Beyond Blue

Beyond Blue

My Guardian Angel Ann

I met my guardian angel on a train from New York City to Baltimore, a train I had to sneak onto because of an Amtrak strike.

With people standing in the bathroom, in the café car, and in the aisles, I searched for some open space. A woman in her 50s with platinum hair and a gentle face moved her bags from the seat next to her and said to me, “You can sit here.”

It was the first chance to think about my manic day: throwing 25 book ideas at my agent, telling inappropriate jokes to a colleague, and scribbling furious notes about random thoughts. Suddenly, a gorgeous woman seated in front of me got up to leave. She didn’t look a day older than 25, so when I heard her mention her adult children living in New York, I said to my train partner, “Genes. Some people get all the good ones.”


“Ha,” she replied, “And I got mental illness.”

“Me too,” I said.

“I’m manic depressive,” she said.

“Me too,” I responded.

We spent the entire three hours taking about diagnoses, medications, psychiatrists, and therapists. I told her that although I had been recently diagnosed as bipolar I didn’t like the idea of taking a mood stabilizer.

It turned out Angel Ann was the first sane, articulate bipolar person I’d met. But I forgot to get her number.

Life is mysterious, though, because don’t you know that in my rush to get off the train, I left my cell phone on my seat. When I realized I had lost it, I used our home phone to dial its number. My angel answered, and she gave me her phone number.


As my depression worsened, I carried her number in my pocket everywhere I went. Sometimes I phoned her daily to hear a nugget of wisdom. “It won’t always be like this,” she said, and I believed her because, unlike other friends, she had been there. A woman of strength and determination, she stuck her tongue out at her diagnosis, and went on living her life. I wanted to be like that. Like my angel. I still do.

  • http://HASH(0xd15e25c) Beyond Blue

    MY STORY BEGINS. Like the woman who posted this on the blog, I had no idea that I had a predisposition to mental illness. Finding out that my biological mother’s father (I just found her, by the way, in 2004), was a paranoid schizophrenic went a long way to explaining how/why I received such a “blessing.” My first manic episode happened when I was “on top of the world;” I was engaged to a wonderful man; had the perfect job that I had dreamed of since the age of 12 – working in a Senator’s office in D.C.; had my own apartment; and was self-sufficient at 20. Maybe that’s why – the Devil found my weakness – pride. I ran around like the proverbial chicken, and soon developed a bunch of delusions – some inculcated in religiosity. “CHRIST CAME BACK AS A WOMAN.” THAT was the biggie. I spent 2 long months in a D.C. psychiatric ward, pummelled with meds, but still very, very “high.” At last, the doctors released me to my parents to be reinstitutionalized in Illinois, where I was from. Of all places, they sent me to Mercyville, a Catholic mental hospital. All sorts of saints were there (in statues), but I didn’t recognize a single angel. After two more months of experimenting with meds, I was released for good. But – like any good “fairy story,” there are chapters in my life that also need to be written. I will pop up again when you least expect me, to tell you tales of 3 more hospitalizations, until I am the well-maintained woman that the local mental health outpatient facility has helped to create. This Christmas Season has been delayed for me, because of a med snafu for 3 months – as soon as I was put back on my normal meds, I am coming out of it, and am trying to get in the Christmas Spirit. As it is now, I’m trying to wake up in the morning – have been sleeping ’til 2-5PM, leaving little time for a “life.” But – “every day, in every way, I’m getting better and better,” as an old quote reassures me. So – a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU ALL, and may you find a serene and calm place in your hearts to accept, not only your Savior, but yourself.

  • Dici Perigo

    I think that there comes a point in time when we all have to stick our tongues out and go “TTTHHHHPPPPPPTTTTTT!!!!” at those cold, sterile diagnosis of whatever the mental illness is. It’s going to do it’s best to destroy our lives and sink us down into permanent darkness. It’s our job to prove it wrong by holding on to the promises of God and realize He never leaves us alone and there is always, always an Angel walking right beside us, and sometimes, to get it thru our thick skulls, He steers us into the paths of human “Angels”. ME

  • http://HASH(0xd1602b8) Patricia Hudak

    Beyond Blue, I never do this but the thought occuring to me is to tell you…on rising look to the sunrise and later on in the day watch for the sunset. These will be a constant reminder that you heard only an opinion and you too, can overlook the negative diagnosis and do the opposite. Do not let anything bring on those negative emotions. Happiness is a constant…just like the sunrise and sunset in our lives…some days it will rain,but the sun is there behind the clouds. Enjoy life..your comment touched me and I had to respond. Patricia

