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Are You Hesitating? When God gives you a clear direction to “GO!” it’s time to go. To hesitate brings in confusion and a high price we really don’t have to pay. There’s no need to calculate, strategize or map out […]

I recently asked God to do something radical.  “God, please help me to love anyone, anywhere and to never be disgusted.” Now before you want to correct me and ask me to explain what ‘disgusted means’… let me continue. So […]

We all have a past. We all have a history. But no one moves forward in life by looking at what’s in the rear view mirror. Can you imagine? Driving down a freeway going 70 miles per hour, but the […]

Coffee In Maui I had never traveled more than 6 hours before and to tell the truth, that felt like sheer torture. Being raised with notions that people die on planes, it took me awhile to get over those fears. […]