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Speaking of angels, I received a care package from my guardian angel today (the woman I met on a train–see next post). For Christmas my angel gave to me: $90 to get a massage (since she apparently reads this blog and in an earlier post I vented about the arrogant massage therapist who told me he could decrease my need for meds), a copy of “God Thinks You’re Wonderful!” by Max Lucado, a greeting card that says “I love you” (on the front) “Despite what my mood swings say” (on the inside), and a 2007 calendar of angels–an angel quote for every day of the new year. Here are some I especially like:

“If you walk in love, you walk with angels.”
–Kathryn Schein

“There is an old saying that before a baby is born, God kisses its soul. And as its guardian angel bears it earthward to its little body, he sings. Is there, in my subconscious self, still a dim memory of that kiss, a faint echo of that song?”
–Prayer at a Greek Christening

“Acknowledge miracles in your life. Angels are God’s miracle workers.”
–Jayne Howard Feldman

“We should get to know the angels now if we wish to spend eternity with them.”
–Pope Pius XII

“The angels remind us that we are not only worthy, but infinitely capable of creating that which we long for. Peace, love, and happiness are always available to us. We are worthy of love, kindness, and respect simple because we exist. This comes with being human.”
–Ambika Wauters

“Where this is goodness, there is an angel.”
–Suzanne Siegel Zenkel

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