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“‘No’ may be the most powerful word in the language, but it’s also potentially the most destructive, which is why it’s hard to say,” says William Ury, director of the Global Negotiations Project at Harvard University, and author of “The […]

Even Jesus had to erect some boundaries. In Matthew 14:13, he withdrew from the crowd in a boat. And do you really think he fled to the desert for 40 days to fast and pray? Don’t you think maybe that […]

I have ten topics in mind that I want to write about right now: the value of humor, not taking things personally, the relationship between food and mood. But those are just ways to avoid what I’m really feeling at […]

Bestselling Christian author Max Lucado writes about why worry is an expensive habit and how God can help us overcome it. Click here for an excerpt from his book, “Traveling Light.”

Is it my imagination or is the entire White House on Prozac as of late? Don’t get me wrong, with every disclosure of a prominent and successful depressive, I dance the Macarena. But I’m just wondering if by going into […]

A dog has three things on a husband: he is happy eating the same meal every night, he doesn’t talk back, and he doesn’t want sex. Which is why, on the really bad days, I prefer the company of my […]

Back when Mike Leach and I were compiling “I Like Being Catholic,” I remember reading a prospective essay by a man who claimed his dog had led him to God. I immediately placed it in the “reject” pile because I […]

One study says that people choose dogs that resemble themselves. Eileen Mitchell thinks that’s a good thing. Because everything she needed to know she learned from her greyhound. Click here to read her story.

How ironic that I got sober on one of the biggest drinking days of the years. As my friends cut class to drink pints of green beer and get drunk with college boys in bars near the campus of the […]

HBO’s The Addiction Project, which the network calls “an unprecedented multi-platform campaign aimed at helping Americans understand addiction as a chronic but treatable brain disease,” debuts Thursday, March 15 at 9 p.m. ET with its feature film component, titled “Addiction.”