Benedictions: The Pope in America

Over on the Commonweal magazine blog where I occasionally contribute, Sister Mary Wood points out, apropos of my papal fashion story, that the pope has “snubbed” (their words Down Under) the organizers of this July’s World Youth Day in Sydney, declining to use the vestments they had designed for the event. According to this story on an Australian news service, the vestments had bee billed as “chic clergy couture” on the WYD website. They were “earthy-red” and featured the Southern Cross constellation on the front and an indigenous feature titled “Marjorie’s Bird” on the back. Pope said no, but may wear some variation on the motif if it can be made more “Christian.” Liturgy is not for the faint of heart. According to WYD officials, WYD liturgist Father Tim Deeter has already left Sydney and his WYD choirmaster position because of “stress.”

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