish all those people with lonliness, sadness, and grief, luck in their time of need, and know that I love you all. ~Erin

  • http://HASH(0xcead27c) Greg

    I have, at times suffered major depression. At one point, even on both Prozac and Wellbutrin, I became so depressed and withdrawn that I just didn’t show up for work one too many times, and was fired. WAKE UP CALL!! Thank God my thoughtful employer hired me back for a position (lesser authority, lesser pay unfortunately) and I have recovered. For me, dealing with my Diabetes has made all the difference. If I get the right amount of sleep, and get my blood sugar readings under control (diet really helps, as well as seeing doctor regularly and diabetes educator and working with them!) I feel 100% better. Don’t underestimate the effect your physical health has on your mental health… and if you, like me, have conditions you can affect, for heaven’s sake, TAKE CARE OF YOUR SELF, HONEY!!! Love, from someone who forgets the above all too often.

  • http://HASH(0xcead588) Karen Martin

    I was recently diagnosed with major depressive disorder. I really feel like it started when my momma passed away 8 yrs ago. Then 2 yrs ago I shattered my right arm, had multiple surgeries. 3 mos after all that i overdosed on xanax. I was in icu for 3 weeks, was home a week, my sister passed away suddenly on sept. 22nd then hurricane rita hit on the 23rd. So much at 1 time. I can feel a bout coming on sometimes and it scares me. if any1 would like to chat my email is Try to stay strong ya’ll

  • Daniel

    Two years ago, I suffered from a vital depression. The day before, nothing seemed to be wrong and then, all of a sudden, the big bang…It took 6 months to get a more or less normal life again. My life has completely changed since my depression.My values scale has substantially been reshuffled. Today, I try to enjoy the little things in life, minute by minute. I’m using Efexor and it really helps me. To all of you I want to say: there’s a light that never goes out…

  • http://HASH(0xceb1d28) Mag

    To all of you with symptoms of depression, I have been there too. It can be overcome. It is your choice even though i know you don’t feel like you have a choice. Some strategies that may work is seeking help from a licensed counselor, writing exactly how you feel without judging yourself and having a good cry as much as you need to. Above all Love yourself through this time. God does. Mag

  • http://HASH(0xcea81c8) Louise

    I am sorry for everyone that feels like this I know how it is I have lost my son ,grandson and husband I am disable have ben trying to get help for years for ss but have been turned down because not having enough in my ss because I did not work I stayed home took care of my kids and parents til they died. I can not go to a doctor due to not having any money I feel like it is my turn to go I hate living like this.I am still waiting for an answer for my husbands ss but have not heard yet in the mean time I am having everything cut off and may have to move due to not able to pay my rent.I think people today have no feeling for others my mom always said help one another and I have but now the shoe is on the other foot and everyone seems to leave you.I just feel so alone and sad all the time.I pray but I think he does not want to hear me either. I just want to wish everyone well and hope that you can pull thru this because I do not think I will ever. GOD BLESS

  • Leslie

    I was diagnosed with MS 2 years ago. I am divorced and I miss my 2 daughters. A year after being diagnosed, I went into my first relationship in 3 years with my illness. The first 5 months were great. However, things changed dramatically after that. It seemed no matter what I did, she wasn’t happy with me. I tried so hard to keep her, but she always put me down and told me of my faults. I finally couldn’t make her happy, and then she dumped me. I felt so hurt. I started wondering am I that bad? Do I really know what I am capable of in being with a women. Is it because I was a lowsy lover due to the MS, or was it just that she didn’t love me like she said she did. So many questions unanswered. Now I’m totally alone and feel terrible. I have a terrific job that I love, and here I am a lonely not bad looking man that just wants someone who will love him unconditionally. I am a hopeless romantic who believes in love and feels love is the cornerstone of any relationship. I just wish that right woman comes along and fills that void in my life.

