Beyond Blue

The post about my dad was my third revision. In my first draft, I hurt the feelings of a family member whom I very much love. So I revised it. And then I realized that the second revision could hurt someone else’s feelings.

As such, I’m learning that this blog can get me into major doo doo with my family (when they read it) if I’m not careful. So I’m trying to be especially sensitive to their feelings and requests. That’s the challenge of a (nonfiction) writer. (Which is why I am encouraging David and Katherine to pursue architecture, not writing…my God, the stories they’d have!)

My family member and I have worked through it, and I think our relationships is stronger for it. That was possible because we’re all working on our communication skills.

I couldn’t help think of that as I read the comments on my post about Caroline Myss. Even though Daria, Patricia, Shekah, and Judith disagreed with my post, and with my interpretation of Myss’s “Entering the Castle,” they said that they enjoy my blog most of the time (or at least Daria said that) and that they will continue reading.

Daria, Patricia, Shekah, and Judith: thank you for that example of how to respond maturely to the spats that are inevitable in life. You are wise, and teach me how to communicate effectively and lovingly, a lesson I’m always working on in my recovery.

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