Beyond Blue

Beyond Blue

Hardly a Secret

There’s a big secret out there–“The Secret“–waiting to be discovered by all of us who want a better, easier life.

Rhonda Byrne, an Australian filmmaker, has repackaged the ancient philosophy of the “law of attraction” and the power of positive thinking into a mysterious, enticing product for anyone stuck with a hardship (i.e. humanity).

She appeared on “Oprah” this month to discuss “The Secret,” a 90-minute film combining cinematic imagery and sit-down interviews with several writers, philosophers, and scientists, that can be viewed through online streaming video, or purchased as a DVD. Since last April’s release, “The Secret” has sold more than a half a million DVDs and more than 100,000 online views.


The law of attraction goes like this: when you think good thoughts, good things happen, and when you think bad thoughts, bad things happen. (That’s my preschool version.) A person’s thoughts and mental images are like magnets, bringing her either success (for positive thoughts) or failure and misery (for negative thoughts). According to Byrne and similar thinkers, every one of us can determine the quality of her life with her thoughts.

This philosophy has always been a tough sell for me because I’m so practical in nature (if you do a, b, and c, you get d) and because I watched my father sweat his way to prosperity (as a manufacturer’s sales rep. in the automobile industry). For him, nothing dictated success more than perseverance. And he ingrained that conviction in his four daughters.


However, I definitely find some truth in the law of attraction (and quantum physics), especially in explaining how so many coincidences–like hearing from a friend right as you were thinking about her–happen in our lives. And positive thinking surely beats a “victim” approach to life: a woe-is-me, the-world-has-wronged-me type of mentality that I have, no doubt, adopted at times.

Here’s my take: there is smart visualization and lazy visualization.

Take my (somewhat shallow) dream of appearing on “Oprah” (as an author, not as a lady who has no sense of style and desperately needs a makeover, say her husband and best friends). A friend of mine (who eats, breathes, showers, and pees by the law of attraction) once told me if I wanted to be on “Oprah,” all I had to do was visualize myself on Oprah. I could do it from the couch eating a box of Thin Mints.


So for about a year, whenever I thought about it, I pictured myself in my favorite blue blouse (without the breast-milk stains) and shiny black pants shaking the hand of this media queen.

“I’m so glad you liked my book, Oprah.” I said. “And of course I’ll let you know when the next one’s released.” We giggled and chatted. And the crowds went crazy. So did my book sales. Which meant a hardy advance for the next book I was going to write poolside in the Bahamas with the help of a full-time nanny.

In that year, plenty of telemarketers called. But no producers from Harpo Productions (Oprah’s company). Or if they did call, they didn’t leave a message. (How rude.)


“If you want to be on ‘Oprah,'” Eric said, “I suggest you get off your butt and write a juicy book (that isn’t too Catholic).”

Now there’s a smart guy.

“Analyze the books she has on her show. Write one. Keep on calling the producers until you speak to someone with a pulse. Then use those savvy sales skills your dad taught you, and work your magic.”

Bingo. Three steps to my dream: write the book, talk to a producer, and charm her.

Come to think of it, that’s exactly what my dad did to accomplish his dream: to become a buddy of Frank’s (Sinatra). Or at least to be on a first-name basis with him.

Any visualization my father did, I suspect, was done on the golf course a minute before he teed off (and then again on the putting green). I don’t know, maybe he did fantasize, while drinking his nightly martinis, about his evening with Frank: the two of them smoking expensive Cuban cigars on one of those designer yachts featured on “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous” (his favorite show).


But he didn’t stay there for too long. Because he had too much homework to do.

Step one. He researched which charities Frank supported.

Step two: He donated oodles of cash to the Barbara Sinatra Children’s Center.

Step three. He became a good enough golfer to compete in the Frank Sinatra Golf Invitational (in Palm Springs, California).

Step four. He won it. Plus an evening with Frank and Barbara.

Step five. Dazzling Frank with his smart wit and charisma, he arranged a few more meetings with him.

Dream accomplished: At my dad’s funeral, friends and relatives crowded around one bouquet. On the card was written: “Our sincere condolences, Frank and Barbara.” No last name.


Ok, back to my Oprah dream.