  • http://HASH(0xd1619d0) john day

    My Angel kives with me. In 1989 I had double bypass surgery, In 1991 I had triple heart by-pass surgery. in 2000 I had a stent inserted in an artery. Later the stent became clogged and had to be cleaned out with a wire inserted into my artery. The Doctors inserted two more stents one above and one below the old one. Then I was diagnosed with Bi-polar. Then in may 2004 I was diagnosed with cancer of the larynx. In may 06 due to radiation induced chodritis I had to have a total laryngectomy. Through all this my Angel my wife Sandy has stood by my side and nursed me everytime back to health. This november it was she and myself who were watching my dad when he passed away. Remember. God gives to those who he thinks can handle then the problems of the world. I belive in this. Grieve not for what was lost,But rejoice in that which you have. John Day

  • http://HASH(0xd161cf4) john day

    I to was diagnosed with bi-polar affective disorder. The phys Dr. I was seeing had me on so many meds I would actually fall asleep while driving, eating or doing everyday things. Finally I stopped seeing him. I have not took any medications in 2 years. I taught myself everything there was to know about my disorder and have learned to cope.I grive not for that which I have lost, But rejoice in that which I have. John

  • http://HASH(0xd162d2c) dark to dawn

    Message to Patricia. Your comments are well-intended but when a person has a mental illness caused by a chemical imbalance, it is a medical diagnosis, not just an opinion. For those of us who have been correctly diagnosed, I can assure you that no sunrise or sunset can penetrate the darkness of the illness. Ministers or friends who say that you can “think” your way out or “believe your way out” of a despression episode only make matters worse, for it puts the burden on the ill person to do the impossible task of healing his or her own self with thoughts. It feels like another failure in an already tortured life to be told that if you only did this or that simple ritual or believed a certain way, that you would be fine. With a correct diagnosis, the treatment is not belief; it is medication and professional therapy. Only then can the illnesses lift so that the sunrises and sunsets can be appreciated.

  • http://HASH(0xd163adc) Renelle

    I believe in angels, and I believe they come to us many ways in many forms and in different circumstances.When I was fired from my job after 26 years after trying every day to be someones angel in the nursing home, especially those who had no one. I became more ill, and I also dwelled in the depression I had fought since childhood,I too am bi polar. When I felt so despondant I would dream night after night of a presence, not seen but felt, I would hear a whisper, get up, get help, If He leads you to it, you will get through it. I got worse, but turned it over to God, I can’t handle it alone God, you take it from here please. I had an emergency gall bladder surgery, but I had far too much fluid in my body, I woke up in ICU on a vent. I was never alone , standing behind my door, keeping vigil till the very day I was feeling human, was my deceased brother in law, non verbal just there, in a suit, and looking very professional.He remained, until I could walk and help take care of my ADL’s. I have walked through the bowels of hell, my recovery was slow and compounded , but I always felt someone was there. I had to place my Mom in a nursing home, my husband could not take helping me so much, he became more verbal and abusive, I divorced him, I met a man who despite the fact was a thief, and user and a creep, begged me to go see a doctor, he felt I had bi ploar disorder. I went , I began recovery,which will last a life time, but even through his strange ways, he was an angel in disguise, I got the help I need. I also became stronger because I couldn’t focus on getting better and have the hunger, worry about bills, God’s loving hand lead me through the valley of dispair. Every time I felt like throwing in the towel, he sent my cousin with food, money for medicene or a bill, my sisters with money to pay bills,he saw to it I was never alone. Then my Mom passed over,oh I thought I had reached my breaking point, but he sent the angel arch angel Michael to slay the forces wanting to tear down my accomplishments, and when I became too scared, he let me sleep. So comfortable in my Lord’s love, I slept through a tornado, which was not too far away, maybe a fourth of a mile.The sirens blarring I fell in a deep sleep, the evening of my Mother’s funeral, I had a calmness, and I know an angel was there,allowing me the sweet trust and sleep I needed so badly. I also asked him to control the fact I wanted to find a man to share my life, who could handle my health issues, and love me as I love.That I could not trust my judgement but if he would handle it, I would forget it and let it happen in His time, not mine. The very next day,(true story) a man I cared for deeply e mailed me, we reestablished and today after almost a year we are together.I ahve never been happier, or healthier, I have come a long way.He is my angel. Indeed God answers prayers, in his time,in his way. I always say, Sometimes God say’s no, sometimes yes, and there are times He say’s you have to be kidding! No mental illness does not go away, but getting help is the key to living as normal as one can in this stressful, crazy world, you can’t do it alone, you need as many angels as God can spare, and you need to trust, He doesn’t make mistakes, He who knows the number of hairs on our heads,knows our needs, and despairs, and someday He will make it all clear to me.

