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Despite the “rifts amid mourning,” we’ve survived another Sept. 11 anniversary — and some of us, including four of my friends and a new baby, even celebrated birthdays. As this New York Times story about 9/11 birthdays notes, this timing is more problematic than “Pearl Harbor birthdays” used to be, because our generation’s calamity is actually known by its date. Perhaps we should change that.

As for me, I spent the day with family and friends at a charity dog walk in sunny Seattle. (Now that I live on the West Coast, I’m struck by the realization that most Americans in this time zone were fast asleep as the 9/11 attacks were happening, and by the time they woke up, our world had completely turned upside down.)

Here’s a round-up of religion-related 9/11 news, including the tangential matters of Park51 and Pastor Terry Jones deciding not to hold Burn a Koran Day after all. (By the way, I’ve heard a couple of funny-tragic jokes out of that, one noting that this would have made a good trick question for Jimmy Kimmel/Adam Corolla’s “Germany or Florida” game, and another invoking punchline confusion over “Korans? I thought you meant Koreans!”)

And a bonus, though not specifically religion-related:

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