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If I collected a nickel for every uninformed statement I’ve heard about mental illness, I could afford my own psych ward–an entire wing of a hospital. Here are some of my favorites: “People with mental illness are not the only […]

Here’s a fascinating article in Psychology Today (March 1999) called “Depression: Beyond Serotonin” by Hara Estroff Marano. It covers some of the same studies I mentioned in my last post. “New research is challenging the assumption that the world’s most […]

While we’re on the topic of brain anatomy, have I mentioned my tumor? It’s a benign growth in my pituitary gland. Be careful what you pray for. During the year of my depression, I got down on my knees every […]

Maybe it’s because I’m mentally ill myself that I find the behavior of “American Idol’s” contestants perfectly normal. Even if the early audition crowd does suck–if they are “humiliations set to music” (according to a “Washington Post” article)–more power to […]

Here’s a Newsweek interview with Jennifer Crocker, a professor of psychology at the University of Michigan who focuses on self-esteem issues, regarding the treatment of contestants on “American Idol.” She believes that the judges’ criticism “can hurt people’s self-esteem temporarily […]

Last Wednesday a friend of mine died. He was one of the most successful newspaper columnists of his time, the recipient of a Pulitzer Prize, and a comic genius. But I appreciated Art Buchwald most as one of the three […]

Art Buchwald wrote the following as an introduction to a fantastic article in “Psychology Today” (Nov, 1999) called “Celebrity Meltdown: Famous, Important People Who Have Suffered Depression.” “I had two depressions, one in 1963 and the other in 1987–the first […]

We’re in good company! Here’s just a preliminary list of famous people who have struggled with mental disorders. Even more are found in the same “Psychology Today” article for which Art Buchwald wrote an introduction. H-HospitalizedSA-Suicide AttemptS-Suicide Public Figures Barbara […]

In her introduction to “Touched With Fire: Manic-Depressive Illness and the Artistic Temperament,” psychologist and writer Kay Redfield Jamison writes this: “‘We of the craft are all crazy’ remarked Lord Byron about himself and his fellow poets. ‘Some are affected […]

I always knew that a person had to be without disabilities to work (I’m self-employed) or have health-insurance coverage (I’m on Eric’s company plan). But I was reminded today–while renewing my driver’s license–that you also need to be perfect in […]