To say that all I have to do is imagine myself in a blouse free of breast-milk stains on Oprah’s set is lazy visualization. Because if that were true, I could run my whole life from the couch: visualizing my tax returns filed, the dishwasher emptied, our laundry folded, and Katherine’s diaper filled with daisies.

This chemically-imbalanced (and possibly cell-damaged) brain thinks mental pictures are useless without hard work and steps of action to support them. I don’t buy the simplistic way to happiness–via one good thought after another, with a nice image thrown in. There’s too much war and famine and rape and suffering in the world to wrap my arms around that secret, magical gateway.

Maybe this is my dad’s doing, but I’d have to agree with Colin Powell, who once wrote, “There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.”

  • http://HASH(0xcee8d20) Dee Howard

    Dear Ms. Borchard, If you had investigated the one and a half hour DVD you would know that just visualization is not the going to get you there. Visualization is but one part of it. You also have to take the action steps. You do have to do the work. That is a big part of it. The visualizing and positive thinking is to get you in the right frame of mind. When you align yourself with the positive energy surrounding you, you allow youself to be open to receive the good that tis out there. Instead of the woe-is-me,the world has wronged me mentality. So continue your hard work and perseverance because that is also a big part of it. See you on Oprah!

  • http://HASH(0xceea2b8) anon

    It is fact that positive energy, thinking and just being is a key factor to attaining what you want in life..Hard work comes into play in all aspects. Relationships are even centered by hard work. Everything that is worth having takes hard work. You just don’t jump into life on the end of a silver spoon. Not in my world anyway. I have to admit that I personally have not always been a positive person. It takes hard work on my part to even get close to thinking in that vain. But when it comes to some things, like love, I won’t give up on that type of a relationship. Not if it’s right. Not if the people belong to one another. Giving up on anything is the coward’s way out. I know, I’ve done it many times but not when it came to the most important venues that affected me personally and deeply. I won’t ever give up on the truth. I can’t…..

  • http://HASH(0xceeaeb4) Babs

    “The Secret” is pseudo science. Isn’t the law, “Opposites attract?” Like in the structure of atoms? I may be rusty on my science but isn’t that how magnets work? What exactly is new about thinking positively, making a plan, and acting on it? For that you have to buy a dvd and book? Everything that I’ve read about it smacks of hucksterism. The way it sells is the promise of getting things, stuff, by visualizing it and lo,it is yours. Need a husband? Visualize him and he will appear on the scene. Want a house? A new job? It all depends on your mind. Name it-claim it. My husband has invented a few things, nothing that has taken off, but one thing I remember about patenting an invention: most inventions never get any further. It takes a lot of hard work and persistance to get something on the market. Life is like that. Too often we want something for nothing, or nearly nothing. The authors talk about living with a sense of gratitude. That is something we all should strive for. When we look for things in our lives for which to be grateful, we become more aware of the richness around us. So “The Secret” may be nothing more than heightened awareness. It would not be surprising that once you start paying attention to your life instead of merely going through the motions, good things would start to happen. The more I am aware of God’s presence in my everyday life, the more I am changed for the better. BTW, I stumbled across “The Secret” yesterday, after a co-worker mentioned it to me. I then found out Oprah had done two shows on it, and what do you know, today you’ve written about it — and we are both depressives! How about that for likes attracting! BB

  • Alison

    What an excellent post this is. As a skeptic, I am wary of things like “The Secret,” but I like this theory. In my personal experience, every time I’ve decided I was going to do something, without having any idea how I would do it, I did it. Partly because I did the work to get there, but also in great part because the opportunity arose through no work of mine.For example, when I was 16, I was in Prague and said to myself, “Some day I will live here.” Not, “Wouldn’t it be nice to live here,” or “I wish I could live here, but man, I gotta do this or that.” (This was before the surge of American expatriates moved in). Then I forgot about it. Four years later, I saw a sign, “Live in Prague,” and remembered. I lived in Prague for four months for free. But I still had to contact the people who posted the sign and apply for the program and write essays and interview and get my passport and pack my luggage and drive myself to the airport and so forth. So many other events in my life have happened the same way. I had to make the decision first before the pathway opened up, before I could begin the work.One way of looking at it is that visualization is a lens. Before we use it, we might not see the opportunities and the path that are already in front of us. After we use it, things suddenly become much clearer, and we can walk more confidently without fear of tripping. Or, to paraphrase an old cliche, perhaps the law of attraction means that we can will the door to open. But we still have to walk through it. Of course, as someone with depression, I find that visualization isn’t the only answer — rather, it’s the lens, and medication is the frame. I could hold up the lens to my eye all day, but that would be pretty exhausting, and it would be hard to do everything one-handed. Medication is the frame that lets the lens rest place so I can have both hands free.

