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I’m off to India for a family wedding — perhaps we’ll wave to Santa from the window seat! — so here’s plenty of holiday cheer to last until I get back: A flash mob for Christmas (Blogging Religiously) Colbert Takes the […]

I’ll have to post an extra Fun Friday tomorrow to make up for all the grim religion news this week, but the plight of Christians in the Middle East is important, especially at this time of year (once again): No Christmas […]

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Phoenix has stripped St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center of its Catholic affiliation because of the 2009 procedure that ended a woman’s life-threatening pregnancy at 11 weeks. Apparently, the hospital should have allowed her to die, […]

Two interesting bits of news out of the Vatican: more from Pope Benedict on the clergy sex abuse crisis, and his controversial/confusing comments about condoms. Check out these links: Pope links sex abuse to vices (Religion News Service) Vatican clarifies […]

The Don’t Ask Don’t Tell (DADT) policy on gays in the U.S. military, and the Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors (DREAM) Act have deeply divided Americans, perhaps people of faith most of all. Over the weekend, the Senate […]

I participated in a Religion Newswriters Association panel at Columbia’s journalism school last night with David Gibson (PoliticsDaily) and Rachel Zoll (AP), and someone in the audience wondered about how we determine whether something is worth covering — do we base it […]

Both of these stories cracked me up this week: a California inmate cited his religious belief in Seinfeld’s “Festivus” holiday in a bid to get salami-free prison meals, and a quartet of buff acrobats performed a bizarre barechested show for Pope […]

I already blogged about the “War on Christmas” topic last week, but here are a few more headlines that have caught my attention: Mangers and ‘Star Wars’ mingle in displays on Loudon courthouse grounds (Washington Post) Let Xmas be Christmas? […]

Frank Rich had a scathing column in yesterday’s New York Times about the Smithsonian’s decision, prompted by conservative Catholic and right-wing political outrage, to censor artist David Wojnarowicz’s video, “A Fire In My Belly.” Rich explains: When his mentor and former lover, the photographer Peter Hujar, […]

Plenty of off-beat Christian news to pick from this week, ranging from entertaining to just odd. Here’s something for everyone: Pope Benedict & Condoms PETA launches ‘Pope condom’ ads to avoid unwanted dogs, cats (USA Today) Pope has not endorsed condoms […]