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Professional journalists, clergy, bloggers, students and other folks simply interested in learning more about how religion headlines happen – check out these events coming up in Manhattan: 1) Religion and the Media The Jewish Theological Seminary 7:30 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. […]

Here’s another religion/journalism event worth checking out, on Nov. 15, live in New York or via webcast: Does religion breed intolerance and violence?  Or has it primarily been a source for good, imbuing followers with purpose and encouraging moral behavior? […]

If you who missed Friday’s religion reporting panel at Columbia University — either in person or virtually — here are some excerpts from my notes. (These are paraphrased, not direct quotes.) Moderated by Columbia Prof. Ari Goldman, the panel featured George Vecsey […]

Believe it or not, most news is religion news, whether we’re covering wars, terrorism, politics, immigration, bullying, holidays, you name it. Even when a story seems completely unrelated to faith, there are usually religion ghosts lurking between the lines. Whether […]

Covering religion requires an open mind. I’ve written about all sorts of faith traditions in the 10 years, and not much raises my eyebrows anymore, but some things do require me to suspend disbelief more than others: celibacy-with-exceptions for Catholic […]

Davidson College, a small private Presbyterian school in North Carolina, can’t have police officers with the power to arrest suspects and enforce state law — because of its religious affiliation, the state Court of Appeals ruled yesterday. From the Associated Press story: Allowing the […]

(Updated at 6 p.m. EST to add the RNS link.) It’s a busy news day for the Supreme Court, not even including Elena Kagan’s confirmation hearings — Reuters reports that SCOTUS has ruled in favor of the University of California’s […]

This has turned into Gay Faith News Wednesday! Guess I’ll run with it: While American lawmakers appear poised to lift the ban on gays in the military, they’re getting an earful from religious groups on both sides of the debate. A […]

The U.S. Supreme Court has started hearing arguments in Christian Legal Society v. Martinez, the case that concerns whether the University of California’s Hastings College of Law can deny formal recognition (including organizational funding) to the student religious group that denies […]

The U.S. Supreme Court has declined to take up a case charging that a superintendent in Everett (near Seattle, my neck of the woods) should not have banned an instrumental performance of “Ave Maria” at a 2006 high school graduation ceremony. According […]