  • http://HASH(0xceebb68) Dee Washimoto

    Another “Snakeoil” sales technique designed to make people feel stupid and inadequate in order to make them rush out to buy the movie and the books or whatever else the cast of characters have concocted to sell. This is like the all the exercise machines that are advertised on TV that all end up in a garage sale within one month. The secret? THERE IS NO SECRET – we all know everything if we can figure out how to remember it.

  • http://HASH(0xceed358) mickey

    Many people are so used to dwelling in the negative. By choosing to dwell in the positive one would be allowing more awareness into their life. Like someone previously mentioned direction may be seen where it hadn’t been earlier…by becoming more aware. I have been down the depression road….I have found that shifting my thinking can shift my perceptions. It is a choice how we choose to view the world. I choose to see it as a wonderful opportunity and I choose to hang in the positive as much as I’m able. Medications have their place and are helpful but in the end even I needed to do something different to change my course of action. I choose to be proactive in my life and allow my choices today to make a better tomorrow. mickey

  • http://HASH(0xceedc44) Hinerau Doherty

    Get over it! If people gain satisfaction and an uplifting of spirits from watching this DVD or taking on board the principles presented, Good for them. We already a have surfeit of so-called practicality and “reality” already. Come on the dreamers,lovers and believers in magic. I’m in your corner. I spent a good many years being “rational, realistic, pragmatic and practical” – there is no reality, only your own perception. Go for it!!!!

  • http://HASH(0xcef0468) Mary Jo Stanton

    Amen Sister. Now may I send your article to Oprah so she’ll invite you on her show?! P.S. The Bible does say that God gives us the desires of our hearts. That may be the “Secret.”

  • http://HASH(0xcef07d0) d bagheran

    That was an interesting commentary. Would someone please tell all the starving AIDS orphans they need to just change their attitude & more food & medicine will arrive. Yes, attitude is important, but Maslow hierarchy of needs tells us that you must have basic needs met first. When you’re starving you cannot think about anything but food. A very talented and intelligent person once wrote ” to give food to beggars is to tempt them cruelly “. How ridiculous. A person who would say that has never hungered.

  • http://HASH(0xcef0e9c) Barb

    Loved this. I have never wrote a word, but one of my dreams is to live like Angela Lansbury did in “Murder She Wrote” when I am an old lady. So I guess my first step would be to start writing…

  • http://HASH(0xcef1e0c) Eldron

    A question for: d bagheran Which ‘very talented and intelligent person once wrote ” to give food to beggars is to tempt them cruelly “???The emphasis is not on starving people, (I infer from the quote) but beggars – indicating those who only ask, and never act: other than asking… === I’ve been wrong before, and I’ll be there again.

  • http://HASH(0xcef262c) barbara

    Here’s a basic flaw in the “law of attraction” nature..opposites attract..remember the simple experiment in school to determine the polarity of a magnet…like repels like, north and north push away, north and south are attracted…that is BASIC physics..unless they are THINKING that into being I think this same rule of physics still stands..

  • http://HASH(0xcef2848) LIL

    How can i obtain a copy of the video ‘Secret ‘

  • http://HASH(0xcef3ca4) CindyK

    Amazon. com is where I bought mine. No one I know wanted to pay the thirty dollar price for a DVD presented “on Oprah,” but I find her to be one of my GREATEST “mentors” and my logic was “You won’t ever know unless you try and I believe thirty dollars was a “small price to pay,” so I bought it, and you know what? Not only do I think it was “well worth the price” to nourish my soul; I’ve lent it out to so many of my “non believing” friends, that it has yet to be returned to me! By the time they do I’ll need to buy a new one. (Because watching it really did do wonders for me!”) You ARE what you think. (And believe!) I believe it worked for me and my friends are now believers too! With Warm Regards,

