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Stop competing with everyone. When we do this we lessen the value God created in us. Ask God to show you how amazing He sees you. Competing is combative. It takes a lot of energy. When we spend our days […]

My energy is at full speed early in the morning. So it would be silly of me to write my book, articles, or anything that requires the best of me later in the day. The best use of my time […]

It’s Thursday! Time to “tune up your ToDo list!” Now fess up… how are your thoughts doing? Studies show that the first thoughts we have in any given day influence the rest of the entire day! To become strong business […]

They told him it couldn’t be done. They had an ambulance waiting for him. They did not expect him to make it, let alone break it. The four minute mile was broken against every scientific odd, every human expectation. I […]

We all have a past. We all have a history. But no one moves forward in life by looking at what’s in the rear view mirror. Can you imagine? Driving down a freeway going 70 miles per hour, but the […]