Be More

Be More

Rest…… it’s a super power!


REST….. it’s a SUPER power!

REST- it’s a spiritual principle that so many people forget or misunderstand. Being lazy, refusing to work, craving a life with no work is not rest, it’s lethargy and will destroy your life, finances & relationships.

Rest is emotional, physical and spiritual. It’s when we purposefully lay aside things so we can be renewed, elevated and given strength. The blessing of God is on and in rest. It is not on laziness.


To push ourselves and feel false guilt when we should rest is an evil spirit. To think God will bless us when we sulk in laziness and apathy is equally evil. Rest will set you apart. It dissolves anxiety and all negativity trying to infect your life. Laziness will make you critical, judgmental and fearful.

Hard work refreshes and restores. Provision comes through work and he who does not forsake his land will see a harvest. Rest then solidifies the growth. Laziness will cause our harvest to dry up or become overgrown with weeds. It makes us frantic and hurried when we procrastinate and serve laziness. We become focused and diligent when we work hard and then rest.

Take time to just BE and refuse laziness and anxious haste.

It’s a new year! #BEMORE

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