  • Caroline

    I believe that the Law of Attraction can work. It causes you to think more positive and attracts people who see your positiveness to you. Consequently the more diverse people you have around you then the things you wish to accomplish become more feasible because there are people there who act as support and believe in you because they see your positiveness. They want a part of it and indirectly push to remain a part of you. I must admit that parts of what is happening makes me feel funny. People act like they have to touch me in unusual ways like a pat on the head, a thank you touch on my shoulder or back. But it’s like they have this need to touch me. I haven’t had a date in 2 years but regular people act like they want to be a part of my life. So I feel like I am on to something big. I just need to apply this to making money so I can exist better then that would free me up to be more aggressive to work on what I really want. i know that is negative thinking but indirectly that would be a goal to reach since I am 60 years old and have no retirement at all and am struggling to exist. Yet I am content with most of my life and love the friends and people I know. I come across as Happy and Content while turmoil exists in my soul. I have the book and the DVD. I was watching it daily. But because of my new schedule now have to take what I have internalized and put into practice on my own.

  • Karen Peterson

    I haven’t watched or read The Secret, because I have read You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay and Ask and It Is Given by Jerry and Esther Hicks, and Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy and Self-Actualization by Abram Maslow, and they all point to the same truths. It is a wonderful gift to draw the best the universe has to offer, but we have to remember that we chose to experience this world before we came, and some of the hardships we are living through are things we decided to experience before we were born. Diversity is part of the richness of humanity. We don’t all want the same things. All the suffering in the world is sad and unnecessary, and I don’t completely understand why it exists. I don’t think people bring it on themselves. I have an incurable disease, and I hate it when it’s implied that I on some level WANT it. But sometimes I do recognize the gift of it in what the experience of learning how to live with it, overcome it, pray about it, be responsible about it has made me who I am. I also am grateful for the opportunity to help people who are suffering, not that they are there for me, but we are maybe there for each other? I too attract people that seem to need me somehow, and tell me they feel they’ve always known me, and even though I still have negative thoughts and am not always watching everything I’m thinking, I don’t put a lot of weight on it, I think the answer to it all is Love. Mother Theresa got it right. And the author of the article is right about practical steps to achieving your dreams. It’s not all done from the couch. Opening our mind to the possibility puts people and things and opportunities in our path to help us reach our goals. And it then begins to flow until one day you look around and say, This is what I always wanted. It’s happening to me right now!

  • Fran Costanza

    Theresa’s perspective is excellent. The Secret is Positive Thinking and Action. It’s an awesome awareness to have and a beautiful way to live. An interesting thing happened when I read all the response comments. When someone wrote in an uplifting affirming style, I felt encouraged and FREE. When someone was negative and critical, my heart felt heavy and energy seemed to leave me. I wonder what we can gather from that?!!! I’ll choose the way of faith, hope and love. And of course the greatest of these is….

  • judith

    i believe that no matter what you believe that is you and as we mature after different avenues we walk that thur all it comes to us that that that always been to believe that by the words of our mouth causes us to hear and when we hear we see our selves how we truly are and we bcome focus and aquaint ourself with others whom realize i am because i am

  • Jan

    Well i have been using the Secert for pretty much all my life. I wished on a star and saw the outcome then let go. With in a child like mind. and all came true. I started to make dreams boards long before the secert. And 8o percent of the images came true.
    The hardests matrix of this life is the one side of what we are taught and the one we belief. So the most that i can share is this.
    Ask… with your whole heart with no hate or ill will or greed.
    Believe that the tree is full of fruit
    Let go to the great power , be very gratiful for when it is happening for you or others.
    Give to others with your whole intentions of goodness, with no pat on the back just for the service to humianity.
    We are creators with the creator of the universe a parntership lets say.
    love yourself and be gentle with your process in this School Room Earth
    For we are the Guardians of this Planet for our childrens future and there children. We own nothing , but own everything in the moment.
    Now is all we have, and how we think today , molds the tomorrows.
    The should, coulv haves are in the past, learn , forgive and move on. for your sake not others.
    Have a buddhaful life… Jan

