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Comedy Central’s Daily Show host (and one of America’s top 50 influential Jews) Jon Stewart’s “Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear”Sanityfearrally-poster.png — essentially a giant eyeroll at Glenn Beck’s “Restoring Honor” rally and Al Sharpton’s “Reclaim the Dream” counter-march two months ago — is all set for tomorrow in Washington, D.C. The big question seems to be whether there will be a bigger turnout than the estimated tens/hundreds of thousands (depending on your source) at those August gatherings?

Satirical Comedy Central’s Colbert Report host (and devout Catholic) Stephen Colbert’s corresponding “March to Keep Fear Alive,” now combined with the sanity rally, will take its cue from Halloween, with participants dressed up as things that they fear. Given Colbert’s shtick about bears being soulless killing machines, I expect to see more than a few Mama Grizzly costumes.

In contrast to the August rally/march, there doesn’t seem to be an overtly religious component to this event — unless you count the rumored appearance of fictional Father Guido Sarducci! — but check out this People of Faith for Sanity “faux-test” being organized by Faithful America and Jewish Funds for Justice.

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