  • Tami

    My heart goes out to all of you.
    I too have suffered with and have been treated for depression. I call it “darkness” and the worse time of my life. I think I probably suffered with depression for most of my life, undiagnosed and untreated until my early 30’s. Then, through a number of life changing circumstances and with it all coming to a breaking point after the death of my Mom who meant everything to me, I came to a point where I simply could not function anymore. Mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually…., I crashed and just started to shut down. I don’t have any other way to explain it. That all happened about 8 years ago.
    But God is good and Jesus is faithful, and when I couldn’t find or reach out to Him, He found me.
    It has been a journey. Learning, trusting living, forgiving, loving, giving, growing, walking. It’s been a process. And sometimes it’s not so easy. But there is help, there is hope. There are people along the way who The Lord will send to help comfort and encourage you. You’re not alone.
    I can relate to the article Therese wrote on depression. It was the worst period in my life, something I wouldn’t wish on anyone. Yet, through it all I have grown and learned. I have hope and faith and hopefully have grown in love. His grace is sufficient for me, His love is everything I need.
    2nd Corinthians 4:6 was and is my Light in the darkness.
    May The God of all comfort and His Peace be with you all.

  • colleen petro


  • sue

    Suzanne, You are going through tough times right now. I will pray for you. Like the others, I to have major depression. I have found a nice counselor, medication and live one day at a time. My family and I have recently gone through the lose of several family friends and I have lost my father and about to loose another close family member, I am disabled and spend alot of time alone at home, while my family work and go to school. Suzanne, I know what you are going through. You should not be alone. Go stay with someone you trust. Try church, volunteer, find a good counselor and try depressive medication. It has helped me alot. I still have bad days. You can change your life, have faith and keep praying. Take care of yourself. Sue

  • Hoss

    First of all, I feel somewhat guilty for posting because I don’t feel as though my problem is as significant as the others who have posted…SUZANNE HUGUELEY | May 31, 2007 9:16 PM, oh my Lord, how do you manage something like that?
    Anyway, here goes. I have been suffering with agonizingly debilitating chronic lower back pain going on 6 years. One disc is already fused and the 2 above are completely torn through and the doctor says they need fused as well. At 40 years old, I don’t think I want to have my lower back that rigid and so I am holding out for “other” alternatives, though none so far have been viable. I am also taking enough meds to put a herd of horses in permanent sleep!
    I have addressed my depression with my family doc, and he has prescribed meds that seem to work mildly well most of the time. Of the conditions above, numbers 2-8 definitely apply to me. Condition 1 isn’t sadness or grief, but I am certainly in a depressed mood with overwhelming feelings of despair. Condition 9 hasn’t really been a factor, though I do feel like (and have told my spouse and others) that if I got hit by a semi-truck on the way home, it wouldn’t be a bad thing.
    Anyway, the reason I am writing, and what I am hoping you all can answer is this. Occasionally, 6 times or less in the last 3-4 months I have had moments that I just get freaked out for lack of a better description. It’s like I am outside of myself, not hallucinating or anything like that, but it is as if my mind is disconnected from my body. It is as if I can’t get started, like I know I am supposed to be doing something i.e. I know I need to leave for work and that I will be in trouble if I am late…but I can’t make myself start the process of doing the task/chore. And it’s not just work, it is any task/chore that I can’t manage to get started…getting dressed, eating, pack for vacation, etc. It isn’t that I don’t want to do it; my mind just can’t seem to make my body do it. I literally want to just crawl into bed, close my eyes, and escape reality. On top of it all, when I am having one of those episodes, I start having an anxiety attack and I feel like my brain is calculating 1000 thoughts at the same time, like a high-speed blender at turbo speed and all the while my body is this directionless blob that can’t do anything.
    I know all of that sounds really hard to follow, but it is so hard to describe what is happening to me when these episodes are happening. Usually, if I can go to sleep, I wake up feeling normal, but I am not always able to do that and then it is like I want to just run away from everything…like I just need to get out…to escape what is happening to me, but I can’t, so I just get more and more freaked out.
    Does any of this sound familiar to any of you? Have you found a way to make it stop or keep it from happening? Please respond, as I am in desperate need of some answers here.
    Thank you for your time and for letting me vent to you all. I haven’t been able to tell my wife about this because she has had to deal with enough of my other problems, she doesn’t need something else to worry about. The 2 times it has happened when she has been there, I just told her I had a bad headache and went to bed. Luckily I was able to sleep (passout) both times.
    Anyway, thanks to all, be well!

