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Are You Hesitating?

sandi krakowski

Are You Hesitating?

When God gives you a clear direction to “GO!” it’s time to go. To hesitate brings in confusion and a high price we really don’t have to pay.

There’s no need to calculate, strategize or map out how God is going to move. He doesn’t need your help. He just needs your heart.

Oftentimes we think God is still ‘working things out’ so we say that we are ‘waiting on the Lord’. When in reality as soon as God designed that something would be, it is.  It is done. It’s finished. He INTENDS to complete it. Don’t get in the way of God’s divine order. Don’t try delaying God’s divine plan and putting in on your calendar when it’s convenient.


Hesitation can get us into a lot of trouble. Make a commitment. Make a decision and then MOVE! Being relentless to show up where God is moving, when He is moving, is how you overcome it. Please don’t act in haste or in a way that is just plain goofy. But when God has clearly spoken, OBEY.

Sure, there will be some discomfort. I’ve never had God move on my time table or in the way I thought He should. But He has never failed to enable and give the grace that I need when I simply obey.

BE MORE my friends. Be more.

Trust and obey, for there’s no other way, to be happy in Jesus, than to trust and obey.

With love,
Sandi Krakowski



    Sandi, I have done so much soul searching and have found what it is that I want to do, I have had the Lord Bless me, I feel it, we talk, I know this is it, but I still hesitate because I have failed so many times before, Stress has been in my life for more years then I have been alive and I do not want anyone else going thru what I went thru with stress, so I have researched and researched and done of course thru a biblical process, and I feel I am ready but where do I go, how do I get my info out there??? I know I can help people, I went from 4 xanax a day to nothing but herbs, oils and major change in diet but most of all, I went to the Lord, for he helped me change everything, but why do I still feel the hesitation? I have been in many of your classes Sandi, but it was at a bad time of my life where I let everything else control me, now it is different, I let God control everything, and I follow him. I guess I need that extra push and the Lord keeps leading me back to you. Will you help me? We met in Dallas, Saturday with Sandi, and it was awesome, still listen to “Waste it All” That song brings chills to my spine. I have been working hard but missing the key components, actually running it and making the products , I am sorry, I can run it, I just have no clue on how to make the products, videos? e-books? a book? which is hard but I have started one. 21 Day courses done, need help putting it out there. Lisa

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment MARIA GRACIA

    Very helpful

  • Darrel Hestdalen

    God is rarely early but never late.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Gayle Martin

    I just love everything about you. Thanks for being so bold about your faith. Jesus is the only way.

  • Monica

    Awesome Awesome Awesome!

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Your Name


  • Dan

    I would go in a heartbeat if I had a clear “go” from God. Don’t feel like I have that yet.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Kim

    Hi Sandi,
    This was so timely. I just came back from a Fall workshop for my direct sales business. I want to move up and I keep stepping back when it’s time to do what I keep saying I’m going to do. It’s time for me to step out!

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Melissa

    This message is perfectly timed for me. I know God has told me that I will be relocating. He has used several things to confirm this. BUT, at this time I can’t see where He has shown me any particular direction to go. I would very much appreciate your prayers in the matter.

  • Christine Hoeflich

    The following is a real life example of what you’re talking about, Sandi. It illustrates the rewards that are available when we follow through with Guidance, as well as that most opportunities are fleeting.

    About three and a half years ago, I was hiking in the Los Gatos foothills when all of a sudden I received a hunch to call an acquaintance. I had promised to help with a project, and I wanted to communicate that I could be counted on.

    I realized I didn’t have his number in my cell phone contact list, but as I was hiking up the hill, I remembered I had called him recently. So I looked through my call history for a (650) area code number and dialed the first (650) number I came across.

    An unfamiliar man’s voice answered, “This is KZSU and you’re the winner. “Can you hold?”

    “Yes, I can hold,” I said, blown away, realizing I had just “by accident” called the radio station where my friend hosted a weekly radio show.

    Well, it turns out that I won a pair of tickets to the Monterey Jazz Festival! And even though I had been very confident in my ability to discern and follow through with my inner guidance by then, this amazing result raised my confidence even more.

    Notice that I didn’t hesitate to follow through with my inner guidance (which is connected to the Divine Plan). Even though I knew I didn’t have my friend’s number in my contacts, that didn’t prevent me from figuring out another way to get the number. Notice also that there was a very small “window of opportunity” for getting this particular result. If you wait too long to follow through with your intuition, your window of opportunity will pass you by.

    I have seen this over and over in my life. We take little steps and we become more confident until we have the confidence to follow through promptly and consistently.

    Thanks for your post Sandi!

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Allena Pilkinton

    Dearest Sandy!
    Gotta tell you this is for me! God gave me a Divine Word for a business, and then I heard Him say “it’s not what you think, Allena.” He did NOT say “Stop moving forward.” He has recently propelled me forward & it ALL is causing me to simply trust & obey. When I stopped moving forward, kind of like a baby sitting down wherever she is, it began to get foggy & as you said confusion creeped in. No more! I’m embracing what He’s given me. I know He has called me to BE MORE! Thank you! Love you & love your heart!

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Heidi Knieling

    What a great word at a time for us when we’ve had a bit of a bomb dropped on us and need to find direction for The Lord!

  • skrakowski

    VERY true… and that’s the exciting part! We get to learn every step of the way! OY VEY sometimes the journey is scary and tumultuous! But it’s always the best there is.
    Sandi :)

  • Sue-Ham

    Truly love this post and it’s right on time for me. Will definitely share this much needed blog post.

  • skrakowski

    Hi Paul,
    It’s like the voice of a loved one. The more you learn of Him, the more you’ll hear Him. Read His word above all things. Ask Him to reveal His voice to you through a few select people. Ask Him to speak to you in dreams or visions. Make a commitment to listen and not question everything He says. :)
    It’s a journey!

  • David Newby

    Great article, Sandi. I agree, we need to stop thinking and just start doing. God sees all and knows all, and there is nothing He needs from us to get us where He wants us…EXCEPT our faith and obedience. It’s easier said than done usually, being that God will always challenge us to do something outside of the box. But the only victory we have is the one we let Him lead us to. Blessings. -David

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Paul

    Not hesitating but looking to hear from God. Looking to just hear him say or direct me in some direction. Would love to hear stories on how people heard and new it was God.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment judy Baker

    you have been such an inspiration to me since i started following you on fb. have been going through some real trying times lately!!God Bless!

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