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As an adolescent I loved wearing ashes on my forehead to cover up my oily pimples. In high school, Ash Wednesday got a toast to the beginning of those two-hour Stations of the Cross on Fridays, which shortened each class […]

For me Lent is about emptying–a glass, a basket, a soul–so that it can be filled up again…with wine (or sparkling cider), peeps (think Easter basket), and hope. The forty days before Easter is one big humbling exercise–where you remind […]

I’m sure glad my friend Eileen isn’t asked to give many eulogies, because they’d all sound like this: “It’s a bummer he’s gone, but he had it coming to him.” An avid disciple of medical intuitive Caroline Myss, Eileen believes […]

I used to attend a weekly candlelight yoga class. Every Friday evening I would seek courage in warrior pose, stability in tree pose, and peace in lotus pose. And for what seemed like eternity I wondered, “What am I doing […]

Today I recognize how distorted my thinking was back then, and I cringe when I read it. But like an anorexic who thinks more weight loss will make her beautiful, suicidal folks are locked on death as the solution. It’s […]

No need to buy a parrot when you have an inquisitive five-year-old boy. “What does ‘stressed out’ mean, Mom?” asked David the other day. “You and Dad say it all the time.” “It means…’tired,’” I answered. “Then I’m stressed out,” […]

Then again, maybe we shouldn’t blame stress on technology and taxing jobs. Maybe if we weren’t fretting over 350 e-mails in our inbox, then we’d worry about something else because we have primitive, monkey brains. In “The Emotional Brain,” Joseph […]

Yeterday I mentioned Talia Mana’s blog, and now I’ll share that she just interviewed me on blogging about depression. Her website, the Centre for Emotional Well-Being, is full of interesting research, commentary, and discussions. She and I have decided to […]

This just in from “Time” magazine: the brain can be rewired. Replacing the dogma that the adult brain is immutable, recent research in neuroscience has discovered the brain’s capacity to change in structure and function according to experience and thoughts. […]

Okay. I get all of it. The scientific evidence that we can, in fact, change our brain with our thoughts. But this very study almost killed me last year. I tried for months and months and more months to stop […]