  • Shelley

    For: Hoss
    Posted by: Hoss | June 27, 2007 5:22 PM
    Hope you read this. The episodes you have mentioned happen when my meds stop working properly or my depression starts to get worse. It does seem a contradiction that you can hardly get your body to do anything yet your thoughts are racing a mile a minute. Your meds may not be working properly anymore. You may have built up a tolerance to them. Your chronic pain definitely plays into the scenario. I have back problems but not as serious as yours. I feel for you. You are taking pain pills? I was given Darvocet for back pain and in 4 days I was as depressed as what it usually takes a month. Pain pills can cause depressive episodes or for it to get worse. Tell this to your Doctor. Is your Doctor a family Physician? If so, please consult a psychiatrist for your medications. They are specialists at brain chemistry and understand which meds work better for your symptoms. If meds don’t work in a month, tell the doctor. I was on many drugs before they found a good combination. Talk therapy can help but only if you get the depression under control better. Been at this for 18 years, in and out of major episodes. If this is your first time, you can get better very quickly and keep it away. Listen to your doctor’s orders and if you don’t trust him find another, that includes a therapist. Trust is important and so is a good support system. Use them! Best of Luck and my prayers are with you and your family.

  • meg

    To Hoss – and anyone else:
    I’ve been depressed and under a psychiatrist’s care for the past 25 years (after the loss of a child). I go thru long spells of good times, but lately – due to financial struggles, the depression has worsened. I also have those times when my mind wants me to get up and go do something, but my body just won’t cooperate. I’ve found that if I keep reaffirming the thought – even out loud – that I can then get up and go. It’s not easy – I took a “mental health” day about a week ago because I just needed a break (I have a difficult boss at work)so I claimed a migraine. I CAN tell you that life goes on. Sometimes it’s a real struggle, but I’m determined. Just don’t give up. If you don’t have a good psychiatrist to help you with your medication, find one. It can make all the difference. I wish you good days.

  • Stacy

    I lost my mom a little over a year ago due to an overdose. My mom was on many different medications, some for pain and some for her boipolar.
    I grew up watching my mom suffer yet never could understand why she could not just be happy.I have a much better understanding of it now that I have suffered with depression. I am a person who fights my feelingsbecause I am afraid of anything becoming out of control. I know this a fear I have from watching my mom lose control. Anyway I suffer with anxiety and now 36 years old feel like I can not make a decision on my own. My brain is constantly thinking but yet I can not figure anything out. I used to be very outgoing but notice myself not wanting to mingle with people and feel as if I am nervous to have conversations with people. I also feel like I have become an insacure person always feeling like I am not good enough. I am currently on a very low dose of medication which has really helped with the depression but still have many other things I am trying to work out.

  • April

    To Stacy: I’m so sorry for the loss of your Mom. I lost my Mom to colon cancer which spread, in early 1995. It’s normal to feel depressed after a big loss, but it drags on for too long, please get counseling. It helped me tremendously to talk with a trained professional. If you need medications, it should only be a temporary thing — not for decades! I believe in behavior modification and temporary pharmaceuticals, but the pharmaceutical company’s and some doctors want to get you hooked. Did you know the doctors make bonuses on the prescriptions they write?!? That’s a conflict of interest and should be illegal. Don’t beat yourself up for having anxiety. I have it, too and it just needs to be managed. Getting enough rest, eating well, exercising and having a good friend to talk to helps tremendously. Depression, anxiety, etc. are often genetic but you can control it. Your Mom would want you to be happy, so do it for yourself and for her. Good luck and take care.

  • sofya

    since i was very young i overdose myself because of bad depression, my grandmother always said i never like to talk only listen to music or be alone or sleep. Now i still go through my momemts inside, but i try not to let it get to me as much espcially since i don’t like taking medicine

  • juie baker

    Dear Hoss, I myself are feeling the same way in many crircumstances. I had major back surgery in April 30 of this year. Being manic depressive with Bi-Polar has been a horrible experience for me. The surgeon that did my back surgery told me with my depression and Bi-polar this surgery can sometimes make these symptoms escalate, boy was he right! I seem to be sleep deprived also. All the meds I take ddon’t really seem to help much.I have not been able to work since tha middle of Februray, so it’s just been me and my dog. People really are not educated enough about our disorder, so its seems their “praying” for me is not always answer. I have gone throuh my entire savings,just devistated, what should I do? have tried turn everythng over to God. And I know hw is there,and H does things in his own time, but I need him now. I owe $6oo in rent and have recieved ony $300 stimulis check, I thought I wouls be fine but all I got was 300.00. I will pray for you, and anyone else who reads this please pray for us all I know I love God, but where Is he? please hang in their like I am trying to do! IN christian love, Jule

