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I was going to blog about Ted Williams, the “golden voiced” homeless Ohio man and recovering addict who has credited God with for his newfound fame, but I’m a bit apprehensive about his sudden stardom — everyone loves a feel-good story, but this seems like it could easily turn exploitative and ugly.

So, for a more traditional Fun Friday entry, check out USA Today’s take on an entry into the Doritos Super Bowl commercial contest that showed a cash-strapped church using the crunchy snacks in lieu of communion wafers, paired with Pepsi instead of wine. (I wonder if the creator was inspired by those censored Antonio Federico gelato ads in the UK? Or perhaps “The Simpsons” “Mmmm…Sacrilicious” joke.)

For what it’s worth, I find most Super Bowl ads these days either boring, confusing or borderline offensive. But maybe I’ve just gotten too used to skipping commercials entirely…

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