Beyond Blue
December 2006 Archives

Three-year-old Katherine was demoted from an angel to a star in her preschool Christmas pageant. It called to mind the pangs of devastation I felt in the fifth grade when I lost out to Marci Simons for the part of […]

Speaking of angels, I received a care package from my guardian angel today (the woman I met on a train–see next post). For Christmas my angel gave to me: $90 to get a massage (since she apparently reads this blog […]

I met my guardian angel on a train from New York City to Baltimore, a train I had to sneak onto because of an Amtrak strike. With people standing in the bathroom, in the café car, and in the aisles, […]

Because it has been two months since my last posts, here’s a refresher on why I’m writing this blog: Some people are born with smooth lines; others have jagged edges. Some find contentment in a cup of tea, others stay […]

There is a reason violet follows blue in a rainbow. At the heart of depression’s “blues” is a time of waiting–symbolized by the color purple during Advent, the liturgical season preceding Christmas. It’s appropriate, then, that Beliefnet is launching a […]