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With President Obama throwing his constitutional law support behind the proposal to build an Islamic cultural center (community center, mosque, etc.) a few blocks from Ground Zero, the debate seems to have just gotten even more heated. Given that some Americans — presumably including those staunchly opposed to this project — still think he’s a closet Muslim, perhaps he should have just sat this one out? Then again, opponents also got upset at Mayor Michael Bloomberg for supporting Park 51/Cordoba House, and he’s about as relevant to the debate (and not a closet Muslim — he refuses to give Muslim holidays to the NYC public school calendar) as it gets.

Meanwhile, over in Israel, CNN reports that a historic Muslim cemetery is being bulldozed to make way for a Museum of Tolerance (seriously?), plus a parking lot and govermment building.

Ah, religious land use issues. Where to draw the line at what a group can legally do, and what a group should morally do?

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