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Updated to add link to Entertainment Weekly story about Mother Dolores Hart.

Belief Beat usually covers hard news or stories that make multiple headlines, but now that it’s February, let’s look back at a few interesting January features you may have missed:


Also, I can’t find a copy of the article online anywhere — perhaps it’ll be posted once the issue
Dolores-Hart27270.jpgis no longer on newsstands — but 
turn to page 84 of Entertainment Weekly‘s Oscar issue for a great profile of “The Nun Who Kissed Elvis.” It’s about Mother Dolores Hart, an Academy Awards voter who left Hollywood for the Abbey of Regina Laudis (my old neighbor) in Bethlehem, Conn. nearly 50 years ago. FYI, those Benedictine ladies are quite a talented bunch — in addition to Hart the Oscar-voting nun, there’s also debutante banker-turned-beekeeper Mother Deborah Joseph and Mother Noella Marcellino, the “cheese nun.”

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