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As the April 29 royal wedding rapidly approaches, is it creepy or sweet to pray for Prince William and Catherine “Kate” Middleton to stay faithful to each other?

Well, it can’t hurt, right? (Especially not with some people actually betting on divorce.) After all, with all the scandal that has plagued Britain’s House of Windsor in the past generation — three of Queen Elizabeth’s four children got divorces, including William’s infamous parents Prince Charles and the late Princess Diana — there’s a concern that if shiny, happy William and Kate crash and burn, it would really mean the end of the monarchy. This determination to stay married is apparently enough to discourage commoner Kate from signing a pre-nup.

Remember, the British monarch is still head of the Church of England, which seems relatively flexible on weddings and was pretty much founded on the notion that divorce should be an option (for good old Henry VIII — here’s a photo of where his allegedly unfaithful replacement wives Anne Boleyn and Catherine Howard later lost their heads at the Tower of London), but spiritual figureheads tend to be held to a higher standard.

So, Catholics and Anglicans alike — including young schoolchildren — are praying for the royal couple.

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