  • cookie

    i remember as a small child, while trying to go to sleep, playing this “game” in my head– it was like telling a story. i would decide how many kids i’d have; even the person who was to be my husband had a name! well, as i got older, certain events began to come true, and i would realize that it was as if i had “made” it all happen, just by day-dreaming it. even not-so nice events (which were based on what i was living through with the family i had) had it’s impact, as that’s what i thought every family did; therefore, “thinking” these events into my future life, well, they were there when i reached the appropriate time, too.
    i had never been able to put it into words or explain it well, but by knowing it to be true, i’d try to tell my children that we make up the world that we will eventually live in. it was like projecting an image into the future, and then we caught up to it. one child believed in it, one child did not. And now my last child is starting to show that she has now reached that “future” that i referred to, and sees it unfolding around her.
    Being taught to always live the “golden rule” and to say “thank you” along with some other morals have sometimes made them stand out. One lunch-lady told my daughter that she was the only student who ever said “thank you” after recieving her lunch tray.Imagine that! How many kids file through each day and merely grumble or grunt (if any response is given at all) everyday. That poor woman!
    I know that this is all so very true, this “Secret”–i just wish that i had better guidance with it to bring a different future to myself, but i know that there is still time, and that’s what i’m working on.

  • faholo

    A wonderful article filled with common sense and humor. Both missing in the whole LOA and all the other names used to describe this “leave God out of it” movement.
    No one is more positive than a person of true faith, who has the wisdom to hope in the promises of the Lord and guts to love with the compassion of Christ Himself.
    Thanks for sharing “your secret” to happiness, inherited from a wise Dad.

  • Debbie

    Very wise father you had but your even a wiser daughter, and you have a smart husband for supporting his wife and her dreams. Kudos for realising your life and hopefully living it. I am living the wrong life for me. I had a perfect life but never fully realised I was living it until of course it ended. When you fret and complain and always think negatively, funny if your life eventually goes in that direction. Why is it we always want what someone else has, or never fully appreciate what we have already.I have lived one way with one thinking most of my life, I think it is now a good time for a change. A change of thinking, a change of heart, a change of how I perceive things. Maybe this “secret” is something I should learn. Maybe it is something my heart already has know yet has embraced fully.Maybe that is the true secret to life. To be grateful for what we have.

  • Rae

    I read “The Secret” and seem to galvanized by it. To me it ties in with the precept of Gof and the teachings of Jesus,and I believ e with all my believe that Jesus led us many clues in his teaching. Micracles of the loaves and fishes, the Book of Mark 11, chapter 24onward. There are so may areas in the bible to clue us in to the :Law of Attraction: ow could we have missed them with our intense bible classes. Well its seems we have. So my goal now is to bring that Secret into the world, and refresh in a different conetxt what Jesus was trying to teach us. I also firmly believe Jesus is the Tree of Life for another reason, to give us back and teach us how hot use our God given guifts If you are of the belief that God forbade Adam & Eve to eat of the Tree of Life and the Tree of knowledge, you will not that God;s says you have eaten of the tree knowledge and have found yourself to be naked and ashamed. they were baniched from garden left they eat of the Tree of Life: as well.
    I have found my goal, for what you might say, as a fortification of the principals set out starting from Genesis, where it all began, until the time of Christ, where we had all but forgotten so much and needed as so called refresher course . His parabpes be exemples of what we could accomplished is we did things this way instead of the other way, which was ruin. He instilled in his deciples the knowledge that they could heal the sick and on on on This is going to be my goal for the next little while and I have tons of research to do. HoloSync will be of the tools I know I will have to get to help me finf the way and be able focus and learn.
    Call me crazy, but in Genesis God speaks of the tree of Life and the the Tree of knowledge. It appears as the tree of knowledge was eaten then the Tree of Life was lost from Adam and Eve and hence driven out of the tree and therefore lost the Tree of Life and it was sealed forever from mankind. . I firmly be;oeve that the Tree of l;ife was Jesus, our teacher, Messiah, life giver, and redeemer.. Read the new testament expecially Mark, it show that anything you ask of the Fateher, believe that you already have it when you praly and you shall have what you desise. I also believe that the Transfiguration of Christ was the Saviours showing us what we are able to do with this god empowered secret. Able to rise in the air a semingly different and haloed appearance. This should get interesting and Pray for God’s assisting and blessing, because if this doesn’t help the plants and out dreams of peace and harmony for us all, we could be doomed. And only perhaps a few of us will survive the rapture.

  • Rae

    There are a lot pytos in my comment, but I got the urge to run to my conputer and says something of what I revieved from the book. I have inside of me the senseof rightness, but since God created the Universe and still is, I belief that on e we have all read and captured the book to our mind , the living dreams and affirmations will start to menifest.

