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According to the Chinese calendar, 2007 is (quite fittingly) the Year of the Pig. This Communist country is getting quite picky with who is allowed to adopt their babies. All persons taking antidepressants are out. But don’t feel bad, fellow […]

I try not to worry too much about discriminations and uninformed labels here on earth because I know the Kingdom of God is stereotype-free. I was reminded of that as I sang the beautiful lyrics to “One Bread, One Body,” […]

Thanks to a reader, Jennifer, for her comment on how Eric’s intolerance for clutter could be seen as controlling. It made me think of the correlation between abusive relationships and depression. While I’m happy to report that my marriage is […]

Yesterday a friend e-mailed me this: “On Wednesday, I will leave my husband of twelve years. He is a depressive. He uses prescribed medication and has available to him a phalanx of good therapists. But he also self-medicates with alcohol. […]

I found this interesting article on how depression affects couples: “Depression Fallout: The Impact of Depression on Couples.”

Clearing clutter has got to be the number one tool used by God’s watchdog of the pearly gates (St. Peter) to distinguish the advanced souls on earth–the Dalai Lamas with absolutely no attachment to material objects–from their infant brother and […]

Even if I fail to effectively de-clutter my home, I’m good at reading about de-cluttering. Two books have been helpful in teaching me what this agonizing task has got to do with mental and spiritual health. In “Make Room for […]

It doesn’t take much to get this mortal second-guessing herself. One harsh message on the comment board will do it. An African-American woman was offended that I used Martin Luther King, Jr.’s sentiments as a launching pad for my own […]

I stayed relatively silent about my depression for two decades because I felt I had no right to complain. Two million children in Africa die a year from Malaria. That’s suffering. Mothers risk their lives to give birth in war-torn […]

From my original blog, in case you missed it: I haven’t always been so candid about my depression and anxiety. A year ago, while in the eye of the storm, I bailed on delivering the keynote address to a large […]