Beyond Blue
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My heart bleeds for reader Kate after reading her despondent comments on this post. You say that no one could understand your despair. I have no doubt you feel completely alone in your battle. But I’m pretty sure a few […]

I wish psychiatrists sent depressives home with instructions on when to go to the hospital similar to the ones obstetricians give to pregnant women once they reach 37 weeks of gestation: when your contractions last for a minute each and […]

Here is what J. Raymond DePaulo Jr., M.D. says about hospitalization in his book, “Understanding Depression“: “The need for hospitalization arises if a person is endangered because he or she is suicidal, or so paranoid or so irritable that he […]

Thanks to reader Rich for his question about how much to disclose about mental health in a job interview. If he’s going for a position in a psychiatric unit, he asked, is it okay to tell them about the mental […]

Maybe the general public (and especially the U.S. government) isn’t as wigged out by mental illness as I thought. Surely a letter to the Circuit Court for Anne Arundel County stating that I had been hospitalized within the year for […]

Two boys went to bed with fevers last night. One is dead. The other is my David. I have to wonder if the guardian angels are vacationing in Florida this month, because too many little guys have fallen asleep for […]

Whenever I hear of a story like I did today about the seven-year-old dying in his sleep, I always go back to Harold Kushner’s classic “When Bad Things Happen To Good People.” Now, remind me again, good Rabbi, why does […]

At the Burial of a Child O God, whose beloved Son did take little children into his arms and bless them: Give us grace, we beseech thee, to entrust this child ___ to thy never-failing care and love, and bring […]

One of the unfortunate things about “coming out” as a depressive is that any enemy in your past can rightfully say, “Aha! See? I knew she was crazy.” I was not well liked at my first job out of school. […]