  • lina

    the secret is to live and love the way our God wanted us to. It has taken me 40 plus years to realize that self sacrefice is a sin, and you know why? because Jesus already did that for all of us, so that I (we) can enjoy our lives which are a precious gift of God, by being selfsacrificing we diminish Jesus’s sacrifice. So live and love and let God control your life, because His ways are higher that our way, and his mercy and grace are enough. Have a blessed life.

  • Preston

    Thank you for posting such a thoughtful and thought-provoking article. The Law of Attraction seems interesting to me, but I earnestly believe that there is more to it than people are writing about. I am exteremly cautious about any doctrine or system of belief that does not acknowledge God or that gives code words that replace the concept of God. The Secret just doesn’t do it for me. I’ll stick with the Abundant Life that Jesus Christ bleed and died to purchase for me at Calvary.

  • yvette

    I think it should be the law of reciprocity vs the law of attraction. I believe that we put our energy out there towards wanting things and but how are we doing that. Are you making your desire known to the world? Well maybe so, but at what point are you doing something about that desire? At what point have you made the decision to go and get what it is that you want. It’s not enough to just say to the universe, “I want to be a superb novelist! I AM a superb novelist!” ..and then just sit back and watch that happen. You have to put your Self in motion and DO something about it, meet your personal goals, have a whole lotta discipline, keep your eye on the ball constantly, juggle all the struggles with all the set backs, and be content with sometimes extremely slow progress (or none even). To just think it and believe that it will suddenly manifest is ridiculous. I believe that if you lock your thoughts and emotions on to something that you believe that you want/desire, then you “put it out there..” by that I mean, we do something and then we get something in return. The return may not be what we want. If we get what we want, are we THEN able to say that the law of attraction worked? If we get negative results because of what we put “out there” to the universe, are we as apt to say the law of attraction worked? would you account for the universe bringing you negative results? Do you think you had ANYTHING to do with it?..or does the universe just get blamed. My point is, basically we do always get something in return for putting our energies “out there” to the universe. What I’m talking about it you ACTING out your beliefs. In a psychological worldview here’s how it works: you have thoughts about something, something you want, something that has happened to you, some experience you’re having, or want to have, etc.., but you have the thoughts (that voice inside of you telling you what you want–or commenting on what’s going on around you), from your thoughts come beliefs about what you are thinking about…what’s going on around you.. what you’re experiencing.. you have beliefs about it. From your beliefs comes your emotions or feelings. You feel things because you believe certain things and emotions and feelings motivate us to act (great communicators to us). As you’re feeling things because of your beliefs, resulting from your thoughts, you then ACT on those beliefs and feelings. You make decisions from that mindset.. from that space.. from that frame of mind.. you make decisions that guide you places in your life. The places you decide to go…the choices you make.. the things you DO (behaviors) are fueled by the beliefs and feelings that you have. This actually happens within your brain.. brain communicates to heart (feelings), and brain makes decisions about how you’re going to respond in the universe. Some nebulous, far-reaching, unattainable idea of how we attract to us what we put “out there” is NOT a freakin secret. PLEEEEASE. It’s simple human behavior. It’s simply human beliefs. It’s simply the idea of hopes and dreams and then acting on them. We are in control of this. We get to decide what we believe and what we do. Nothing in the world puts on US what we do not wish to ALLOW. You are where you are because YOU DID IT. No secret. Just accountability and responsibility for your thoughts, beliefs, feelings, and then your actions. Period. Reciprocity is the return of something. You give and then you receive. My point exactly. You get back what you give. Your input is equal to your output. No secrets there at all. The biggest message people can obtain from the book/movie/media spin on The Secret, is that the secret REALLY is….they got rich because all of you bought it.