  • shicks

    I sometimes get depressed but then I turn around and think of others that have lost love ones in the war or in a tragic death and I realize that I am selfish for thinking about myself. I start praying for those “others” and realize I have nothing at all to be depressed about. My life could be a lot worse. I have lost a husband to a major heart attack, miscarriaged with a second child, an older son that is incarcerated for his fourth DWI recently and found he will be in prison for 13 years. I can’t help but feel depressed but then again I think of others like you that are reading this, and I forget all about myself. May God bless you all and help you to cope with his disease in your own way.

  • a.knutsen


  • Glenn Umtuch

    throughout the span of a lifetime we all experiance some sort of depression. Normal people, as a person, for health needs, proper nutrition, rest, and activities. Any stay from these important functions results in sever side effects. As a person we need to sort out depression from grief, and come to terms to what is within our control and to let go what is not. Time has a way of healing and being the person everyone expects and needs you to be.

  • Sue Brandt

    To A. Knutsen: My husband took lorazapam for twenty years and it made him irritable and combative. Nine years ago he became disabled due to a deadly brain virus (due to immune suppression from a transplant) and he was switched to xanax and paxil by a psychiatrist. Ås ill as he is, I must say he doesn’t have the depression and mood swings that he had when he was on lorazapam. Many blessings for you. Sue

  • Kelly S. S.

    I have been depressed most of my adult life. I thought once I got the Heck OUT of my 30’s I’d be an Happier Person. Not True.
    I have tried to Commit Suicide since I was the tender age of 6 yrs. by swollowing an bottel of Nose Drops, Being that young, I forgot to hide or throw away the bottle. So when I was found…of course so was the darn bottle.
    I have tried Several times in my Teens Through out my 20’s, mostly by accident. Over Drinking, and taking Uppers to stay awake at night. Nights used to scare the Beegeebers out of me. I don’t have a clue as to why, then someting horific came about in my early teens through to my early twenties, until I figured out I could ‘DRINK’ it away. The ‘IT’ left me. But I still have fears of sleeping at night. So I’m usually up all night long. I’m well into my 40’s. And still I feel I have no Right, or Reason to be alive. I’m Disabled now, with full blown R.A. along with Fibermyolgia; The ‘Mystry Disease’. Sleep Apnea go figure? Thyroid Disease, and Sjograns Disease. Seiver ANXIETY ATTACKS Since I was 7 yrs. old. They just started when I was Terrified to ride the elevator down. My Whole Family was on it. All 5 kids, my Mother, 2 dogs and 1 cat. I refused to go on it. I do not know why to this day? My Dad walked me down the very long stairs.
    I can recall EVERY LITTLE, HUGE THING That Happened to Us ALL when we were growing up. Things NOBODY in my Family can recall. I do have HUGE MISSING LINKS in my Life. Would LOVE to know what happened then? It is really Bothering for me to even think about it all. Even right now.
    I am more or less ‘STUCK’ Living wiht my eledrly Mother who abused Horrifically I, my 2 sisters, and my oldest brother. The other 2 boys didn’t get touched. But witnessed a TON of Horrible acts. I do NOT LIKE to be Touched, or HELD, by my Mother, or One of my Younger Brother’s. HE AND SHE ARE A CARBON COPY of 1 ANOTHER.
    I’ve been on SO Many Depression Meds. I don’t know what to expect next for me? For I CAN’T SEEM to KILLING MYSELF; To Get that Correct??
    I think I’m going to be put on Welbutin? Not sure though. The last one made me sleep even more than usual! And made me HATE ME, and EVERYONE ESLE To a Degree that I WOULD Lock myself in my Bedroom, Not ‘Trusting Myself’ That much.
    If anyone out there gives a Rats Butt, and would know what would be BEST FOR ME; Please let me no; Via My Email.
    Thank you,
    Kelly S.S.
    My enabler Mother Needs me to be with her now. I have to leave. :-(

  • Kelly S.S.