  • ?

    “It won’t always be like this.” Guardian angels ..I was touched. I phone my guardian angels sometimes everyday (2 of my daughters)…1 daughter seems to take everything I do…depression and all and then she just keeps believing in me and inspiring me. The other daughter is more a comrade in “Somehow we will not have to live like this forever….” I also consider this place my Guardian Angel spot. How do you post so many things in one day? I wish this spot would have been here when I was raising my children….Thank you!

  • Melody

    I had just about every mental dianosis in the book, except multiple personality disorder. I was on a killer drug, which caused diabetes and eventually led to the lower half of my body dying from NO circulation. That led to a major surgery in 2003 when doctors had to go behind my kidneys to clean out major arteries. I had gangrene on my feet and legs. Later that same year, I had a bowel blockage and had to have another surgery which required approx. l foot of my intestines being removed (bowels have major arteries too). Then 6 months later I had 5-way bypass open heart surgery. All because the “medication” I was on caused diabetes (and I was on two oral diabetic meds and insulin at 45 units 3x a day) which none of it brought down the sugar. I stopped that “medication” the night before that first surgery. Three months after stopping it, I had an A1c performed and it showed NO diabetes. The only thing I changed was stopping that “medication”. I prefer the natural approach i.e. fish oil, vitamins and eating style. It has worked tremendously for me and others. The “medication” I was taking is equivalent to a chemical labotomy not given to mad dogs for longer than a month. This “medication” was trying to kill me. Yet not one doctor bothered to stay updated on the side affects for the well-being of their patient – me. The reason I put the word medication in quotation marks is because medication is suppose to help and not harm. The psychiatrist I was seeing was my shrink for only 10 years and yet my health was not a priority for him. I’m the one who alerted him to this side affect. He did not keep up on his homework for my benefit or for his other patients. I’ve had an angel on my shoulder for a very long time but I have God even more. After all, that’s where angels come from. May God bless you.

  • Ian

    Dear Therese,
    I bumped into your page and I thank the Angels for that. I have Scizophrenia following a brain injury. Ever since I have worked a mission for God as an Earth-Angel. I had 5 ops, plus more you can read on the link below. Sceptics were turned around in awe when tests showed that due to the Brain Injury neutrons found a way to bypass the Injury sites and pass through the 80% of Brain we do not use as they fired about. I am a termilly ill man and disabled but since my Brain Injury the people I have met in Mental Illness have been true human beings with great attributes like being tolerant, non-judgemental and loving. The Angels and Light workers I have met have been a revelation. Since my Brain Injury 9 years ago my gift of Angel Communication and translation has helped many and I have fullfilment and enlightenment with each soul I help no matter what dimension..I just wanted to say to are a beacon of light..god bless..
    Earth Angel Ian xxx

  • Stephen Curtis Drabner

    I do believe in angels. One day after working the night shift I stopped
    at a gas station after I got off work to buy a gallon of milk so my kids
    could have breakfast before starting school. As I walked out of the store and was in front of my car, I felt a presence to my right and it
    spoke to me. The angel told me, “You shouldn’t have stopped here. Something bad is going to happen.” This was all telepathy, and I replied
    “That is great that you warned me, but what am I suppose to do?” The
    angel told me to turn off my radio and lower my windows. As I was pulling out of the driveway, I faintly heard a mourn and slammed on my
    brakes and backed up. There was a man laying in the driveway. As I
    walked up to him, I noticed he had a white T-shirt on and my tire marks
    were on his T-shirt. I would have run over him had this angel not warned
    me and told me what I had to do to save his life. This is a true story
    that has changed my life, because I now know that angels do truly exist.

