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Check out this field report about interfaith cooperation from last night’s Daily Show With Jon Stewart, in which correspondent-comedian John Oliver plays the role of a conservative Christian confused by a Virginia church allowing Muslims to pray in its multi-purpose room. (Seems like old news to me, but I guess Canada’s “Little Mosque on the Prairie” hasn’t aired in most American markets yet.)

“Here’s the problem: What if the Muslim God overhears the prayers from the Christians. Is there not a danger that those prayers will get… It’s like Santa Claus. He can only come down one chimney, and he needs to know if they’ve been good, or if they’ve been Muslim,” Oliver asks the Rev. Dr. Dennis Perry, a Methodist pastor, and  and Naeem Balg, of the Islamic Circle of North America.

Speaking of Christian-Muslim relations, today marks the 10-year anniversary of now-Blessed John Paul II becoming the first pope to visit a mosque.

On a more serious note, some of you may similarly chuckle — in a  “preach it, but is only the choir listening?” way — at the God “wants gays around” speech by Minn. State Rep. Steve Simon, as lawmakers debated a gay marriage ban there. Then again, check out the comments section of that link.

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