    My heart goes out to you and what you are going through. I have never posted anything, but felt the need to with you.
    I understand where you are coming from.
    I was sexually abused by my bilogical father from the ages through 2-13. I tried to kill myself I don’t really know how many times. I have been through therapists. I was married and had thre wonderful children, from time to time give me a heahache, but they are my rock in my life. My mother, well I do not have the best relationship in the world and i have made my peace with that. I live alone now with my 15 yr old son. I am divorced, have been for 12 yrs.
    I have been taking depekote, xanax but have tried numerous other meds. I have recently found a therapist, which was sent from a Higher power the man is amazing.
    I try to meditate and slowly getting off the meds. I am a nurse. I see way worse situations everyday. I thank God for my job and the people that have come into my life. It makes me realize it could be worse for me. Please have faith, I wish I could say more, but you’ll be in my prayers…g

  • JLSK

    I’ve been severely depressed most of my adult life. I had a great childhood, w/fantastic memories. When I got married in Nov.1984,our son came in 1986, our lives where 1st husband was a good man w/strong family values just as I did! Short story, DRUGS played a horrible part in both our lives…except I chose my son over the drugs. My little brother(Billy-23years old)was killed 11/29/86, along w/his best friend Tom, by a DRUNK DRIVER(who was a aquaintance of mine)both boys were DEVOTED TO OUR CHURCH,and they were on they way to pick up a video to take back to YOUTH GROUP(they watched kids for that they could Christmas Shop w/o kids!)I was/am forever proud of my baby brother Billy and miss him so much….4 months later my older sister died from LYMPHOMA…total devastation. Our marriage seemed to be un fixable…I moved back from Florida to Pa. to be here to help MOM & DAD…..many months went by and My husband BIG BILL came to PA. & begged for another chance, which I gave…for our son’s sake I tried..he kidnapped our son..for 2 months (he did this 2 times-kidnapped our boy)…NOTHING..I searched the US..each time I found him! I buried my BROTHER-SISTER-MOTHER & DADDY.I ind BIG BILL was a bigamist..many years later I met a man I fell totally in Love..MARK..19 YEARS later he cheated on me..I left..just under 2 months ago..the Mother of my Grandson-Draken(who I had over 96% of his 3 3/4 years life)walked out my house w/Draken one night w/hugs & kisses as always(both)and to this day I have not heard a single word, she don’t answer thephone, door,etc. and acts as though I never existed…I begged to see him..NO! So I filed for Emergency Custody..until I can get her to legally agree on what is in the best interest of Draken…by the way I totally supported her financially-emotionally-& treated her like a daughter, she wanted for nothing, & constantly used Draken’s name in every time she asked for money, w/every excuse except to hold a steady job past 2 months(fired always)…my son is in his son’s life..and feels that Draken belongs w/me where he has 3 homecooked meals,stability,educational values,etc, instead of Fast food that the Mother would feed every meal if she could…that is for the few hours a week she would have him and always bring him back to me(her chose) 1-2 hrs. later for overnights..5-6 nights a week since he was an infant…since I left Mark(husband 2), he has BIG MONEY!! But I left and don’t want anything from him but a home of my own(Mark owns 9 houses)of which I have 1, and Draken & I were happy….but in my heart I believe the Mother thought that NO MONEY..NO DRAKEN..unless I support her, boyfriend, boyfriend’s bother & their Mother….what do I look like a TRUMP….far far from it..I put my self back in school(49 years old)and will Graduate in Nov.2008.
    I Pray that the Courts see the truth and let me back in Draken’s life. MY thing is how much is one Women to take before……the breaking point. Taking Draken just rehashed what I went thru w/my own son…why do parents use KIDS as a Pond in a Chess game????? I miss him sooooooo much it tears my heart. Any advice out there on how to continue on……… Judy

  • Belinda

    I suffer from clinical depression too. I don’t have anyone, other than my therapist, that understands the disease. Most just think I am a little crazy or just being silly. I have no desire to ever leave my home. Everything I do seems like a MUST or a task!
    I currently am on paxil and xanax and take laughter yoga.
    I need someone to connect with that can understand my feelings, on a personal level. My therapist is great, but a fellow-sufferer would be great to communicate with.

  • Ann

    First of all, I was a member of the family and her husband of 34 years had already filed for divorc many months before the son died. Nothing was left. daughter passing then son, He just got out of a horrible situation. Living with mentl illness can cause a saneperson to be depressed. She needs to get a life and stop beging fo syphethy, God help her.

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