  • Anonymous

    I believe that God sends his angels to help us!!! It is so wonderful to believe. I have gone thru a lot and I know that God and his angels have been there for me 100%. It is not about having a lot of faith, it is about having faith in the father, the son, the holy spirit & the messengers(our beautiful angels). If we think about it, we have the biggest army to help us out,with just a little faith. JUST BELIEVE!!!

  • Ian

    Dear Therese,
    My Angels tell me you will be looking to find a bit more about me which was mentioned in the previous post. will help.
    God Bless You
    Light and Love

  • Anonymous

    No one can empathize, if they have not gone through a depression. For anyone who may be thinking of dropping out, remember this too shall pass and the rest of your life is waiting. God has a job for all of us to do, and a happiness beyond what we can imagine! Pray and call on his name

  • Laura M.

    I too believe in Angels. A while back, I had a young gent, from a semi-pro hockey team share our home. He had just lost his brother, and I really didn’t know what to expect. As a teenager, away from his family, I expected the worst. My family had just gone through a rough time after a difficult marrage, with abuse. Mark, our hockey player arrived. The first thing he unpacked was a Bible. He restored my Faith in the Lord once more. Just when I thought I was having a rough time, this boy just lost a brother, and still had enough faith to believe. I Thank God everyday, for bringing Mark into my life. I could talk to him about everything, and always had a kind word to say. I still keep in contact with him and his family, and wish his family God’s blessings for the joy he has brought.



  • Karen

    Last year I spent 8 months in an out of the bed. I went to the ER 5 times, (only to be sent away), had a colonoscopy, barium study, many blood and urine tests, 4 cat scans, 2 ultrasounds and many trips to the doctor. I started out loosing my voice and being tired all the time. Then it was constipation and stomach aches months after months. It finally turned into diarrhea which happened when I ate or drank anything. I lost 45 pounds. My friends told me don’t look in the mirror, your hair is awful. And I never did because it was from the toilet to the bed every day. I got so weak I could not lift my head off the pillow. I did not have the strength to dry off after a bath, (forget trying to stand in the shower). The only thing that came up on all of these test was that my white blood cell count was always high. Which means their is infection in the body, but if they could not figure out the source, they could not give me antibiotics. Finally, before my 5th time to the ER, I decided subconsciously that I would go ahead and die, no doctor could treat me or find out what was wrong. I was lieing in my bed and watched my mother bring me a dry piece of toast for breakfast. At that time I felt like the pillows around me were mountains, and my mother was a good distance away. She asked me do I want anything else and I said 1 more piece of dry toast. She brought that to me, I ate half and had to throw the other half on the nighstand because I could not lean over to place it there. It was then I decided to sleep and give up. When I fell asleep a short time later, I heard very clear a woman speak to me. She said “Karen, if you do not get out of bed right now, you are going to die”. It was then I felt the urgency of seeking help again. I threw myself out of bed, crawled into my closet and on the floor I proceeded to pull the clothes down to wear. I crawled to the steps and threw my shoes down the stairs. My mom said what is going on? I told her call the ambulance. I told my mom I did not think I could walk to the car in the driveway, which was not far. She said she would help me, and also had to put on my shoes. I went to the hospital and they started the same tests and questions. The doctor told my mom she has been here 2-3 hours and has not had diarrhea yet. My mom said that is because she has nothing on her stomach.
    So I asked for crackers. After eating almost 2 crackers, I had to run to the bathroom. He finally agreed to admit me. They did an endoscopy on me and took tissue samples from my stomach and intestines, and gave me every pill known to try to stop the diarrhea. On the 5th day the doctor came in the room and said she was going to have to dismiss me. My mother said she can’t go home like this she will die. The only thing helping her now is the IV. The doctor said they would be looking at the test and let us know. My mother said no way. So the doctor told us she would see if any tests came back. 2 hours later a lady from CDC walked in. She looked at my mom and I and said, she found the problem, but we would no believe it. My mom said what is it? The CDC doctor said you have a 3rd world parasite and your body is fighting itself. This parasite is not visible to the human eye and is very rare. She said we will put you on 4 antibiotics to take a one time, that are very strong. In fact I had to sleep at least 2 hours after taking them. Sure enough my diarrhea slowed down and eventually stopped. I went home that Friday afternoon. The point
    to this very long story, is that I discovered after a few months and telling people about this woman that spoke to me, that I had the privilege of meeting my Guardian Angel. I was surprised, I never thought of that. So I know without a shadow of doubt that we have a Guardian Angel looking out for us, in that critical time of need.
    She saved my life. I saw what my friends meant when I looked in the mirror on the way to the hospital, I scared myself (I looked like a corpse). It took me many months to bounce back but now I am much more spiritual and realize how important it is to believe in a greater power to step in at the most critical times of our lives. Never disregard your inner voice or emotional drive, if it is for the best. Our power comes from within, it is up to us to go past the possibilities and live our dreams. Karen

  • Luke T.

