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I’ve been busy this week covering some interesting research studies (blog posts to follow) on  American faith, politics and behavior. In the meantime, the world is still turning — and shaking. Surprisingly, no word yet from Harold Camping or other doomsday Christians on whether this Virginia earthquake is another sign that we’re in End Times.

Also, keep in mind that given the timing of this event, so close to big 9/11 anniversary, it’s understandable that some folks in the New York City and the Washington DC areas got disproportionately freaked out by the tremor.

Some faith-related links on the earthquake:

As for Libya, check out this religious angle:

“Ramadan effect” may be aiding Libyan rebels’ cause (CNN)

P.S. I’m fed up with all the different ways news organizations are spelling Qaddafi, Khaddafy, Qadhafi, etc. When I posted my complaint on Twitter, I got this response from @robertsonadams: “Gaddhafi once issued a statement saying that there is no spelling for his name in English, the language of the devil.”

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