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Updated to add the Maccabeats link and video.

Hanukkah tunes have come a long way since my suburban New York public school had us singing “The Dreidel Song” and a couple of obscure Hebrew ditties to balance out all the Christmas carols. First came Adam Sandler’s mid-90s “Chanukah Song,” featuring his list of Jewish celebrities (which he updated in 1999 and 2002). Then came South Park’s A Jew on Christmas” and “Hanukkah.”

This year’s additions to the Hanukkah songbook include Hasidic Jewish reggae artist Matishayu’s “Miracle,” and some fun a capella parodies from Yeshiva University’s Maccabeats (who turn “Dynamite” into “Candlelight” and Six13 (whose medley turns Justin Bieber’s “Baby” into “Dreidel,” Kayne West’s “Heartless” into “Latkes,” and Enrique Iglesias’ “I Like It” into “I Light It”).

Check the new music videos out here:


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