    I suffered from Depression 4 years ago and it took me a little more than one year to get out of it. It was tough as noone around me really knew what was the problem and had had experience with it. I struggled thru it having faith that God would not let me go thru something thatwas not somehow good for me and my walk with Him.I did not use medicines or any other therapy. I struggles thru hoping each time I was down that it would go away. And finally it did getbetter and went away. I thought I was delivered completely from this affliction, but I just got it again 4 months ago and am still struggling with it right now.
    I am on my way up and having more good days than bad days. I have had these angels sent by God to my rescue in time of greater difficulty. As I prayed, God answered my prayers like the pastor who was stranded on the roof during the flood and got a ladder, a boat etc… story.
    These angels were sent to me at the time I really needed them and I was amazed at the timing and very grateful for them.
    They seemed to know a lot more than I about what I was suffering from at the time and helped pull me up.
    I don’t know what my depression is. It started both times when I was in the airplane and i got claustrophobic and laking oxygen, which made me panic. So it started with a panic attack. Then it was gone for a couple of weeks but when the flight back was due my body reacted with fear and it started a year of attacks that I had to learn to fight and overcome.
    I was fine for 4 years and flew without trouble each time.
    Last year while I was flying it cam back again. then a few days later after what I would call an emotional event I started overtaking me again.
    I knew from past experience how to react to it but slowly it got worse and I hit bottom. It has been a fight once more and 4 months have passed by and I am still battling. But as I said with more days that bad ones right now. So I have hope! I talked to people taking medicine but noone has been really convincing about the help it has brought them and that it might have helped the sickness go away faster. So I have felt like the man who said that without medicine it takes 2 weeks to heal but with medicine it takes only 14 days.
    So really no difference! So I am sticking to that. Every time I prayed for God to confirm if this or that medicine would help, He never did.
    But when I got really down and it got intense, and I prayed for help He sent me someone each and everytime.
    So I know He is here seeing me and helping me.
    If you have gone thru something similar and want to get in touch and you have experience with something similar please write me.

  • rieser

    beautiful, thank you

  • denise murter

    i here a lot of people know the name of their GUARDIAN ANGEL, how is that, i would love to learn more.about that i believe in angels totally
    i think sometimes that’s why i am a live because they save my backside many time, i laugh and say they must be sick of me,
    denise pa

