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Lots of reporters and bloggers have been covering the new iPhone app for Confession, but it just feels like a retread of last month’s Fun Friday, about Penance, a similar app. Then again, you may need several silly, painless ways to seek absolution after reading the sexy stories about the sexy Bible this week!

Newsflash: The Bible has lots of sex in it. (Also, rape, incest, slavery, polygamy, infanticide, genocide… good times.) The latest coverage of this angle was prompted by a new book out on the subject, whose timing coincides nicely with preparations for St. Valentine’s Day (unless you’re Russian Orthodox, among others who do not approve of the commercial turn the holy martyr’s feast day has taken).

Episcopal Cafe has a nice roundup of links, including CNN and Newsweek. The latter launches right into the steamy Song of Solomon, summed up in a more family-friendly way(Solomon and his bride are married in real life!) in this kitschy video from His Place Community Church, an evangelical congregation in my neck of the woods:


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