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If President Obama and other politicians are feeling down about their unpopularity these days, perhaps they can take some consolation in God’s surprisingly low approval rating. (He’s still more popular than the politicians, of course, but not by as much as you would expect.)

Fortunately, we have Catholic comedian Stephen Colbert and his “Colbert Nation chaplain” Father Jim Martin to skewer such faith news, including how non-Mormon Americans view Mormon presidential contenders Mitt Romney and Jon Huntsman.


As for the Fun Friday runner-up — the petition for Bert & Ernie to have a gay wedding, now that it’s legal in New York — please.  As a borderline obsessive fan of Jim Henson’s work, I implore everyone to respect the fact that the Sesame Street muppets (which don’t include the lascivious Ms. Piggy) are asexual! Occasional innuendo aside (especially in that “Great Adventures” theme song), Bert and Ernie are intended to show that different kinds of people can still be friends; no way would they make a functional married couple, even if one were female, or uh, either had anything other than a muppeteer’s hand down there! (Go watch “Avenue Q,” if you want sexy muppets!)

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