  • Vera

    “The Secret” “The Law of Attraction” “You Believe When You See It” “The Power of Postive Thinking” “The Secret of Getting Rich” There are so many excellent books out there that can help us acheive our dreams, but first of all we have to have a dream/goal. And we have to believe that we are worthy of achieving it. Yes there is a lot of hype about “The Secret” and “The Law of Attraction” For those that do not believe that your thoughts combined with the energy you put into those thoughts works. Then I have a challenge for you. One day this week, lets say Thursday, get up with negative thoughts about your work, life, etc. As soon as your feet hit the floor, thing negative, you don’t have any money or enough money, your kids are bad, your boss is mean, you have a lousy car, or no car. etc. and at the end of the day, see how your day went. Now Friday, get up with great wonderful loving thoughts towards you kids, your boss, your significant other, thoughts that you love your job, your car is great, etc and at the end of the day, evaluate. Then compare the two days. I will guarantee that your positive thought day was much nicer and you attacted much nicer people and events into your life. Yes, there is a lot of hype, but remember we have free choice on how we will live our lives and I for one, choose to live with the positive.
    Have a most wonderful day.l

  • Teresa

    The Secret is/was a secret to those who are/were not aware of it. I believe the danger is that many have taken it as the complete story. This is just an introduction to the Law of Attraction. It is simplistic in it’s approach & message. Sadly, many will come home from work, sit on the couch “visualize” their goals & dreams, read a few non related books or magazines, maybe shoot a few hoops, attend a get together, flip through some channels on the tube or surf some websites, make dinner, put the kids to bed repeat more of the before dinner behavior & go to bed. After a few days or weeks of this pattern that is their life, they will mark it all up as a hoax/scam/hype because something did not magically appear in their life. Opportunity after opportunity that would have moved them closer to their dream/goal may have passed them by in the process but because it came along with taking action & work, it could not have been, in their mind, the Law of Attraction.
    There is so much more to the story. James Ray, Esther & Jerry Hicks, Jack Canfield, Michael Losier are just a few that continue the story & teach more than anyone could process in a mere 1.5 hour sitting. The message is fabulous and it takes time & action to attain anything in life.
    Months after I had seen The Secret (& started doing follow up research on it), I was checking the mail. As I reached in the mailbox, I half-jokingly said out loud that I would like to start receiving $500 a month in the mail. No, I didn’t pull out a $500 check that day. I forgot about all about it honestly. That was about 6-7 months ago. As I was checking the mail last month, I realized as I pulled the mail out & looked for my check from a part-time, work at home job that the amount was $497. My check for September is $522 & the one for October will be $525. Was it a miracle? Heck no, I earned every penny of it. The simple truth is that I put it out there & the opportunity arose & I took action (work). I suppose I am just saying that it is about identifying what you want and being open to the possibilites. The opportunities will be there regardless but having the focus helps you recognize them. This is just one of many things that have been flowing into my life since I began studying the Law of Attraction…what was once a secret to me is no longer hidden.

  • Theresa

    I don’t know alot on this subject however, I do believe if you are spiritually aware of Jesus and his sacrifice and are honest with yourself and your dreams/goals good things will come. I also believe no matter what transpires or how you go about your personal journey bad things will always occur in ones life as well as great things. We must recognize and be careful what we aish for. Having been depressed for quite some time and having made it to the otherside of my grief stricken heart I DO believe that the more positive we are the better each day will be. Dream big, focus, tenacity, giving & recieving what is presented to us I think everything is possible!! I put myself in deep isolation because I thought that “humans” where the cause of my pain and deep heartache when in fact my choices and ‘giving up’ are what lead me down a dark pathway but by the grace of God I am well on my way to putting myself at the top of my lot in life. GOD, Meditation, positive influx, gratitude, HOPE, PRAYER helps us cope with the positive and help guide through the pitfalls and disappointments. I will research the SECRET and follow up. Life is ggod when you show up for it and bring your God given gifts with you. Have a blessed day to you all!

  • Kathy Stelivan

    I received The Secret as a birthday gift this year, I started reading the book with great enthusiasm. Only to find that I was very familiar with the whole be positive, think positive experience. I put the book down and haven’t returned to it as of yet. I believe that we have to be ready to receive any thing in life. We have to be in a place of non-resistance, in order to receive what is meant for us to have.
    I have been drawn back to the book, but I want to mentally be ready to gain what I need to gain from the book. I do believe in the law of attraction. I believe we draw to us whatever our dominate thoughts are.
    However, I do not believe that this is a secret. It’s simply something that life teaches us.

