Be More

Roger Bannister

They told him it couldn’t be done.

They had an ambulance waiting for him.

They did not expect him to make it, let alone break it.

The four minute mile was broken against every scientific odd, every human expectation. I wonder if when Roger Bannister  crossed the finish line and his legs were screaming and his heart was racing…. did he really experience physical exhaustion or was it the exhaustion of pressing past a lifetime of negative comments that it couldn’t be done that screamed through his body?

Were the legs limp from sheer exhaustion because it was true, that human limbs were not designed to do such feats? Or were they screaming with exhaustion because one man was breaking and making history in under 4 minutes?

His record released a greater record just a month later.

Human expectation controls the outcome of all of life’s happenings. In 1954 a medical student who was not poised to take the trophy, wasn’t primed and targeted as the athlete of choice, broke the record.

Please, do not sacrifice what God tells you to do on the altar of what mere men think is possible.

BREAK the 4 minute mile God is calling you to shatter!

With love,
Sandi Krakowski



You Choose

We all have a past. We all have a history. But no one moves forward in life by looking at what’s in the rear view mirror. Can you imagine? Driving down a freeway going 70 miles per hour, but the only place you can look is behind you? I hate to break it to you, but you’d be dead. Are you killing your future by focusing on your past?

When we focus on our past, what we’ve done, where we were ……and not on our future and where we are going, we cripple ourselves. You were given a gift from God. Use it.

It’s a beautiful thing, choice. God gave us a choice. It’s His powerful gift to us all. He has given us power to choose. Power to recreate ourselves, wipe the slate clean, start over. And deep within the human spirit is a desire to do that. To be new. To start over. To experience change.

It’s never too late to become your best self. Take the beliefs that are in conflict with your goals and your purpose and reject them. It’s that simple.

Today, you choose. Where you’ll go. How you’ll handle things. How you’ll respond when things don’t go your way.

It’s not about having our way all the time and being the one who wins, it’s all about who we BECOME in this journey of life that matters. Where was our heart? What was our focus on?

To dream gives us something to live for. To press forward despite a past that is littered with shattered pieces encourages us all. So do your part. Quit trying to be an overnight wonder. Stop punishing yourself for things in your past. If God offers forgiveness, please, take it. He gave you a choice. So choose.

Your best life is just ahead!

With love,

Sandi Krakowski



Coffee In Maui

I had never traveled more than 6 hours before and to tell the truth, that felt like sheer torture. Being raised with notions that people die on planes, it took me awhile to get over those fears. I was long past them but going beyond 6 hours over an ocean without a break on a plane. UGH.

But we made it. We made it alive.

Stepped into the Maui airport and the smell was like something I’d never ever encountered before in my entire life. I remember grabbing my husband’s arm like a school girl saying, “Do you think God dropped a small piece of heaven into the ocean and that’s what Hawaii is?”

He was so caught up in the moment I don’t even know if he heard me. The smells. The warmth. The rainforest like humidity.

We’d never really taken a vacation before like this. I had built businesses, we got into massive debt, we got out of massive debt, we downsized, we finally got a nice home, stayed debt free, built the company I now own, totally debt free. But vacations? They weren’t a part of the plan most of the time.

Then things changed. A friend had asked me what I wanted in my schedule that year.  So I was daring. Brave I was! I exclaimed back the most absurd thing I could think of!

“I want 2 weeks off every 90 days. I want to go to Hawaii twice a year. I want to do it year after year.”

His reply? Without a flinch? “Ok then. It’s done.”

I remember thinking, “Oh my gosh. I’ve never taken 2 weeks off before. Hawaii? I am terrified to fly to California most times I go! 11 hours on a plane?! What have I gotten myself into?!”

But I’m the girl who tells people they can be anything and anyone they want to be.

I’m the one who says, “Shoot for the stars, the whole world is your canvas and you can create the kind of life you want!”

That day, as I sat in tears, looking at the ocean with a cup of 100% Kona Coffee, in Maui, God was talking to me again.

“There’s a whole big world out there and you are going to change it. They need your encouragement. They need your child like faith. Will you go?”

Go? Go where? That was the only thought I had.

Little did I know that this little cup of coffee sitting in the early morning sun in Maui would turn into a dream I had never planned.

Dreaming with God. Bill Johnson wrote a book about that. I began living it a few years ago…

I sign my social media posts like that many nights before I go to bed. It’s more than a saying, it’s a lifestyle.

I think I’m finally starting to see it’s something worth pursuing.

With love,

Sandi Krakowksi



Sphere Of Influence

Sphere Of Influence

When you were knit in your mother’s womb, God gave you a SPHERE of influence. Sphere meaning: An extent to which your knowledge, social position, insights, dominion, arena and power would GROW THE MOST.

We are 100% in control of what we do with our sphere of influence.

Now the “Boot Camp” starts and trust me, your sphere and your promises from God comes with TERRITORY you are supposed to invade to help change the world. To help others be stronger, to impart into others great encouragement and power. THIS is why the enemy fights you.

Remember to draw from what GOD has already given you. Don’t perform. Don’t overcompensate. Don’t agree with all the labels, voices and messages of your past. AGREE with God that your sphere of influence comes with power, grace, ability and insight.

Then…. do everything you can to grow that. Invest into yourself. Get new friends. Keep short accounts. Forgive quickly!

You are POWERFUL. Agree with heaven and strengthen your sphere of influence.

With love,

Sandi Krakowski