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Stories about clergy abuse and honor killings have something interesting in common: the horror rarely seems to faze the truly faithful — or at least not the faithful who haven’t experienced it in their immediate circles. In my reporting and casual conversations, […]

The Pew Research Center reports that religion coverage doubled last year — to a whopping 2 percent of overall news — largely due to negative stories like the Catholic clergy sex abuse scandal, Florida pastor Terry Jones’ threat to burn the Koran, the Park51 (“Ground Zero […]

Updated Feb. 24 to add Catholic link. This just in: President Obama has ordered the Justice Department to stop defending the Defense of Marriage Act, the 1996 law that bars federal recognition of same-sex marriage, against lawsuits challenging it as […]

As Religion & Ethics Newsweekly reported on PBS this week, proposed government budget cuts have prompted heated debate between religious groups morally opposed to cutting aid to the poor and limiting the rights of labor unions, and conservatives who consider America’s debt a […]

It’s awards season, so there’s lots of celebrity news — and the religion beat is no exception. Recent headlines include music superstars like Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga using their fame to weigh in on contentious values issues like abortion […]

A new poll has asked Americans how they feel about U.S. Rep. Peter King’s plans for a Congressional hearing on the threat of homegrown Islamic terrorism. In my story for Religion News Service, I noted that most Americans haven’t heard […]

Journalists can be a cynical bunch. (Perhaps we see too much, though there’s no excuse for some of the awful comments about CBS correspondent Lara Logan, who is recovering from a beating and sexual assault she suffered while reporting in Egypt.) Maybe that’s […]

Any Mu-Bu’s out there? (Muslim Buddhists… Not quite as catchy as Bu-Jews or Cashews, but maybe I’ll start a trend here.) There’s twice as much reason for you to celebrate today: it’s the Prophet Muhammad’s birthday as well as Nirvana Day, the […]

It’s Valentine’s Day: a Christian feast for some, a (happy or dreaded) Hallmark holiday for others. In addition to the story links provided by today’s Religion News Service daily roundup and a range of lovely links on Beliefnet’s main page, here are […]

Lots of reporters and bloggers have been covering the new iPhone app for Confession, but it just feels like a retread of last month’s Fun Friday, about Penance, a similar app. Then again, you may need several silly, painless ways to seek […]