  • Larry Parker

    I know you’ve come back to the subject ad infinitum since then, but I have to politely tell you, Therese, in this early posting, you missed the most important defect in The Secret (something I’ve pointed out, well, ad infinitum):
    Human nature is flawed (sinful, if you prefer). So if we are told we can have anything we want in life by just closing our eyes and clicking our heels three times, we ain’t likely to pick “seeing G-d in heaven one day” or “establishing an orphanage in Africa.” No, it’s going to be “gimme, gimme, gimme.” (As this book/CD/short film package, with palpable irony, has been for Rhonda Byrne and those like Oprah who help her preach “the law of attraction.”)
    But a world where EVERYONE practices The Secret wouldn’t look like Shangri-La. It would look more like this infamous Twilight Zone episode — solipsistic in the extreme and dominated by peevish, childish, nay, even bipolar whims dropped on a dime with tantrum-like fury.
    Which, as you know from terribly hard experience, can be fatal.

  • Tom

    I can embrace the Secret when I am on one of my manic euphoric high’s!
    That kind of focus and thinking can definately take me out of my feelings and the power of now! For any of us that have suffered from deep depression, we know well that we can not think our way out of it! “At least that is my experience”. It seems to me that we have a Country of people wandering around, trying to find ways to escape reality by focusing on the future! The Secret is as good as any of the books written on how to avoid it!!!If you want to be on Oprah, just write a book on how to escape reality,focusing on something you really have no control over, and it will help you to avoid noticing the 3 Ghetto’s you drive by on your way to work, where children are going to bed hungry at night! Maybe we could visualize those children having food, of course not taking any action, like donating money, or some kind of time commitment! And at last, all the homeless, which at least 60% suffer from Mental Illness! Maybe we could all visualize them getting Medical treatment, and medication! Sorry I just don’t buy it! I am not even sure Oprah does!!

  • Beverly

    I have seen the results of positive thought. It can get you through most of life’s miserable experiences. This technique is not a secret to me, I have practiced it my entire life. The positive practice can be tiring and I have noticed that is when most negative “out of control” incidences have happened in my life. I always try to visulize for non-selfish things in life because I am afraid I may be sent some material object at the price of something that can not be replaced such as; good health or the life of a loved one.
    I have growm up surrounded with psychic realizations and automatically listening to that protective inner voice. I have not read this book but I definately will asap.

  • Beverly

    I would like to ask if the story my aunt told me a couple of years ago before her death would qualify as having control with positive thought.
    My dad’s older brother was killed in a freak accedent in the mid-fifties. He left a pregrant wife and 3 children under the age of 10. My aunt said her husband was a loving father and husband, an all around dream man. She was now a widow with 4 children in the fifties. She remaried within a coule of years of her husband’s death. The new husband was totally opposite of her first husband-drinking, not getting along with the children and watching every penny she spent. Her children grew up to all be great kids but each had turmoil with this man. When her kids became adults she said she began to pray that God would give her special time and peace with her children before she died. Her prayer was answered and her second husband died 20 years before she did. She was one of the most positive women I ever has the honor of knowing.

  • klauden

    Hi Therese, another terrfic essay written about this ‘Secret'[?]. I
    had just read Valerie Reiss essay ‘The Hubris of the ‘Secret’. That,
    too, was excellent. There is not much more to be said-you’ve about
    exhausted the subject matter. Hard work, perserverance and good
    thoughts[you’d have to have those with 4 daughters:)) are what made
    your father the special man he was. AND what the special kind of
    woman Therese is. Many blessings to you and family.

  • Bbh

    What is wrong in having positvite thoughts? Being more positive in your thoughts can make for a happier you. Where do your negative thoughts get you? How do you feel with those? If you are positive in your life others around you will be more positive. Try it, take a chance and see who you feel after a few weeks.

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  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Jen

    I’m so glad to hear I’m not alone in my dislike (put mildly) of “The Secret.” It is not the Christian way. We pray to our Father and if it is His Will, he will eventually provide.

    I cannot believe that if I want a new car sitting in the driveway, one will magically appear!

    If “The Secret” was true, there would be no evil in this world; there would be no hate; it would be the Garden of Eden.

    I love (!) the way you describe it as “lazy visualization” since that’s exactly what it is. I could never put a simple description on part of why I feel so strongly against this book. You did it for me – talk about lazy! LOL

    Thanks for re-posting this as a reminder that we have to pray for our “desires” and know that they will be delivered if and when they are supposed to be.

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