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment james westley

    My Name is James WESTLEY..I never believed in Love Spells or Magics until I met this special spell caster when i contact this man called Execute some business..He is really powerful..My wife divorce me with no reason for almost 4 years and i tried all i could to have her back cos i really love her so much but all my effort did not work out.. we met at our early age at the college and we both have feelings for each other and we got married happily for 5 years with no kid and she woke up one morning and she told me she’s going on a divorce..i thought it was a joke and when she came back from work she tender to me a divorce letter and she packed all her loads from my house..i ran mad and i tried all i could to have her back but all did not work out..i was lonely for almost 4 years…So when i told the spell caster what happened he said he will help me and he asked for her full name and her picture..i gave him that..At first i was skeptical but i gave it a try cos have tried so many spell casters and there is no solution…so when he finished with the readings,he got back to me that she’s with a man and that man is the reason why she left me…The spell caster said he will help me with a spell that will surely bring her back.but i never believe all this…he told me i will see a positive result within 3 days..3 days later,she called me herself and came to me apologizingI NEVER BELIEVED IN LOVE SPELLS UNTIL I MET THIS WORLD’S TOP SPELL CASTER. HE IS REALLY POWERFUL AND COULD HELP CAST SPELLS TO BRING BACK ONE’S GONE,LOST,MISBEHAVING LOVER AND MAGIC MONEY SPELL OR SPELL FOR A GOOD JOB.I’M NOW HAPPY & A LIVING TESTIMONY COS THE WOMAN I HAD WANTED TO MARRY LEFT ME 2 WEEKS BEFORE OUR WEDDING AND MY LIFE WAS UPSIDE DOWN COS OUR RELATIONSHIP HAS BEEN ON FOR 2YEARS… I REALLY LOVED HIM, BUT HIS MOTHER WAS AGAINST US AND HE HAD NO GOOD PAYING JOB. SO WHEN I MET THIS SPELL CASTER, I TOLD HIM WHAT HAPPENED AND EXPLAINED THE SITUATION OF THINGS TO HIM..AT FIRST I WAS UNDECIDED,SKEPTICAL AND DOUBTFUL, BUT I JUST GAVE IT A TRY. AND IN 7 DAYS WHEN I RETURNED TO USA, MY GIRLFRIEND(NOW WIFE) CALLED ME BY HERSELF AND CAME TO ME APOLOGIZING THAT EVERYTHING HAD BEEN SETTLED WITH HIS MOM AND FAMILY AND SHE GOT A NEW JOB INTERVIEW SO WE SHOULD GET MARRIED..I DIDN’T BELIEVE IT COS THE SPELL CASTER ONLY ASKED FOR MY NAME AND MY GIRLFRIENDS NAME AND ALL I WANTED HIM TO DO… WELL WE ARE HAPPILY MARRIED NOW AND WE ARE EXPECTING OUR LITTLE KID,AND MY WIFE ALSO GOT THE NEW JOB AND OUR LIVES BECAME MUCH BETTER. IN CASE ANYONE NEEDS THE SPELL CASTER FOR SOME HELP, HIS EMAIL ADDRESS IS; ……HOPE HE HELPS YOU OUT OUR OPPORTUNITY … CONTACT THIS GREAT SPELL CASTER VIA…

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment julite

    how i got my cheatin husband back
    My name is MR JULITE wood I married with two wonderful kid and I am a Canadian.My husband and i have been married for 10years and we were such a big happy family.But he started changing ” for the worse ” he looked at me like a stranger and he treat the kid like they weren’t even his.I knew at ones that he had another woman.I hired a private investigator that cost me a lot.It turned out that i was right all along.I couldn’t just believe it so I confronted him with the pictures I had but he denied it bluntly.He said she just just a girl he has some working project with and foolish of me i so believed him.But on bad day i caught them red handed at that moment my heart stopped for a while as i bust into tears.I was furious that i hit the whore so hard before I could ask why with my shaking voice my husband
    hit me so hard.I have never seen in his eyes so much hate before.I fell to ground crying my heart out it was so hurtful.He was no longer living with me and our kids I still remember his words ” keep the house and your sick kids “.I wanted to drop dead but my lovely kids gave me strength to fight for what was my.He was asking for a divorce but i wanted to my husband back so i had to delay the process to buy time for myself so as to figure out a way to get him back.On a good day “god bless the internet “i stumbled on an ad of how a girl got her boyfriend back after he broke up with because of some girl with the help of a witch doctor or a spell caster at first I told myself it’s scam but as pressure from my husband lawyer increased I became desperate and gave it try .I contacted him with his email address she left in her ad.His mail were so had to his English was not so clear but he helped me any way off course not for free he charged me and i pay every cent. thank the stars it work.I paid for the material which he used for the rite And when he claimed to have finished whatever he was doing i paid for his services.He sent me a hand written enchanting words and asked me to recite morning and night for seven day ” as he said seven is the perfect number “I did just that but at first nothing happened out of frustration i sent all kind of insult to him even calling a low life scam.He said he could destroy the entire thing he did but he wouldn’t so I can see how wrong i was.he said those enchanting words he gave me will make my husband see the demon in his new lover and its going to make him hurt badly.just a
    week later my husband was sued for physical abuse on his so called New girlfriend.he gave a black eye and didn’t show remorse in the court house.just what the spell-caster had said ” he would hurt her badly “.he literally confessed that he hated her all of a sudden.All the witch dr peter did worked.Thank the stars she only wanted him to stay away from her so the judge asked him to pay $5000.after all this is trouble my husband came back asking for my forgiveness and I did without thinking it was all I wanted for him to come back to me and the kid.My husband and i have never since this kind of happiness before.He his as faithful to me and as a saint.I know cos I hear his friends say “what happened to the fun guy we know “.so if you have a similar problem just contact i bet you this one is know fake.You can only choose to believe me cos i haven’t tried this spell thing before and now that I have i can only happily share with who ever is reading this.

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